Threatening Your Citizens Joe Biden Is Doing It Now , Trudeau In Canada has Already Said It, Too.


Joe Biden just threatened 100 million Americans: Get the shot orstarve

‘The time for waiting is over’

Joe Biden just declared war on 100 million Americans, threatening to cut them off from their livelihoods and starve out their families if they don’t submit to a medical treatment they believe is bad for them.

In one of the most shocking speeches ever delivered by an American president, Joe Biden threatened 100 million Americans if they don’t take a vaccine that has proven that it does not stop people from getting or spreading its targeted virus.

He made it clear that people have no more personal freedom or bodily integrity under the new rules in America.

“The time for waiting is over,” Biden said. “This is not about freedom, or personal choice.”

Biden said he will use the U.S. Department of Labor to go after companies with 100 or more employees if…

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    “threatening to cut them off from their livelihoods and starve out their families”
    No; turning people to a life of crime to survive is more plausible.
    Ahh… because when a person has lost everything – there’s nothing more to lose.


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