“COVID MANDATES: Government Overreach In 2021 Could Spell Second American Revolution”

Reprinted from Patriot Fetch

by Robert Amoroso, Aug 27, 2021

It may not be as dramatic as 1775’s “shot heard round the world” that began our American Revolution, against an oppressive regime. However, just like those colonial farmers, merchants, and ordinary folks of yesteryear today’s patriots have finally declared “ENOUGH!”

America’s Governor’s, teachers, parents, merchants, healthcare workers, public servants and anyone with half-a-brain are finally ripping off the little pieces of cloth from their faces and finally breathing the free air of liberty.

In the free state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday reiterated once again that scientific research showing that face masks actually blocks the spread of COVID has yet to be proven. In short, there’s no actual scientific data available backing up the CDC’s guidelines, or for that matter the arbitrary number of 6ft used for social distancing.

DeSantis appearing at an event and announced the opening of another monoclonal antibody treatment center. There he was asked by a reporter his views on wearing face masks.

The Governors response; “They should not be mandated. No government entity should force you to do that. That is your choice. If that’s something you believe provides you protection, no one is going to say anything to you. But that should not, absolutely not be mandated.”

DeSantis continued; “I will say that from a scientific perspective, you have, even some of these experts now are acknowledging, with an aerosolized virus, a piece of cloth is not going to stop the aerosols.

However, Governor DeSantis isn’t alone, just about 1,300 miles west of Florida, is the “Lone Star” state and another governor who believes in personal freedoms.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday also proclaimed his states “independence” by once again reaffirming his executive order, maintaining a ban on vaccine mandates.

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