Delta variant and ‘fourth wave’ caused by an ADE response to the mRNA ‘vaccine’

Booster shot of Pfizer's vaccine slashes the risk of Covid ...

The essential point, argued by a number of dissident physicians and scientists, is that the Delta variant is the result of the Covid vaccines, due to an “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).

ADE triggers an immune response, causing mutations of the virus to evolve in human bodies. It increases the replication of the disease in the human body.

ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection.

These antibodies then act as a Trojan horse, allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.

Preliminary results suggest the Pfizer vaccine is causing the virus to be more infectious (replicate at higher levels). The data, if validated, proposes the vaccinated are more susceptible to being infected as a result of ADE.

Another way of putting it is that ADE makes Covid-19 worse by priming the immune system for a potentially deadly overreaction called a “hyperinflammatory response” to subsequent infections.

Antibody Titre Range Associated with Risk of Severe Dengue ...
ADE has occurred in response to other vaccines, such as the vaccine for dengue

Although proponents of the Covid vaccines claim the vaccine does not cause ADE, this is a point of disagreement and contention among scientists.

But instead of determining the truth upon the basis of the data itself, those scientists who claim ADE occurs in response to Covid vaccines have been wrongly silenced and discredited in the media and on social media.

Perhaps it was feared that if the public was able to see a causal correlation between vaccines and variants, they would be wary of taking them?

Proponents of taking Covid vaccines already have difficulty persuading a certain percentage of the population to voluntarily take it due to the existence of so-called “adverse responses” — including blood clots and heart inflammation.

This is due to the mRNA spike protein allegedly acting as a “cytotoxin” and “bio-distributing” to parts of the body, causing the adverse responses, according to Dr. Byram Bridle (one of the censored physicians).

See his report:

See “Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch & Bret Weinstein Discuss: Spike Protein From Vaccine Is Dangerous”

The Covid vaccines have had some serious adverse effects, but in statistically small numbers. One estimate is “11,405 deaths and 62,000 injuries” in the USA, e.g., “VAERS confirmed over 6000 additional COVID-19 vaccine death reports”

The unverified high estimate is an alleged ~200,000 deaths worldwide from the Covid vaccines, though that is still statistically insignificant compared to the approximate 4 billion vaccinations worldwide – though it is obviously not insignificant for those who are adversely affected.

A majority of those who were offered the drug opted to take it, despite the risks, because they feared Covid-19 more (due to what’s been termed “mass hysteria” caused by the mainstream media for over a year:

What The CDC's VAERS Database Reveals About "Adverse" Post ...
Source: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

In general, vaccines are credited with saving lives among those who catch Covid-19, though do not prevent transmission of the disease. Instead, they lessen the severity of the symptoms. However, if the ADE theory is correct, they also increase the severity of the disease itself.

A physician who took the Hippocratic oath may find that objectionable, but pharmaceutical companies presumably do not: after all, it ensures billions of lifetime customers.

Censorship of scientists who refer to ADE

YouTube's Censorship of Dissenting Doctors Will Backfire ...
Dr. Daniel W. Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi had their YouTube video discussing the negative effects of lockdown removed. As it turns out, their warning were correct: numerous people died of “lockdown deaths.” How many is hard to determine, but a significant number. Here is the video re-uploaded:

One of the things they said: “Sheltering in place decreases your immune system. And then as we all come out of shelter in place with a lower immune system and start trading viruses, bacteria—what do you think is going to happen? Disease is going to spike.”

Censorship of dissenting physicians and scientists is harmful to science and to the health and well-being of the public. This political response is un-scientific and is driven by both pharmaceutical profits and political corruption of medicine.

To tell the public to “trust the science” blindly, rather than using their God-given capacity for reason to determine the costs and benefits for themselves, based on all the available information, is irresponsible.

“The science” we are told to blindly trust is being unduly influenced by financial and political forces that do not put human health and welfare foremost.

The question of whether ADE is occurring in response to Covid vaccines is a separate question from whether the vaccine is effective in preventing or mitigating the disease.

The jab does not prevent one from getting Covid-19 or the Delta variant; its benefit is that it reduces the severity of symptoms.

There is massive propaganda campaign already making the case for Covid vaccines. What I am doing here is presenting a layman’s argument that these experimental drugs cause variants through ADE.

Proponents of the Covid vaccine want everyone from age 12 upward to take it, even though people in that age group are at lowest risk from Covid-19.

Schools reopen in China; coronavirus mystery among kids ...

Arguing for children to take the vaccine or even to wear a mask is a irresponsible according to some commentators: they say the risk of adverse events outweighs the benefit for children and young people (who as an age group have a ~100% chance of recovery).

Nobel Prize Winner French Virologist Luc Montagnier ...
Prof. Luc Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about ADE

Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner (2008) Luc Montagnier contends that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

“Prof. Montagnier referred to the vaccine program for the coronavirus as an “unacceptable mistake.” Mass vaccinations are a “scientific error as well as a medical error,” he said.

“It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants,” Prof. Luc Montagnier continued.

“The prominent virologist explained that “there are antibodies, created by the vaccine,” forcing the virus to “find another solution” or die. This is where the variants are created. It is the variants that “are a production and result from the vaccination.”

“Prof. Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about … ADE. He “explained that the trend is happening in “each country” where “the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.

17 Most Terrifying Star Trek Episodes
Scene from Star Trek Voyager episode “Scientific Method” in which the
crew is used by aliens as guinea pigs for medical experimentation.

The unvaxxed wrongly scapegoated

Advocates of the jab often like to blame the unvaccinated for any continued spread of Covid-19 and variants. We see this a lot in the media and online from people who mistakenly believe there is asymptotic transmission of the disease from the unvaccinated and that the vaccinated are safe.

The unvaccinated are blamed for the “fourth wave” allegedly sweeping many nations.

There is now systemic discrimination against them through putative measures as ‘vaccine passports’ – which are designed on purpose to be coercive and to compel the ‘vaccine hesitant’ to take them.

A “scapegoat” was traditionally used in the Middle East as a symbol, to bear all the sins of the society, and then ceremonially killed or exiled. According to theologian Rene Girard, scapegoating is endemic to all human cultures, and examples of it can be found in the most ancient religions.

We still see it operative today, on an unconscious level, when any individual or group is demonized by a majority population. Today, the unvaccinated and conservatives are being routinely scapegoated.

Don't Fall Into the Scapegoat Trap | Fr. Dwight Longenecker

One could even argue there’s a moral duty to *not* take it for the reasons stated above (insofar as it will contribute to more mutations). I am not making that argument here, but do wish to state that it’s an ethical argument that could be made. Prof. Montagnier is implicitly making that argument when he warns us about ADE.

The Delta variant is said to be more deadly than Covid-19 itself, so by knowingly causing it, proponents of vaccines (one could argue) are acting irresponsibly.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-35.png

As more and more people take the Covid vaccines (the number is now over four billion worldwide), and are required to take it regularly (every six months to a year), how many other mutations will occur?

Is humanity condemning itself to an endless cycle of new variants and injections?!

Why not opt for herd immunity? Sweden, which did opt for that, experienced the same ebb and flow of “waves” of Covid infections as other nations — but without the detrimental effects of lockdowns:

“In terms of recorded cases [and deaths], there is no evidence so far that the UK lockdown approach has been any more successful than the Swedish approach. In fact, per million people, Sweden has had fewer cases [and deaths] than the UK.”

The vaccine is said to be beneficial to people at high risk of mortality from Covid-19, due to co-morbidities, so I am *not* saying one shouldn’t take it. People can take it if they wish. If they wish not to, they should have that option as well.

What’s frustrating is that this decision is being taken away from people through mandates. It’s also frustrating that alternative scientific views (often from reputable scientists) and open debate over it is being suppressed online.

More evidence: animal studies

After mRNA injections were given to cats, they were injected with the coronavirus. It acted like a Trojan Horse, undetected by the cats’ own immune system, due to ADE.

The virus then multiplied unchallenged and all animals involved in the experiment died. According to Dr. Lee Merritt, all animals died due to ADE.

Pin on Le Chat 1 (closed)
Four Reasons to Get Pre-Anesthesia Blood Work for Your Cat ...

Do animal tests tell us about the human responses? Dr. Ray Greek, in his various books on the subject, argues they don’t, due to the “non-homology” between human and non-human physiologies, rendering them not “predictive” for humans. However, his views tend to be dismissed by many in the medical community and remain controversial.

The question we may ask here is that if animals have died due to ADE, and if the Covid vaccines cause ADE, it is advisable for human beings to take them?

Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA spiked protein technology used in the Covid vaccine (the ‘jab’), has spoken out against it, much to the consternation of the pharmaceutical corporations and those promoting the jab for political purposes.

Malone is like Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the nuclear bomb, who afterwards opposed its use on moral grounds.

Malone says, in this video above, “if the data are consistent with ADE, we have to stop the vaccine campaign.” The titers in the vaccinated are higher than in the unvaccinated …

“This is precisely what one would see if ADE was happening.” [NB – A titer is “concentration of a substance in solution or the strength of such a substance determined by titration.”]

Malone says ADE means that “the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen in the absence of vaccination. It causes the virus to replicate at higher levels than in the absence of infection.

“This is the vaccinologist’s worse nightmare … it happened in the 1960s and causes more child deaths among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. It happened [before] with virtually ever other coronavirus vaccine program … it’s what vaccinologists such as myself have been warning about since the outset …

“I think Dr. Fauci is being very disingenuous …. the government is obfuscating what’s happening here … the worst case scenario [is] the vaccine in the waning phase is causing the virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise.”

Inside the Centre: The Life of J Robert Oppenheimer by Ray ...
Oppenheimer opposed the use of his own invention

Malone has been censored and wrongly labelled as an “anti-vaxxer” even though his entire professional career as a vaccinologist has been dedicated to vaccine research and development.

He is now speaking out against censorships of dissent scientist and physicians. I call them dissidents, after the political dissidents in the former USSR who opposed Stalinism.

Malone, despite his credentials, was censored online for warning the public of adverse events caused by the Pfizer and Modern Covid vaccines: “heart-inflammation warnings, directed toward younger male adults.”

He refers to “genetic vaccines.” This is a reference to the way in which the drug turns our cells into bioreactors that turn out viral proteins to incite an immune response.

Andrei Sakharov's quotes, famous and not much - Sualci ...
Perhaps one day, Malone and those like him will be held in the same esteem at Andrei Sakharov, another dissident scientist who stood up to the USSR during the Cold War.

Malone has spoken up in favour of Ivermectin as an alternative remedy to the vaccines: “There’s some great epidemiologic studies or data coming out of India where certain Indian states had been on Ivermectin. The incidence of attack rate of disease was low. Then they withdrew it for political reasons. There was a change in regime. It went up. Then they reimplemented it. It went back down again. So that’s pretty strong evidence.”

Evidence in support of the contention that Covid vaccines cause variants

Evidence for this argument — the jab is causing the variants — now comes in the form of Israel, one of the countries with highest rate of Covid vaccinations in the world.

Israel is now experiencing a fourth wave. This promoted Sweden to ban travel from Israel.

How could one of the most vaccinated countries on Earth develop a fourth wave? Isn’t this what the vaccine was precisely supposed to prevent?

Israel broadens booster jabs amid fourth wave | COVID-19 ...

As it turns out, the variants began to emerge in December of 2020, just at the time that the global rollout of the vaccines began.

To cover up what appears to be a causal correlation, we were told by “experts” that the variants emerged prior to the vaccine. However, his can be explained by pointing to the fact that the variants emerged in places where clinical trials occurred.

Pharmaceutical companies knew all along that the jab would cause variants to emerge and kept that from the public. The same countries where variants emerged are the same countries where trials occurred: UK, South Africa, Brazil, and India.

Delta was first identified in India, Dec. 2020 – the same time and place where phase III clinical trials of a Covid vaccine (Covaxin) were happening.

Covaxin: India's homegrown Covid vaccine brings hope and ...

Covaxin was given to millions of people in what can only be described as mass experimentation on human beings, knowing full well that ADE would occur, mutating into a variant. This is good for business, after all: the more mutations, the more vaccines can be developed and sold by Big Pharma.

Blind faith in technology

We simply don’t know what will emerge in the future if billions of people continue to take these experimental drugs. An ethics of technology approach to this problem is warranted.

Ethicists such as Ian Barbour, Ursula Franklin and Jacques Ellul have long warned the public that blind faith in technological solutions to complex problems can generation even further problems.

Bill Gates is the epitome of technological optimism for every problem humanity faces (poverty, famine, disease, climate change). But his solutions carry unknown risks. For example, will geo-engineering cause more climate problems than it solves?

Opening Pandora's Box - Paladin AdvisorsPaladin Advisors
Experimental technologies are often like Pandora’s box. We open them
out of curiosity but end up releasing unexpected misfortune.
Male privilege was a Faustian bargain for me - Domino ...
Another applicable myth is Faust’s bargain: it promises what we want, but there is a cost attached.

Gates’ solution for Covid-19 is the vaccine, but at what cost, and for what purpose? It is to stop a disease or take advantage of it for eugenics purposes, to reduce the world’s population in order to mitigate climate change?

Science is a process, not an end result. We really don’t know what these emerging variants will be like or how many they will end up harming.

Are we facing a future in which billions of people are locked into an endless cycle of disease and experimental drugs and their various side-effects forever?

As a result of medical experimentation on unwilling subject during WWII, the Nuremberg Code was written, to prohibit this in the future. Opponents of harsh Covid measures argue they violate this international law.
Scenes from Wuhan province, printed in Wester media, Jan. 2020, which sent the world
into a panic, believing it was a disease as serious as the Bubonic plague.

Given the relatively low mortality and asymptomatic transmission rate of Covid-19, this degree of response seems unwarranted. It was likely done precisely in order to cause mass hysteria and lockdowns– which have benefited the CCP and globalist allies politically.

Blind faith in technology and scientism — which is an irrational trust in scientific authority as the sole means for determine moral value and political decision-making — is driving a global push for a biosecurity state, one that callously pushes aside individual rights in favour of a collectivist mentality.

It is driven by fear and ignorance of true science, which is falsifiable and requires debate and ethical consideration, not censorship.

An ethics of technology approach is needed at this time, to argue for the application of the precautionary principle to the vaccines.

Mandated vaccinations and vaccines passports — which are now spreading across the world — are not just ethically wrong; they’re also medically questionable, especially if we take into account the argument that ADE may be playing a role in the mutation of new variants of Covid-19.

As Malone says, if ADE is a factor, then the entire vaccine campaign should come to an end before things get worse.

Natural prevention seems far preferable: Vitamin D, exercise, and good diet, in order to boost the immune system. And also all the normal precautions, such as washing hands and voluntary quarantining while infected, of course.

Ivermectin is also said to work but without the adverse side-effects of the jab.


  1. Paul Jenkins says:

    Since no primary source has published the characterization of an isolated, purified SARS-CoV-2 virus, according to Christine Massey and a network of colleagues around the globe in search of such a paper, scientists are working with a theoretical virus consisting largely of computer modelling. “What Really Makes You Ill” by Dawn Lister and David Parker asks some difficult questions about the viral theory and more generally the germ theory of disease and exposes contradictions in the medical establishment’s “consensus”, offering plausible alternative explanations and refuting the notion that anything one isn’t taught in medical school is quackery.


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