Arizona launches first legal challenge to Biden’s dictatorial vaccine mandates

by Tillie Toro, My Patriot Post, Sept 16, 2021

In what we hope will be the first of many lawsuits filed against the Biden Administration, Arizona’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich came out swinging. Incensed like the rest of his constituents Brnovich has promised that he will do everything he can to rid the United States of the unconstitutional mandate.

Trending Politics reports:

The Arizona state AG is arguing that the Biden mandate that businesses over 100 employees must ensure their employees be vaccinated or be tested weekly or otherwise face hefty fines is unconstitutional.

“The federal government cannot force people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The Biden Administration is once again flouting our laws and precedents to push their radical agenda,” he said, according to a press release. “There can be no serious or scientific discussion about containing the spread of COVID-19 that doesn’t begin at our southern border.”

Brnovich is arguing that the vaccine mandate violates the Equal Protection Clause by “favoring migrants that have crossed into the country illegally over legal U.S. citizens.”

“The Biden Administration allows migrants to decline the vaccine, protecting their freedom and bodily autonomy more than American citizens,” Brnovich added.

This can’t be the only lawsuit that happens though. We need the rest of the states to cowboy up and start filing their own lawsuits. Red, Blue, independent? It doesn’t matter. This isn’t just an attack on conservatives, it’s an attack on all Americans. Leftists, moderates, progressives, and all others who are buying into this ridiculous mandate need to open their eyes before they are stripped of their God given rights to govern themselves.

Fox News reports:

Specifically, the Arizona lawsuit contrasts the mandates with the lack of mandate for those entering the country illegally via the U.S. southern border, where there has been a surge in migrant encounters – with more than 212,000 in July alone. While approximately 40% of those encounters result an expulsion via Title 42 public health protections, many other migrants have been released into the U.S., which has led to concerns about the risk of potential COVID-19 spread.

The lawsuit argues that the mandate violates the Equal Protection Clause by allegedly favoring migrants who have come into the country illegally over American citizens.

It also cites a retweet by White House chief of staff Ronald Klein, who retweeted a claim that the move was the “ultimate work-around” for the federal government to require vaccines.

Arizona will not be the only state that sues Biden or his administration, or so several have stated. Many republican governors and attorney generals have indicated that they are looking to their options and plan to take legal action.

The Daily Wire and a few other private companies plan to file suits as well. There’s no doubt that people are growing enraged with the mandate, especially as more and more exposes begin to point out that there are lies being told about the injections, the hospitals being overwhelmed and the amount of cases in the vaccinated that are being fudged.

As Benjamin Franklin once said; “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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