Freedom rally protest photos – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – August 20, 2021

Rally against vaccine passports and lockdowns, against medical tyranny, and for human freedom

Nova Scotia, Canada, suffered one of the worst lockdowns in the Western World in 2021. It was not quite as bad at that in Israel in 2020 or Australia currently, but did include an unconstitutional court injunction against an anti-lockdown protest, several arrests, heavy fines imposed on violators, the violation of Charter rights (namely freedom of religion, speech and assembly), and media censorship (which is still ongoing).

This is an article on the injunction from True North, one of the few honest news outlets in Canada:

Article on the current Australian lockdown:

The lockdown in Nova Scotia (and everywhere) was unnecessary and cruel, since lockdowns don’t work (asymptomatic transmission is almost nil for this disease) and Nova Scotia never had a high rate of Covid cases to begin with. It was over-kill.

It was more of an exercise in authoritarianism than in public health, but unfortunately most Nova Scotians went along with it, seemingly fooled by the media propaganda.

At the time of the rally, there was a provincial election coming up. Nova Scotia’s Liberal premier, Iain Rankin, promised to implement a vaccine passport, called the “Scotia Pass”, if elected.

Fortunately, Rankin lost the election to a sizeable Progressive Conservative majority. I suspect many voters were unhappy with the idea of a controversial vaccine passport and simply wanted to put the entire Covid mess behind them and saw the election as an opportunity to do so. The freedom rally may have played some part of in that.

Conservatives in Canada are really ‘red Tories’, not true conservatives, so they tend to go along with most of the Liberal agenda of promoting Covid restrictions and “vaccines.” But they don’t seem to be in favour of vaccine passports, which is a mercy. So hopefully, a vaccine passport will not come to Nova Scotia.

In Quebec, where a vaccine passport system has been mandated, there are large protests because it’s blocking many people from stores and services and travel.

It’s discriminatory, and creates a two-tiered society. It’s meant to punish the “vaccine hesitant” and coerce them into accepting the jab.

Candidates from the two fringe parties, the People’s Party of Canada and the Atlantica Party, showed up at the Halifax rally. The Atlantica Party said it was the only party to clearly oppose vaccine passports and lockdowns.

A news reporter from Global TV showed up and covered the rally fairly. She didn’t characterize it as “anti-vaxxers.” And most present were not against regular vaccines, or even necessarily the ‘jab’ – but they did not want it to be imposed on them or others coercively. They preferred informed consent.

It was good to see the roughly 100 to 150 or so people attended the rallies, both Saturday and Sunday in August, and protest (non-violently of course) for freedom.

There were people from different walks of life, including hippies, educators, professional, retired people, mothers and grandmothers — basically people who prefers freedom over tyranny. This should be all Canadians, but sadly isn’t, largely because the tyranny is hidden in plain sight, posing as public health “emergency orders”, which fools the majority into submission.

If you attend these rallies, you’ll see that the desire for freedom is an issue that seems to transcend partisan politics, and to unify otherwise diverse peoples. There’s a positive feeling at them.

The Facebook page for the group that organized this rally is
This is a video of a rally on Aug. 23rd 2021 by the same group.

The next rally is Sat. Sept. 4th, 2021, 1 to 3 pm, Citadel Hill, Halifax, NS.

No Nova Scotia Pass. Keep Nova Scotia open and free.
“Truth never damages a cause that is just” – Gandhi
It’s not about safety, it’s about control.
Charter Rights. Health Freedom. Medical Ethics. Informed Consent. #BringBackTheSmile
Human Rights Act Section 214 prohibits discrimination based on
irrational fear of contracting an illness or disease.
ScotiaPass = Control.
Honk for a free Canada.
Charter Rights.
Stockholm Syndrome. [a reference to how we’re being brainwashed to accept tyranny]
No mask, no vax, no fear, no apologies, no #Scamdemic
No Scotia Pass. Keep Nova Scotia open and free.
This is Nova Scotia Strong [a reference to the official slogan for NS]
[meaning that protest against restrictions is a good thing]
Let us call our own shots! No to Scotia Pass!
About police on guard:
“active and retired Police Officers, our mission is: To honour our Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada . . . To repair and regain public trust which is being damaged and lost due to the enforcement of Emergency measures . . .”
Informed consent
Bye bye Rankin, you’re done.
We want a #Free NS (Nova Scotia), not NS Pass!
Hugs over masks.
This little girl is ill from vaccines, according to her mother.
Stop putting your public health feel-good policy on the lungs of children!
Strang/Rankin — you don’t wear them 3 to 5 hours straight in your office.
[this is a reference to mandatory masks in schools, which are unnecessary
for children and unhealthy for them.]

This woman is from the Ukraine and said Canada is becoming like a Communist country.
It’s her daughter who is sick from vaccines.
No Covid passport, no masks. This boy’s mother is pictured above.
Every child matters
Iain [Rankin] and Strang. You are not above the law!
“He that justifeth the wicket, and he that condemdeth the Just, even they
both are an abominatio to the Lord” – Proverbs 17:15
Freedom is mandatory.
Protect medical freedom, informed consent, and health privacy. Say not to Scotia Pass!
Your rights are not selfish!
Danger. You are being conditioned to view your freedom as selfish!
Vaccine passports violate the Nuremberg Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
I do not Consent.
We the people will pass on your Scotia Pass
Strang, yer fired!
[a reference to Nova Scotia health commissar, Dr. Strang]
The Liberals have got to go, now!!!
Vaxxxine Passport?
We did Nazi that coming!
Save our Kids
My body, my choice.
Shove your Scotia Pass up your ass!
We went from 2 weeks to flatten the curve to “papers please” really f**in quickly.
Ian Rankin needs a spankin’
[In fact, he lost the election – perhaps due in part to his proposal for a vaccine passport]
Scotia Pass = Fascism
Save Canada.
My body, my choice: Does this still apply?
I am not your lab rat.

Protest our freedoms. No Vax Pass.
Those who do not learn a lesson from history, for those history repeat itself.
[Graphic shows comparison with Nazi Germany to labelling of the unvaccinated]
Save Canada. No Vax Pass.
When you don’t resist, you accept. #JustSayNo
This is a humorous reference to Canada’s gun control laws, which Canadians may
very well regret having if the country becomes more authoritarian and despotic.
Freedom Rally from March, in Halifax, organized by Freedom Nova Scotia

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"Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity ... the inability to use one's own understanding without another's guidance. This immaturity is self-imposed if its cause lies not in lack of understanding but in indecision and lack of courage to use one's own mind without another's guidance. Dare to know! (Sapere aude.) "Have the courage to use your own understanding," is therefore the motto of the [European] Enlightenment. "Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why such a large part of mankind gladly remain minors all their lives, long after nature has freed them from external guidance. They are the reasons why it is so easy for others to set themselves up as guardians. It is so comfortable to be a minor. If I have a book that thinks for me, a pastor who acts as my conscience, a physician who prescribes my diet [or vaccine], and so on--then I have no need to exert myself. I have no need to think, if only I can pay; others will take care of that disagreeable business for me. Those guardians who have kindly taken supervision upon themselves see to it that the overwhelming majority of mankind ... should consider the step to maturity, not only as hard, but as extremely dangerous. First, these guardians make their domestic cattle stupid and carefully prevent the docile creatures from taking a single step without the leading-strings to which they have fastened them. Then they show them the danger that would threaten them if they should try to walk by themselves. Now this danger is really not very great; after stumbling a few times they would, at last, learn to walk. However, examples of such failures intimidate and generally discourage all further attempts. "Thus it is very difficult for the individual to work himself out of the immaturity which has become almost second nature to him. He has even grown to like it, and is at first really incapable of using his own understanding because he has never been permitted to try it. Dogmas and formulas [e.g., Leftist ideology, identity politics] these mechanical tools designed for reasonable use--or rather abuse--of his natural gifts, are the fetters of an everlasting immaturity. The man who casts them off would make an uncertain leap over the narrowest ditch, because he is not used to such free movement. That is why there are only a few men who walk firmly, and who have emerged from immaturity by cultivating their own minds." - Kant, "An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment"

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