Petition from Rebel News: No Vaccine Passports

As Canada slowly begins to open up again, as things normalize, lockdownists have found a new way to keep the feeling of a crisis going. Now they’re focusing on vaccine passports — mandatory requirements to prove that you’ve been jabbed enough times, or you’ll be banned from areas of your life you once enjoyed.

Manitoba has its vaccine identity cards; Quebec has announced its decision for QR code vaccination proofs; and Trudeau now has two-tiered travel rules, depending on your vaccine status.

Those are all little test drives for vaccine passports; but more importantly, none of the provinces have banned discriminating on citizens based on their medical history.

Imagine if both Westjet and Air Canada announced vax passports, on the same day. With lots of nodding and winking from Trudeau to do it. It wasn’t forced on them, they’d say. It’s not a government law, they’d say. But what if they both decide to do it at the same time — then you can’t really fly in this country, can you?

Flying is a luxury for most people. But what about public transit — buses, subways, taxis. Easy to see how they’d do the same — Uber has a harsh mask mandate; I don’t doubt they’ll bring in a vax passport too.

Seneca College has brought in vax rules for all students. And who’s going to stop them? No-one; and why would they? No-one has stopped any of this so far. Not governments, not opposition parties, not courts, not the media.

Canadian politicians must pass laws against medical discrimination. We need rules to make sure that no citizens can be discriminated against due to their medical history. 

If you agree, please sign this petition. 

Sign here:

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