Freedom Update: What has COVID-19 shown us about our [Canadian] healthcare systems?

[This is an intelligent show with Canadian lawyers and policy experts]

Christine [Van Geyn] was joined by our Executive Director Joanna Baron and Dr. Shawn Whatley on the most recent episode of Canadian Justice to discuss healthcare choice in the COVID-era.

Canada’s public healthcare systems already rely on the private sector for essential services that enable them to provide any level of care. Despite this, in most of Canada the government effectively bans Canadians from spending their own money on necessary healthcare, even if you are stuck on a waiting list in critical condition.

CCF considers legal action against discriminatory vaccine passport mandates

The CCF has been wary of the quick adoption by provincial governments across the country of vaccine passport policies intended to regulate citizens’ access to public spaces. Aside from broader concerns about general liberty, the CCF has been contacted by many people unable to get vaccinated who are understandably worried about the future.

The failure by many provincial governments to accommodate people who have medical reasons preventing them from being vaccinated is callous, and likely unconstitutional. And the CCF is considering immediate legal action in cases where a provincial government takes no consideration of their constitutional obligations.

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