Covid-related memes, cartoons, and protest photos, pt. 3

Parts 1 and 2 are here:

I Posted A Politics Related Meme. I Deserve The Death ...
A good representation of the cost of lockdowns
Relates to censorship of so-called “medical misinformation”
As it turned, out in April, Covid-19 cases in Texas went down. They’re back up now, due to the Delta variant, but that is cause by the mutation of human cells against the vaccine through ADE.

Herd immunity is probably the only realistic long-term solution to diseases of the SARS variety, but pharmaceutical companies want to impose vaccines for profits, and governments are doing this in order to grab political power.
This relates to the way in which Trudeau and Biden excuse the genocide in China but call their own nations “racist” (hypocritically) in order to divide & conquer.

It also relates to the way in which these same leaders echoed China’s propaganda regarding the origins of Covid-19, which as turns out came from the Wuhan laboratory funded by NIH funds.
Relates to the way the mainstream media has lied and distorted the truth.
Actually, if they elect Larry Elder it will be sooner.
Another one on the lying, corrupt MSM
I don’t know if this real or intended as a joke. I hope not real. But then again,
the mass hysteria has prompted people to equally crazy things.
Some people had very serious adverse effects. Yes, it happened to a statically
small number, but the risk is what’s “low probability, high impact risk.”
Actually, it was probably a deliberate release of the virus. But this is a cute cartoon.
However, bats have got a bad rap from all this …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bats.jpg
Apparently this is real:

I’ll say this for the CCP: they are audacious. They destroy the world then want to be praised for it. But clearly this is meant to deflect from what they did – and also send the message that they don’t care what we think of them. They have the power.

Fauci is not that popular with the public. But he doesn’t have to be. He works for a powerful elite.
Trudeau and Xi. Biden also did the same thing, following orders.

From this episode:
If the “experts” were honest, they’d say this
Mass arrests of the unvaccinated are next – or permanent stay-at-home orders.

The UK is also removing the mandates now
Look up Dr. Robert Malone and the role of ADE in creating variants

The Left have suddenly become very pro-establishment. They think it will work
in their favour, giving them the Utopian society they want. It won’t.
It’s true: apparently N95 masks work, but the
standard variety do not.
This is a bit insulting to monkeys. Sorry.
The mandates are a violation of the Nuremberg Code, written in response to
Nazi medical experimentation, and ordering people to get an injection against
their will is coercive and violates their inalienable rights. It’s fascist.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-201.png
Apparently this is real. You cannot make this up. It’s surreal. Teens and children are
actually not that susceptible to Covid-19, so this is doubly absurd.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is band-practice-during-lockdown.png
He actually said this. Then later said the opposite, when it was politically expendient.
The elites really do act as though their superior to the rest of us and
the same standards they demand of us do not apply to them.
Good question!
The timing of the variant is suspicious. I think they planned this to occur. The vaccines have an ADE response (variations, mutations) that helps the globalists and CCP to keep the pressure on us. Delta came out in Dec. 2020, when they started giving out vaccines. As long as disease is (allegedly) affecting the world, it will gives them absolute power over our lives (if we choose to live in fear).
In a not far off future
Yes, why doesn’t this still apply? Good question
Elitist hypocrisy
Dated but still true
Vaccine mandates and passports: a new form of discrimination

sorry for the profanity — but it’s a good meme
from Babylon Bee
Covid deaths were over-inflated in the U.S.
The issue of inflating deaths
Another meme on inflated deaths
Antifa are fascists. They agree with Biden on this.
It does seem like this is what they want us to do: just give up and die.
Orwell was right, just not the year. He was off by about 40 years (it will take them another
few years to impose the tyranny to 1984 standards – but we’re not far off).
Is this a nod to ‘the lizard people’? See the film They Live
Given that children have a 99.997% recovery rate, it is abuse.
IFR = infection fatality rate
Meaning that less than 0.1% deaths for those under 50
0.3% deaths for those from age 50 to 60
1.3% deaths in 60 to 69 age group and so on.
So why are we going through this mass hysteria exactly?
The sick should be quarantined, not the healthy.

CRF = case fatality rates
Source: Dr. Moran
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cdc-figures-on-risk-of-inection.jpg
Why is anyone below age 65 worried about this disease?
Comment by Think for Yourself
Halifax anti-lockdown protest cancelled due to court injunction
A lot of it does seem like guesswork
True: the like to blame Trump for everything. I believe the timing of the release of the disease by the CCP, one year prior to the 2020 election, and the subsequent propaganda campaign to blame him, was deliberate and calculated. This is not the only reason they did this, but the timing of it was determined by the election.
from Babylon Bee
This is a joke! Do not try this
The odd of dying from the vaccine are greater than dying from Covid-19
among young men (teens and below) for some reason.
This cartoon addresses the fact that Antifa and BLM were never criticized by the Democrat establishment for being “super spreaders” but Republicans were.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-192.png
Still from THX-1138
The Japanese military perform biowarfare on human beings during WWII. Now this is being done to the whole world through the use of experimental vaccines and the psychological operation of constant disruption and disorientation through propaganda and shifting narratives — all part of the imposition of authoritarian medical tyranny. Just “trust the science.”
Or a “medical tyranny” – same thing
Leftist groupthink
Look up Yuri Bezmenov:
Re: Trudeau’s imposition of vaccine mandates and calling protestors names.
The not so distant future
Politically Incorrect Humor - Page 2 of 301 - Daily Memes ...
The CCP must have had to reassure the Dems quite a bit, behind closed doors,
from 2016 to 2020, when this coup d’état of the U.S. was being planned: trust us, we have Antifa, BLM, the media and social media all under control. We’ll tell you what to do.”


  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Nothing quite like a good piece of truth.


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