Rebel News: Trudeau heckled at Newmarket campaign stop by protesters shouting “no vax pass”

by Efron Monsanto, Rebel News, Sept 06, 2021

Trudeau’s announcement of $1 billion in federal funding for provinces to implement a COVID vaccine passport was the main issue for many protesters.

Trudeau heckled at Newmarket campaign stop by protesters shouting

Justin Trudeau has recently stopped appearing in public spaces, due to being heckled constantly while on the campaign trail. His recent visit to Newmarket, Ontario was the first in over a week where he met with his supporters in the open, not behind closed doors and with limited access to the public.

Trudeau’s announcement of $1 billion in federal funding for provinces to implement a COVID vaccine passport was the main issue for many protesters. Trudeau has also openly called for and proudly supports the medical segregation of the unvaccinated.

Advocates for vaccine passports for commercial flights and interprovincial trains say the implementation of such a policy will avoid putting vaccinated travellers “at risk,” despite reports that indicate that fully vaccinated people can still spread COVID regardless.

[NB – one could also add that the risk of asymptomatic transmission is considered “very rare” by the WHO:

Trudeau calls these restrictions of liberty in Canada “consequences” for not making the “right choice.” He added at a gun policy announcement that it is “unfortunate” that the unvaccinated are “clogging up” medical resources and taking them away from those who “did their work,” i.e. got vaccinated.

[NB – this morally callous, discriminatory attitude is already evident in decisions by some hospitals to bar unvaccinated people from medical treatment: “Edmonton Hospital Threatens Withdrawal of Life-Saving Transplant Surgery Unless Patient Gets Covid Shot”
It is also evident in the mainstream media’s callous remarks, arguing for medical access discrimination: “‘Don’t Go To The Hospital When You Get Sick!’: Don Lemon Screams At The Unvaccinated”]

Trudeau has been met across the country by protesters who are against his policies and hypocritical campaigning during an alleged fourth wave of COVID-19.

Antivaccination, mask protests force Trudeau to cancel ...

Rebel News‘ Tamara Ugolini was up close and personal with him at a campaign stop in Coburg, Ontario, where the heckling was first seen by the public.

Chief Videographer Mocha Bezirgan reported on indigenous activists physically blockading the prime ministers’ campaign bus, forcing Trudeau to evacuate and change his schedule.

Video journalist Matt Brevner asked several hard-hitting questions directly to Trudeau in White Rock, B.C. when the locals there ran the prime minister out.

Reporter Drea Humphrey was also barred by a Liberal staffer from speaking to Trudeau as a member of the media at a different B.C. campaign stop.

The leader of the Liberal party only responded to our Quebec-based reporter, Alexa Lavoie. In response to Alexa asking how long the proposed vaccine passport is meant to be in place for, Trudeau told her to “get vaccinated.”

Apparently, Trudeau doesn’t like to answer questions from media outlets that haven’t been bought and paid for.

After demonizing the protesters as “those people” in a speech last week, Trudeau has tried to not show his face in public as it draws large crowds of hecklers.

Trudeau touched elbows with Liberal supporters at a local restaurant in Newmarket, Ont. In the background [of a video of the event], you can hear the roar of protesters. As he drives off in his motorcade, the crowd shouts out “Coward!”

Despite the media’s attempt to demonize any critics the prime minister faces in person, in response to his announced policies, there have not been any acts of violence at any of the protests.

Throughout this past summer, however, there were over 50 churches burned down in response to news of the unmarked graves on the grounds of former residential schools in B.C. Trudeau’s former principal secretary and best friend, Gerry Butts, called the arsons “understandable.”

Trudeau himself, after several churches had burned, was pressured into make a statement after receiving backlash from Canadians. As of now, there is no current federal investigation into the churches that were burned.


[See “A map of the 65 churches that have been vandalized or burned since the residential schools announcement”]

Status of vaccine passports in Canada, based on



By Lisa Bildy,The Post Millennial

“The ferocity with which authorities and the general public are calling for their fellow citizens to either capitulate or be cast out of functioning society is shocking and irrational.”

The federal government’s announcement on August 11, 2021, that it will implement a national Covid vaccine passport for international travel in the early fall of 2021 appears to have set off a cascade of vaccine mandates and public pressure for provinces, universities, and private businesses to follow suit. Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement marks a significantreversalof his previous statements that a vaccine passport would “have divisive impacts on community and country.”As with lockdowns in the spring of 2020, once one province or institution succumbs to public pressure, a domino effect occurs. We are seeing that play out once again with vaccine passports and mandates. And as with lockdowns, anyone…

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