Covid-related memes, cartoons, and protest photos – pt. 1

Some I made myself, but most I found online. Please share them widely!

NB – is this Premiere Doug Ford? I think it is.
A state-sponsored news source in Canada, the CBC, has produced non-stop
fear-mongering propaganda since this all began, as bad as CNN.
In fact CBC and CNN have merged into CBCNN!
The Chinese Cultural Revolution, during which many people were scapegoated, beaten, and demonized by mobs, is reminiscent of the attitude of the online mobs blaming the unvaccinated for spreading disease – even though it the Covid vaccines that caused the Delta variant through ADE.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers is emblematic of the mindless groupthink and scapegoating we’re seeing now, as though people have lost their ability to think independently of media propaganda.
Loose style graphic of a small girl wearing an old fashioned gas mask & clutching a teddy bear.
Chomsky is not right about everything (e.g., Israel) but he’s right about freedom of speech.
This was done in early 2020. Note that since it was drawn,
steps 5 and 6 have actually come true in some places.
Apparently, Chairman Xi hates any comparison with Winnie the Pooh, so that fiction character is actually banned in China!
Share this one with the people why cry “conspiracy theory.” Some conspiracy theories are true.
One theory for why the government can get away with tyranny in Australia is because the populace there is disarmed. Under the present circumstance, it would be insane for American to disarm, now that Communist China seems to be controlling the Whitehouse, FBI and mainstream media.
An Australian politician told the public not to speak to one another. Someone has done up a
meme on that, from a graphic from the film They Live which says “Obey.”
Appropriate for this list, insofar as under the Biden administration,
the U.S. is fast becoming a Communist nation.


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