“What really makes you ill?”, the question of the existence of viruses, and thoughts on the representation of Covid

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Italics and graphics added by Think for Yourself for emphasis. This article was sent to me so I am sharing it. This idea — that viruses do not exist — is obviously controversial and debatable, so I am not suggesting that you endorse the idea uncritically. But nor should we accept what the mainstream medical authorities have to say uncritically.

The main thing is to investigate these issues with an open mind, using your own reason, and do not accept a statement based solely on authority. The history of science shows that state-sanctioned medical authorities have often been disastrously wrong, and are often motivated by factors other than the health and well-being of their patients, i.e. profit and power.

We also know from the Milgram experiment out of Yale University that most people obey medical authorities unquestioningly — even when ordered to act unethically, in ways that harm others — which gives it absolute power over our lives — and that is dangerous.

Nine in 10 people would electrocute others if ordered ...
Milgram experiment https://www.verywellmind.com/the-milgram-obedience-experiment-2795243

COVID: An Overview, by Dawn Lester, April 12th 2021

An alleged outbreak of disease in Wuhan, China in late December 2019 was quickly reported as having developed into an ‘epidemic’ and on the 11th March 2020 the WHO declared it to be a ‘pandemic’.

In quick succession, countries around the world were being ‘locked down’ in an apparent effort to contain the disease; the phrase ‘flatten the curve’ was used to suggest that the numbers of cases were dramatically increasing to form a steeply inclining curve on graphs produced by various authorities. These ‘lock downs’ were claimed to be able to stop the spread of the allegedly dangerous SARS-CoV2 coronavirus.

In the months that followed, people were urged to be tested, to wear masks and to ‘socially distance’ by keeping 6 feet or 2 metres apart from each other. Reports stated that efforts were being made to produce a vaccine and that we could not return to ‘normal’ until we had all been vaccinated and therefore ‘protected’ from this allegedly dangerous pathogenic coronavirus.

Amazingly, various companies within the pharmaceutical industry were able to produce a number of vaccines in record time and, as soon as they were made available to the public, people began to get their jabs.

This is obviously an extremely brief overview of the events that have occurred in these unprecedented times in which we are currently living.

We are certainly all under threat, but the real threat we face is not the result of any ‘infection’ by a new and deadly ‘virus’.

[Cost of lockdowns: 1) civil and constitutional rights violated; 2) drug overdose, suicide, depression; 3) lack of access to medical care; 4) economic: job losses, business shut down, global recession; 5) countless lives destroyed through loss of basic freedoms]

Anti-lockdown protest in Australia turns violent as 15 ...
Lockdown arrest, Australia. Keep in mind that this is being done ostensibly in response to a disease with a 94 to 99% recovery rate, for which reason it has be deemed “mass hysteria.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7913136/
“By June 30, 2020, because of concerns about COVID-19, an estimated 41% of U.S. adults had delayed or avoided medical care including urgent or emergency care (12%) and routine care (32%)” In other words, many people suffered and died because of lockdowns through lack of access to medical care. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6936a4.htm

There are clearly many aspects to this whole COVID story, some of which are distractions from the core issues and only serve to sow seeds of doubt and confusion in people’s minds. These distractions will not be discussed here.

The aim of this article, which will focus on the core issues, could be accomplished by the simple statement that,

“No virus has ever been proven to cause any disease; therefore, there is no such disease as COVID-19 caused by a virus called SARS-CoV2”.

[NB – for an understanding of the meaning of this statement, see a preview of the book What Really Makes You Ill? by the authors of this article at https://whatreallymakesyouill.com/book-preview/
See a positive review of it below]

However, we realise that more clarification is required for most people in order to help them understand the extent of the lies we have been told, the draconian nature of the measures we are being subjected to and the reasons for their imposition.

The Virus

Viruses are defined as particles comprised of genetic material in a protein coating. They are not living organisms. But these non-living particles have never been isolated and their genetic constitution has never been characterised.

This in turn means that scientists have no knowledge of the actual identity of any specific so-called ‘viral particle’. Furthermore, and most importantly, no ‘viral particle’ has been proven to be the cause of any disease – ever!

[NB – You may be surprised to learn, as I was, that “no virus called SARS-CoV-2 (aka Covid-19) has ever been isolated, purified, or characterized, according to this source and several others: 

“Video: Does the Virus Exist? Has SARS-CoV-2 Been Isolated? Interview with Christine Massey”


“SARS-CoV-2 has not been proven to exist: the shocking research of Christine Massey”

“It’s so much like an amped up replay of “the virus that causes AIDS” by Montagnier in France and soon after Gallo in the U.S. It has never been isolated to this day, and yet this viral causation theory prevails to the total exclusion of any other, and there persists the impossibility of funding a study not aligned with its premise. This is scientism or Lysenkoism. All that follows about variants and so on can be no more than speculation.”

Thank you to a good friend (you know who you are) for this illuminating note and for recommending What Really Makes You Ill?

Interestingly, Luc Montagnier is one of the same researchers credited with discovering HIV; he is now a vocal critic of the new round of vaccines for causing ADE and mutations, called variants.]

Do viruses even exist? Will this period in history be considered a kind of dark age of medicine, based on false data, when medicine was driven by profit and fear? I don’t have the answers.
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Medicine past, present, and future: Star Trek versus Dr ...
Dr. McCoy: Dialysis?! What is this? The Dark Ages?

In the fictional Star Trek universe, to a physician of the 23rd century what physicians of the 20th century do appears as barbaric as the practices of 18th century physicians appear to us physicians of the 21st century. https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/medicine-past-present-and-future/
The Highwire with Del Bigtree. CONCEALING CASUALTIES

All experiments that are conducted in the belief that they will produce ‘isolation of a virus’ are based on the experiments conducted by John Enders and Thomas Peebles in the 1950s and reported in their seminal paper entitled Propagation in Tissue Cultures of Cytopathogenic Agents from Patients with Measles that was published in 1954.

The experiments they performed are claimed to have proved that a particular ‘virus’ was the cause of measles; but a careful reading of the actual paper demonstrates that this is not the case.

In his article in the 4/2020 edition of his Wissenschafftplus magazine, Dr Stefan Lanka PD states that,

“Enders, his colleagues and all virologists overlooked … that the death of the cells in the laboratory is not caused by a virus, but because the cells are unintentionally and unnoticed but systematically killed in the laboratory.”

This means that all experiments since 1954 that claim to have proved a viral cause of a disease merely demonstrate cytopathic effects that are the result of the experimental procedures that involve the use of toxic substances; they are not the result of any ‘virus’.

In fact, the particles that have been labelled ‘viruses’ have never been proven to be anything other than cell/tissue debris; as Stefan Lanka clearly states in his article,

“Virologists report typical artifacts of dying tissue / cells and typical structures…as viruses or viral components.”

In other words, all particles that have been labelled ‘viruses’ are simply dead or dying cell/tissue debris.

[NB – see also “Dr. Stefan Lanka: “All claims about viruses as pathogens are false” https://greatreject.org/dr-stefan-lanka-claims-about-viruses-are-false/ for a similar argument]

If everyone were to become aware of this fundamental fact, then this false ‘pandemic’ would immediately come to an end, because the entire population would understand that there is no reason for them to fear any ‘viral infection’, to wear masks or to adhere to social distancing from their families and friends.

The vaccine

On the basis that there is no evidence that any virus causes disease, there is no reason for anyone to receive a vaccine against any allegedly ‘viral’ disease.

However, there are a few aspects to the topic of vaccines that need to be addressed.

Although not core aspects, there are a few claims that are currently being widely circulated and accepted as truth. One of them is the idea that the COVID vaccines are made in a way that will prime the ‘immune system’ to only recognise and fight the current ‘strain’ of the virus and leave vaccinated people vulnerable to new and more dangerous ‘strains’ of SARS-CoV2 or to other viruses. Another is that vaccines shed viruses, which is claimed to mean that vaccinated people can affect non-vaccinated people by passing on their ‘deadly’ viruses.

These claims are erroneous; as will be made clear by this article.

The core issue with respect to vaccines is that none of them has ever been proven to be either safe or effective.

One of the main points to emphasise about the COVID vaccines is the acknowledgement that they are experimental, as indicated by the Clinical Trials section of the US government website, which includes a page entitled Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals that shows the following information:

  • 43998 participants
  • Sponsor is BioNTech SE
  • Collaborator is Pfizer
  • Estimated Study completion date: April 6 2023

[NB – this is the study: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04368728]

Although this study only involves 43,998 people, it is clear that it is an ongoing clinical trial. This means that everyone who has received the Pfizer vaccine has therefore been a participant in a worldwide experiment, even though they are not part of the actual clinical trial; the same will hold true for the other vaccines as none of them has undergone the normal phases of trials and testing.

But participation in a trial requires informed consent, according to the Nuremberg Code. So, the questions to be asked are whether the people who have received the new vaccines were informed that it is still in its experimental stage; whether they were informed about the potential side effects and whether they were asked for and gave their informed consent.

The reports that promote the vaccination claim that the vaccines/jabs/shots have been tested and shown to be effective; a claim that cannot be substantiated on the basis that they are still in their experimental stage and therefore no long-term studies have been conducted. The effectiveness of these vaccines is entirely unknown.

The vaccines are also claimed to be safe, but there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates this claim to be highly inaccurate if not completely untrue. This can be seen by the ever-increasing numbers of adverse reactions, including death, that have been and continue to be reported.

According to the statistics for the US, as reported through the VAERS system, for the period to 1st April 2021, there had been 56,869 cases of injury and 2,342 deaths from COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the statistics for Europe, as reported through the European Medicines Agency, for the period to 27th March 2021, there had been 238,949 injuries and 5,365 deaths from the 4 COVID vaccines.


It is abundantly clear that these vaccines cannot be considered ‘safe’.

But even more importantly, despite efforts of the establishment to claim otherwise, the practice of vaccination was never based on true ‘science’.

In our book, we cite a number of eminent physicians who were outspoken against vaccination, one of whom, Dr M Beddow Bayly MD MRCS LRCP, wrote a booklet entitled The Case Against Vaccination in 1936, in which he states that,

“Of scientific basis or justification for the practice there is none, and the history of vaccination is the record of a superstitious rite pursued by a series of methods each in turn abandoned when experience proved its danger, and presenting a trail of extravagant claims not one of which has stood the test of time.”

There has been nothing in the intervening 85 years that indicates this situation has changed; the extravagant claims attributed to vaccination are still unable to stand the test of time.

The Reason

It may therefore be wondered why has this ‘pandemic’ occurred if viruses do not cause disease and vaccines do not prevent disease? The simple answer to this question is: “to gain control over all aspects of our lives”.

Again, a full answer to this question could cover an entire book, but certain key points can be identified in a very brief explanation.

The first clue can be seen from ‘Event 201’, a conference held in the US in October 2019 to discuss the responses required for a potential scenario in which there was a pandemic due to a deadly virus. But efforts to gain control over the general population have been in effect and gaining momentum for many decades, if not centuries.

View photos from Event 201, a pandemic tabletop exercise ...

The more recent efforts can be seen in documents produced by the UN, especially Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda, both of which claim to be able to implement measures to combat the problems that the world faces.

The global nature of the plans and the idea that they have to be co-ordinated so that everyone is conforming to the same ‘storyline’ are encapsulated in the 2030 Agenda document that states,

“Our journey will involve Governments as well as Parliaments, the UN system and other international institutions, local authorities, indigenous peoples, civil society, business and the private sector, the scientific and academic community – and all people.”

It is for this reason that all information promoted through the mainstream media is exactly the same; they are all conforming to the agenda, which is claimed to involve ‘the people’ but clearly only involves people who agree with and accept the agenda.

This can be seen by the many prominent ‘celebrities’ who have been reported as having received their vaccines and recommend that everyone does the same. The main reason for the involvement of ‘celebrities’ is reported to be to help combat ‘vaccine hesitancy’, because it is claimed that people aspire to be like their favourite ‘celebrity’. It is not, however, either rational or scientific to encourage people to be vaccinated when one of the acknowledged ‘side effects’ is death.

'Hero' David Hasselhoff promotes COVID-19 vaccine in Germany
Actor David Hasselhoff promotes COVID-19 vaccine in Germany

The phenomenon referred to as ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is a clear demonstration that increasing numbers of people around the world are becoming more aware of the very serious problems with vaccines and are understandably reluctant to be part of a worldwide human experiment.

Despite the volume of evidence discussed in our book, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong, which demonstrates both the failure of the practices of ‘modern medicine’ to improve health and the ability of their practices to cause harm, global organisations, such as the UN, continue to claim to be able to solve the world’s problems. Those that relate to ‘public health’ are claimed to require measures such as better access to ‘medicines and vaccines’; as can be seen most clearly by SDG 3.8, which aims to:

“Achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.”

The 16 other goals of the 2030 Agenda are equally designed to gain control over all aspects of our lives and over all resources of the world. A weak and quiescent populace is one of the ways that these goals can be achieved; the solution is therefore to cease being complicit.


In Conclusion

Problems can only be solved by correctly identifying their root causes so that measures can be taken to mitigate or even eliminate those causal factors. The medical establishment does not function from a correct understanding of the functions of the human body or of the real nature and causes of disease; it is for this reason that the current medical system can never solve the problem of human disease, as indicated in a quote attributed to Voltaire that,

“Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”

A paradigm shift is clearly needed; one in which we take responsibility for our own actions and therefore take control not only over our own bodies but over all aspects of our lives. We owe it to ourselves and to all future generations; the alternative – a life of complete servitude – is unthinkable.


WHO declares a pandemic 11th March 2020

ENDERS JF, PEEBLES TC. Propagation in tissue cultures of cytopathogenic agents from patients with measles. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1954 Jun;86(2):277-86. doi: 10.3181/00379727-86-21073. PMID: 13177653.


US Government website Clinical Trials

VAERS data released 26th March 2021

European vaccine data

Event 201

Agenda 21

2030 Agenda

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Proof Conventional Medicine is a "Killing Machine" | The ...

COVID: The Plot Thickens

by Dawn Lester, 10th May 2021

The world is claimed to be in the grip of a deadly pandemic.

However, although humanity is genuinely suffering, the real reason for this is not an infectious disease caused by a dangerous virus, as explained in our previous article entitled COVID: An Overview, as well as in our book, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong.

Instead, the world is suffering from a pandemic of misinformation, deception and outright lies that have been and continue to be promulgated on a daily basis by the mainstream media; the symptoms of this real pandemic also include blind obedience to ‘authority’ and belief in the words of so-called ‘experts’.

Unfortunately, the ‘alternative’ media is not entirely blameless; they too are responsible for exacerbating the suffering through their promulgation of misinformation, which although of a different nature from that of the MSM, is nevertheless similarly fuelling confusion and increasing the level of fear in the minds of the general public, including many people who are aware that there is something ‘wrong’ with what we are being told about ‘COVID’, but have not understood that the ‘germ theory’ is a fallacy.

The layers of deception are truly deep and penetrating!

We briefly mentioned some of the misleading claims about the COVID vaccines in our previous article, but more claims have recently been made that are also misleading. This has motivated us to provide a more detailed discussion of such claims to explain the flawed ideas on which they are based and thereby help to allay people’s fears.

If you have not already done so, we recommend that, before continuing with this article, you read our previous one [above], because it explains the fundamentally false nature of the idea that there is a real disease called COVID-19 that is caused by a real ‘virus’ called SARS-CoV-2, which is claimed to be a member of the coronavirus family.

The imposition in early 2020 of draconian measures, such as lockdowns, mask-wearing and social distancing, encouraged various scientists to ‘speak out’ and correctly state that these measures were excessive and inappropriate.

However, some of these scientists, such as Professor Dolores Cahill and Dr Judy Mikovits for example, promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine as a suitable treatment for ‘COVID-19’, even though they seemed to acknowledge that the ‘disease’ was not as severe as the reports indicated. They were not the only scientists promoting this message through various channels on the ‘alternative media’, but they did seem to be two of the more prominent voices.

It should be noted that hydroxychloroquine is used as a treatment for malaria on the basis that it will kill the parasites claimed to be the causal agent of this disease. This means that hydroxychloroquine is therefore toxic by intent as well as by its nature, as can be seen by the reported side effects that include vomiting and diarrhoea. More serious ‘side effects’ of hydroxychloroquine, especially when taken in large doses, can include arrhythmia and sudden cardiac arrest.

The situation worsened after December 2020 when COVID-19 vaccination programmes started to be implemented around the world. Unsurprisingly, these programmes were supported and promoted by the MSM [mainstream media] as the ‘solution’ to COVID.

There were genuine concerns about the vaccines being raised by people within the ‘alternative’ media, mainly on the basis that vaccines are known to be harmful. There were also many other claims, one of which was that these new vaccines did not contain ‘the virus’, but instead, only contained genetic material specific to the ‘virus’, which meant that these shots were not vaccines in the usual understanding of the term. As a result, many people refer to these shots as ‘gene therapy’; others have said that they are not to be considered as any form of ‘therapy’.

The COVID ‘vaccines’ currently in use are not all produced in the same way. However, the main focus of attention has been on mRNA ‘vaccines’ that are claimed to contain genetically engineered mRNA, which, when injected into the body, will instruct cells to make the ‘spike protein’ of the virus. According to the vaccine manufacturers, this will cause the body to manufacture antibodies against the spike protein and protect people from any future ‘infections’ of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The fact that these vaccines inject foreign genetic material into the body unfortunately, encouraged a number of reports that suggested, some more emphatically than others, that these shots would ‘genetically modify’ people who received them. Although this idea is clearly worrying, it is not based on any sound science; there is no evidence that the mRNA included in any vaccine has the ability to completely take over the body’s entire genome and ‘genetically modify’ it. The idea that this will happen is pure speculation; it has never been proven.

It should also be remembered that, as discussed in our earlier article, these vaccines are experimental and are still undergoing clinical trials; in other words, their effects, both short-term and long-term, are unknown.
[italics added by Think for Yourself]

This is not to deny that the vaccines contain substances that are highly toxic and cause serious adverse effects within the human body; this has already been demonstrated by the increasing numbers of adverse events caused by the vaccines, as discussed in our previous article. But these adverse events show that people have been poisoned; they do not show that people have been genetically modified.

A new element was recently introduced into the narrative that exacerbated the problem and increased the level of confusion; this was a video interview that made its appearance in March 2021. This interview was with a vaccine developer by the name of Geert Vanden Bossche, who had written an open letter to health authorities, including the WHO, to express his concerns about the rollout of mass vaccination. Although his letter asked for the immediate cessation of mass vaccination, which is a rather unusual position for a vaccine developer, his concern relates to what he referred to as ‘immune escape’.

The reason he claimed to be worried is based on the idea that the vaccines would ‘teach’ the immune system to only attack the strain of the virus used for the vaccines and would not teach it to recognise any others.

The problem according to Vanden Bossche is that the vaccine-injected viruses will mutate in the body and be able to avoid the immune system’s instructions to attack them. This, he claims, would allow these ‘mutant viruses’, which are claimed to be more deadly than the original strain, to escape from the body in a process called ‘shedding’ and ‘infect’ other people, all of which would lead to further outbreaks and pandemics of much more serious disease.

Unfortunately, the ideas promoted by Vanden Bossche were quickly taken up by a number of ‘alternative media’ content creators, most notably Del Bigtree and Dr Vernon Coleman, both of whom proclaimed this information to be extremely important. They both promoted their videos discussing Vanden Bossche’s ideas as the most important videos they had made and that the information should be shared widely.

The support by Dr Coleman and Del Bigtree for the idea that mass vaccinations should stop was not surprising considering their stance on vaccines. But whilst spreading correct information about the dangers of vaccines, they were also spreading misinformation, namely: the existence of ‘viruses’ and the claims that they are pathogens; the idea that viruses can ‘mutate’ and cause even more deadly diseases; and the concept of ‘asymptomatic carriers’.

Yet these alternative media content creators, especially the two named above, have had ample time since the beginning of this alleged ‘pandemic’ to be able to conduct the necessary research and discover that there is no evidence that any virus is the cause of any disease. They should also have realised that the concept of ‘asymptomatic carriers’ falsifies the claim that a ‘virus’ is the cause of disease because it fails Koch’s first Postulate, which claims that a pathogen must always be found in people with the disease it is claimed to cause and never be found in someone without the disease. The significance of this is because diseases are determined by the symptoms they are claimed to produce; people who have no symptoms are not ill with any disease. Any ‘germ’ found in the body of a person without symptoms cannot be a pathogen.

The problems with the ideas about ‘germs’ and the true nature of what is called ‘disease’ are explained in detail in our book.

The situation has, however, taken yet another twist and turn with a recent spate of reports about a variety of health problems that people have experienced. Although many health problems have been reported by people who have received one or more doses of the COVID vaccine, there are reports that certain health problems have also been experienced by unvaccinated people.

Many of the health problems reported by women relate to their menstrual cycles, such as excessive blood loss, some have even reported miscarriages; however, men have also reported having experienced a range of health problems, some of which relate to their reproductive systems.

One of the main concerns is that the health problems reported by unvaccinated people are being attributed to their having had close contact with people who have been vaccinated. This has inevitably led to the proposal of various theories about how vaccinated people can ‘transmit’ something from their bodies to unvaccinated people and cause them to experience these health problems.

One theory is that the vaccines ‘shed’ viruses that are able to infect other people who are in close proximity to them. However, as has been noted, the COVID vaccines do not contain so-called ‘viruses’, which means that they cannot shed them. Nevertheless, many people in the ‘alternative health’ community who have retained their belief in pathogenic viruses have promoted this idea.

Another significant contribution to the debate and the promulgation of theories to explain this phenomenon was made in a roundtable discussion of five doctors, including Dr Sherri Tenpenny. In this video discussion, Dr Tenpenny stated that the COVID vaccines are very different from those for viral diseases, such as polio and chickenpox vaccines, which she states contain ‘live viruses’ that can be shed. This clearly shows that she has retained her belief in pathogenic viruses. However, she stated that because the COVID shots do not contain viruses, there must be something else that is being transmitted, although she admitted that, at that stage, they had not identified what that ‘something’ was.

You can watch Dr. Tenpenny here, speaking against Covid vaccines.
Unfortunately many of the videos of her speaking have been removed on the Internet. I am not agreeing with all her statements, but no one ought to be censored.
Pin on Inspiration!!

The problem with this approach is that it is pure speculation; until there is evidence that ‘something’ actually is being transmitted between people, it is irresponsible to make such claims about how a phenomenon appears to occur. It is a truism that appearances can be deceptive.

Another member of the roundtable discussion was Dr Carrie Madej, one of the doctors who has made claims that the vaccines will genetically modify people. This is an unproven claim. But it is also fundamentally flawed because it denies the body’s mechanisms that recognise ‘toxic material’ and make every effort to eliminate it. Although it is claimed that the vaccines have the ability to ‘trick’ the body into believing that the vaccine ingredients are not ‘foreign’ toxic material that needs to be expelled, this claim is unproven; the body is not an inert machine that can be ‘tricked’.

In a more recent interview, Dr Tenpenny has claimed that the mechanism by which the unvaccinated are affected by the vaccinated involves the transmission of the ‘spike protein’ of the virus. This clearly cannot be the case for all of the reasons discussed in our previous article as well as our book.

Unfortunately, Dr Tenpenny also recommends that people take ivermectin, which she claims is ‘safe’. It should be noted that ivermectin is referred to as an antiparasitic treatment, which means that, like hydroxychloroquine, it is also toxic by nature and by intent. This can be seen by some of the reported ‘side effects’ that also include vomiting and diarrhoea, both of which are clear indications of its toxicity and the body’s efforts to expel it.

There are clearly many problems with these reports and the speculative ideas that are being generated about what could be causing health problems in the unvaccinated. One of the problems is the heightened fear they are generating.

Another is that there is no information being collected and collated about the real scale of the situation; especially as the health problems being reported are not entirely new. Although not necessarily common, they do occur. This is not to deny that people are experiencing serious adverse health problems, but it is important to question the explanations that are being proposed for their occurrence especially when they are based on flawed theories.

One possibility is that there is an increase in the reporting of such events rather than an increase in their actual incidence. Whether increased reporting is in fact what is happening cannot be known in the absence of any data being properly collected and analysed.

Another possibility is that these unvaccinated people have been exposed to a new harmful toxin or to an increased level of an existing toxin, whether chemical or electromagnetic in nature. As discussed in detail in our book, these sorts of exposures comprise two of the four factors that cause illness.

It is important to emphasise that there is no evidence that demonstrates people can transmit the toxins they expel from their bodies to other people and cause them to become ill. If this were the case, we would have been poisoning each other for decades, if not longer.

Another of the four factors we refer to in our book, is prolonged emotional stress. It is a well-known fact that stress can cause harm to the body through the release of certain hormones. But harm can also be induced in the body as the result of a fear about something that could harm the body; this would certainly describe the state of mind that the overwhelming majority of the population has experienced for more than a year.

The idea that fear can induce adverse effects within the body is a known phenomenon called the ‘nocebo effect’, which, like its opposite the placebo effect, is a powerful demonstration of the power of the mind. The placebo and nocebo effects are usually thought of with respect to the experience of an individual; however, Dr Lissa Rankin explains in her book Mind Over Medicine, that the nocebo effect is not limited to individuals and can be experienced by a group of people, which is also referred to as ‘mass psychogenic illness’.

It is abundantly clear that the world population has certainly been subjected to mass fear-mongering for more than a year and there is more than ample evidence of the harmful effects of living in a constant state of fear. It cannot therefore be dismissed that there is likely to be an element of a mass nocebo effect.

It is possible that there are other reasons for these symptoms and that they may be found at a later date. But what is of fundamental importance is that any reasons suggested for these phenomena should not be based on unfounded ideas, especially the fundamentally flawed ‘germ theory’. It should be clear that any ideas based on unproven theories will not truly explain any phenomenon.

It is important that people understand that there is no evidence, and never has been, that any particle that has erroneously been labelled a ‘virus’ has ever been proven to be harmful to health. Armed with this understanding, people will be able to recognise unproven ideas and speculations and not be drawn further into the state of fear, which will certainly be harmful to their health.

See https://whatreallymakesyouill.com/antibodies-immunity-dispelling-two-more-myths/

Positive review of What Really Makes You Ill?
by Deepak Saini


The first and perhaps greatest concept they tackle is that surrounding germ theory, which is the foundation that the entire modern medical system is built upon. I thought they did a convincing job of poking enough holes in this theory to really make one question its validity. Secondly, I don’t think anyone who has done any sort of review of the medical system would argue that it has become so compartmentalized by body part or symptom, and that the greatest flaws are not looking at true root causes of illness and not looking at the body in its entirety. Every MD, Functional Medicine doctor, Naturopathic or Alternative medicine practitioner I have ever talked to personally, acknowledges these fundamental flaws. So why don’t the “powers” see it, when it is so obvious?

The authors make the strong case, that this is due to vested interests. They are not the first to make this argument, so it was not really eye opening to me, but this book is another well sourced means of confirmation.

This is one of the biggest sources of frustration for me personally. People either refuse to believe that there are any vested interests and that we can “trust” those in power, or even worse, they will believe that there are vested interests in one industry that may personally affect them, but refuse to believe it is happening in another or all sectors of their life.

Big Pharma Admits Measles Outbreak & Subsequent Media ...
Pharmaceutical companies are making record profits https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/mar/06/from-pfizer-to-moderna-whos-making-billions-from-covid-vaccines

One thing that became abundantly obvious as I started going through this book was the inconsistencies of the establishments messaging. The authors do a fantastic job of detailing where in one section of the WHO (World Health Organization) website they say one thing, and then in another section, they completely contradict themselves. Which makes the reader wonder, well which one is it, because it can’t be both?

The authors demonstrate this over and over again, to the point where one begins to wonder about the competencies at these massive global organizations we are entrusting our health with. Not to only single out the WHO, the same case is made for the FDA, EPA, WEF, World Bank, UN etc., and these organizations certainly work together. So, the only question is, do they work together in purposeful misinformation or is it a shared accidental incompetence?

This book touches on pretty much every major disease or condition ever talked about in society and discusses what the authors believe to be the true causes of these and how to prevent the further proliferation of these. The chief argument is that it is toxins that are really making us sick, and that this sickness can manifest itself in different ways in different people. These can be toxins in our environment, the air we breathe, the rain that falls, the water we drink, the food we eat, and other substances we put into our body or surround ourselves with.


Postscript by Think for Yourself

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The Treachery of Images is a 1929 painting by Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. It is also known as This Is Not a Pipe. Magritte commented: “The famous pipe. How people reproached me for it! And yet, could you stuff my pipe? No, it’s just a representation, is it not? So if I had written on my picture “This is a pipe”, I’d have been lying!”

Jean Baudrillard’s 1981 book Simulacra and Simulation is a a discussion of symbols and signs. In it, Baudrillard claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is a simulation of reality. Moreover, these simulacra are not merely mediations of reality, nor even deceptive mediations of reality; they are not based in a reality nor do they hide a reality, they simply hide that nothing like reality is relevant to our current understanding of our lives.

The simulacra that Baudrillard refers to are the significations and symbolism of culture and media that construct perceived reality, the acquired understanding by which our lives and shared existence are rendered legible. Baudrillard believed that society had become so saturated with these simulacra and our lives so saturated with the constructs of society that all meaning was becoming meaningless by being infinitely mutable; he called this phenomenon the “precession of simulacra”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulacra_and_Simulation

I believe the argument being made against viruses and vaccines by Dawn Lester fits into the philosophical critique of modern society by Baudrillard, as does our increasing dependence on computers to construct a shared sense of reality in the absence of a collective myth that was previously supplied by traditional religions. But that is another article.

I do not say that Baudrillard or Lester are absolutely correct on all points. Rather, I submit to the reader that they’ve given us a powerful argument upon which basis we have a moral duty to question the orthodox narrative we’re being fed by powerful interests, through the use of our own reason.

There’s an interesting book on medical paradigms from a few years ago that argues that in the East and West (China and Greece) two systems of medicine evolved entirely independent of each other, both with a very different approach to the same problems and focusing on the same phenomenon (the human body) and both somehow works.

Shigehisa Kuriyama‘s The Expressiveness of the Body and the Divergence of Greek and Chinese Medicine. demonstrates that there is more than one way to look at the human body. It may be used to justify a homeopathic medical approach, in addition to the more politically dominant allopathic approach.

Philosophically, as with the discussion of simulacra, this book points to the way in which more than one representation of a phenomena can evolve. This speaks to an issue in the philosophy of science: the question of representation and objectivity. It’s widely assumed that science is entirely objective, but in the 1960, Thomas Kuhn wrote a groundbreaking book, The Structures of Scientific Revolutions, that demonstrated otherwise: that science can be determined by social and political forces. This question is still debated today.

Kuhn argued that science operates in cyclical paradigms. Applying his theory right now, the virus paradigm is dominant. Maye in the future, it will be replaced by another paradigm. As for his thesis that science is politically influenced, that much should be apparent from the recent misuse of science to advance a political agenda.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary ...
Pattern of scientific revolution. Source : Thomas Kuhn ...

In the 18th century, Kant said the meaning of Enlightenment is think for yourself, and question all those in authority who would presume to think for you. His words are very applicable to our current situation, when we’re told to obey medical and state authorities without question, even if their prescription would do us far more harm than returning to state of pre-Covid normalcy. https://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/documents/What_is_Enlightenment.pdf

Questioning Authority Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures ...

We’re told we are ignorant for questioning what’s happening, but recall that people who questioned numerous examples of authoritarianism (mis)using scientific authority in the past were also at the time maligned (e.g., scientific racism, as discussed in S. J. Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man).

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