Covid-related Ben Garrison cartoons

Ben Garrison is a prolific American conservative cartoonist. He has so many Covid-related memes, I won’t include them all. You can find them at his site: They include commentary by Garrison that’s often worth reading.

This depicts the French vaccine passport
Elitist hypocrisy of Pelosi at the salon.
Patrick Henry said “give me liberty or give me death”
Herd immunity is probably our best defense against SARS influenza,
not mRNA spiked proteins, which cause ADE
Re: Whitehouse censorship of so-called “medical misinformation”
(often legit physicians with serious concerns the publish should hear from)
Stalinism is coming before long, at this rate. Don Lemon is a real Communist.
True. Americans are well-armed, which is their one sold defense against this tyranny.
It’s coming, eventually. This is about power, not public health. The unvaccinated are being scapegoated, even though it is the vaccines causing the variants through ADE.
A reference to the famous quote by Orwell from 1984.
Medical fascism in Australia.
That was drawn early 2020. Now we’re at mandatory vaccines.
Extreme? I don’t think that in 10 years we’ll say so. The people doing this are
planning something that can only be described as evil.
Globalists (not sure who the guy with the globe is supposed to be)
I’m not sure why Trump allowed a lockdown, but he did.
This relates to who is responsible for Covid-19. Obviously the CCP is,
which is why they got the MSM to lie and blame Trump for it.

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