Ideological Leftism treats children like human sacrifices

A critique of abortion, ideological indoctrination through public education, learned hatred, and now medical tyranny imposed on the most vulnerable members of our society.

Christian Activist: 'Aborted Babies Are Food Source ...

In case it’s not already apparent, Leftism has little regard for lives and well-being of children. This disregard for them starts at the moment of conception.


From the moment of conception, children are endangered by Leftism, and tens of millions of them perish violently through abortion. They never get to live their lives. From a Christian perspective, as innocents, they go to Heaven, but still, it is morally wrong to take their lives. It may be regarded as evil.

Leftists do not regard the unborn as real human beings just because they’re not fully developed. The logic of that discrimination, if extended to its fullest, would say that anyone who is not full grown is less than human.

But in reality the moment of birth is really just one point on a continuum from conception to adulthood. Why should it be the moment at which full human status is conferred? That is a rather arbitrary distinction. Why not one year old?

Leftist thinking on this matter is rationally incoherent. It purposely ignores the rights of the unborn. Abortion may rightly be regarded as a human rights violation, where the human in question is the unborn.

Abortion has been compared to the ancient practice of child sacrifice, except that the “god” in this case is the human ego. For example, an actress infamously justified abortion in public, by stating that it allowed her to enjoy her career, home and car. This woman sacrificed the life of her unborn child for what she wanted from life at the time.

Yet many mothers who went ahead with pregnancy, even when advised not to by doctors, have later stated they had no regrets and were glad they had the child. Anyone who has had a child will tell you they can’t imagine the world without him or her.

I myself know a woman who chose to go ahead with the pregnancy though she was a teenager — and 30 years later she is happy to have done so, and cannot imagine not having her son in her life. He has two children of his own. They would not be on this Earth were it not for decision to keep her son. Her life was changed by the pregnancy, but she doesn’t regret it.

Little Catholic Bubble: Abortion dialogue: Where Alyssa ...
The pro-life position argues that life begins at conception, when the soul enters the body. Some pro-choice/pro-abortion advocates argue that the fetus is not a real human being until born.

And some take it further and argue for killing babies in the third trimester who even make it to birth prematurely, and also babies that survive the abortion procedure. In other words, infanticide.

And in fact, Democrat Senators voted to kill babies who were born: “they voted against common-sense legislation that would have required that babies who survive attempted abortions must receive medical care to keep them alive.”
Gymnast Simone Biles, who recently made headlines in the 2021 Olympics. Of course, one does not have to be an accomplished person for his or her life to matter.

From a Christian perspective, God loves all of us, regardless of our successes or failures in life.

Ideological indoctrination

For those that survive to birth, a lifetime of indoctrination awaits them in public schools and through endless socialization via social media.

In practice, this means teaching children to hate others and to hate themselves. For example, white children are to hate themselves, to see themselves as ‘oppressors’ and as ‘privileged’ – even though themselves have had nothing to do with any historical injustice. Similarly, boys are taught to hate themselves (called “the war against boys“), and all children are now taught from a young age to hate conservatives and traditional Christians. The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies ...

This is because Leftism is a reactionary worldview, one that requires an ideological enemy against which to position itself. Donald Trump provided Leftists with their ultimate scapegoat and many devoted their lives to hatred of him (called Trump Derangement Syndrome). Their hatred was zealous and all-consuming.

Hatred of one’s own heritage and country is also now routinely taught in schools, e.g., the U.S. is said to be founded on slavery, and Canada is said to be a genocidal nation — but both claims are false. The cumulative negative impact of these claims has been called the tyranny of collective guilt.

This manufactured guilt over alleged sins of a nation’s past is having a very negative effect on the present and future, blinding otherwise good and decent people to real atrocities taking place.

For example, Leftists typically turn a blind eye to the atrocity of abortion; they ignore the plight of the Cuban people under Communism; and they ignore encroaching Chinse imperialism.

More recently, they have turned a blind eye to the nefarious reasons for the current irrational mass hysteria over a disease with a high recovery rate (i.e., a globalist power-grab). Perhaps belief that what’s happening now will bring a “the Great Reset” compels them to dismiss any concerns that lockdowns and vaccine mandates have gone too far?

Leftism creates what Orwell termed “doublethink” which allows two disparate conflicting thoughts to occur simultaneously, to reconcile them in accordance with the state’s prescription. If a contradiction appears they dismiss it by reverting to the ideological vision that animates them.

Leftists have increasingly taken over the education of children since roughly the 1970s, incrementally. It started in universities, among Marxist intellectuals and has slowly filtered down over the years to public school teachers.

Fifty years of indoctrination through public education (while many conservatives were asleep at the wheel) have paid off handsomely for neo-Marxists. For example, the mainstream media is now wholly Leftist in its political orientation, resulting in the blatant political propaganda to further the objective of a new society.

Cartoon showing MSM bias
CNN panned for on-air graphic reading 'fiery but mostly ...
CNN: “Mostly peaceful protests” even as a fire is show in the background. Viewers begin to
suffer from cognitive dissonance when being told one thing and experiencing another.

Courts, businesses, churches — in fact all the major institutions of our society — are now packed with people who (whether they know it or not) have a worldview influenced to a great degree by Leftism. The very author of this article was also, until a few years ago, fully immersed in this worldview, and is now an apostate from it.

Its success is based on its ability to persuade adherents that as a worldview it describes things as they are — and as they should be. This is really the mark of any successful world religion, according to some sociologists of religion.

Clifford Geertz’s famous definition of religion illustrates the point: religion, he says, is “[1] a system of symbols which acts to [2] establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations in men by [3] formulating conceptions of a general order of existence and [4] clothing these conceptions with such an aura of factuality that [5] the moods and motivations seem uniquely realistic.” [italics added]

Leftism fulfills this definition: it is a system that seems factually true for those who believe in it, and it demands their full participation in it. It is ultimately meaningful for its adherents. It gives them rituals in the form of protests and vigils. It a sacrificial system that utilizes scapegoating, through which the group unites itself ideologically around the hatred and destruction of an individual or minority group (e.g., Trump, Trump voters, and more recently the unvaccinated). And it promises a Utopia, a perfect society, which is so compelling that some adherents are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve it.

Portland 'Wall of Moms' acting as human barrier between ...
Portland Oregon, 2020: the “wall of Moms” protest and support for BLM and Antifa
could be understood as an example of a religious ritual of Leftism.
The Antifa & BLM riots could also be understood as such.

The long march through the institutions

The public school systems, the school boards, and institutions of higher learning are all controlled by Leftists now. Most public school teachers and professors subscribe to some version of Leftist ideology. The education system got to this point through what’s been called “the long march through the institutions.”

The theory is this: Communism failed to achieve a worldwide revolutionary movement because it could not break apart the working-class allegiance to God, nation and family, even through the use of force: for example, as soon as the USSR dissolved, Russians reverted back to their old allegiances.

Frustrated but determined to implement their vision for society, Marxist intellectuals in the 1950s and 60s conceived of the idea of world domination through the slower process of indoctrination through the education system.

This idea is often attributed to the the Frankfurt School, though it is only one early expression of the influence of Marxist intelligentsia on the world. It was probably only describing what was already beginning to take place at the time: sometimes theory follows practice, which in the Marxist dialectic is called praxis. Thus it is less of a conspiracy theory (as Leftists label it) and more of an intellectual theory conceived in the 1960s to describe what was beginning to unfold — and which has now reached fruition half a century later.

When rushing too fast, the violence of Marxism can backfire, which is what the violent excesses of Communism demonstrated. For example, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, made up of Marxist intellectuals trained in French universities, moved so quickly and violently that it shocked the world in the 1970s by resulting in genocide. The cultural Marxists, in contrast, have taken their time. Their revolution is no less radical, but far less bloody.

In the West it has taken much longer than in Asia, perhaps due to the fact that individualism is stronger in the West than in Asian countries, which tend more towards collectivism. It was thus necessary to inculcate collectivist thinking over the course of several generations in the West, through indoctrination. This was also done through entertainment and news.

There can be no doubt that many Marxist professors actively sought this end – even though those who are fulfilling it now don’t necessarily think of themselves as Marxists. They prefer to call themselves “progressives” – though the worldview they adopt is based on the simplistic Marxist division of the world into oppressor and oppressed.

It’s a way of thinking that’s simple enough for most people intuitively grasp. Within academia it doesn’t take a great deal of intellect to learn it and apply it to all one’s studies. The problem is that it reduces all of human thought to its simple formula, and also has no tolerance for alternative views, make it ideological rather than truly philosophical. That same ideological intolerance is now being applied to medicine – in a sense “communizing” the medical profession.

Most Leftists today would disavow Communism, even while unwittingly sharing many of its basic beliefs and also unwittingly helping true authoritarians to achieve political triumph. Progressives tend not to understand the serious danger that their naïve idealism is contributing to. They are effectively neutralized by what they’ve internalized, leading for example to what’s been called “the silence of the professors.”

Cultural Marxism has extended well beyond the ideas of Adorno, Horkheimer, et al. It is evident in what we normally term “political correctness” and now wokeism. It should be added that tracing wokeism back to the Frankfurt School as one of its many sources is not necessarily anti-Semitic, though its Leftist detractors will claim it is based on a few unfortunate examples. There are numerous Jewish opponents of cultural Marxism, including David Horowitz, Ben Shapiro, Pamela Geller, and Dennis Prager. No one could reasonably call them anti-Semitic.

Cultural Marxism is a useful term, despite the criticism, because it points the finger back to Marxism, which spelled out how class division can be used to attain absolute power. Cultural Marxism is not merely a ‘conspiracy theory’; it is a broad social and political reality with many names and interpretations. Its basic structure is to argue that the world is divided into oppressor and oppressed camps.

Marx’s emphasis on class war was replaced by sex and gender (male v. female, “cis” v. LGBTQ+) and race — and now more recently vaccinated status (vaccinated v. unvaccinated). Naturally occurring cultural schisms and tensions, which exist in any society, are exploited and amplified by Marxists. They ‘weaponize’ these tensions to create identity politics in order to attain power.

It’s a mistaken notion to believe the revolution will spread power to the masses; on the contrary, it’s goal is to concentrate power in the hands of a new elite. That is not an aberration, as socialists will claim, but the true objective.

The ‘oppressed’ group is then thrown under the bus when finished with – e.g., women are sacrificed for transgenderism today, and tomorrow transgender people will be sacrificed for another pet victim group.

Graphic by Think for Yourself; please share!

Leftists have succeeded in the West, to a large extent, by utilizing critical theory and cultural Marxism through grievance studies (e.g., gender studies, postcolonialism, intersectionality, critical race theory, anti-capitalism, etc.), resulting in the current culture war. This is eroding the West in degrees – which is its true intention and purpose.

The rational incoherence of grievance studies was exposed a few years ago through the “Sokal Squared” scandal, in which fake academic articles using critical theory jargon were successfully submitted and published.

Teacher’s colleges now routinely promote “social justice” and “diversity” and other Leftist ideological concepts, meant to advance their particular worldview and shift power from the West. By the time the teacher graduates she is ready not just to teach but to radicalize her students — and many of them are happy to be radicalized.

Adherents of Leftism, at this stage of winning their objective, are euphoric. The BLM rallies could well be described as a celebration after the lockdown ruse worked so well. For example, Nancy Pelosi excused them as justified, despite the obvious contradiction to the Covid restrictions they posed, by citing the historic importance of the cause. As a committed Leftist, she would understand: it never was about a disease; it was always about seizing power.

The West was founded on Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment principles. It may or may not survive into the 22nd century or even the next decade (it’s hard to say). Its ideas will certainly persist, but as a legal and political system it is under threat — especially due to the so-called pandemic, which was deceptively used to violate individual freedoms and rights in the name of public health.

Any view that does not accord with the narrow vision of the world taught by Leftists is considered “hate speech” and “misinformation” and must be censored and those who speak it publicly defamed. This radical ethos is contributing to the rise of censorship in the West, doing away with the principle of free speech, one of the cornerstones of the West.

Children are being taught to hate through an Orwellian campaign against alleged ‘hate speech’. That seems like a contraction, and it is, but this is common among Leftist campaigns, which claim to advocate for truth and justice but end up spreading lies and injustice.

“How Public Schools Are Recruiting A Marxist Student Army”

Learned hatred of Christianity

Children are the pawns in this quest for political power and world domination. They are viewed as tabula rasa, empty slates, upon which to imprint a neo-Marxist worldview. This view of them stems from Rousseau’s and Marx’s view of the human being as entirely socially conditioned, and not possessing any innate individuality or morality.

In the Judeo-Christian view, individual morality is God-given and in the Enlightenment view, it stems from reason a priori, but in the Marxist view it doesn’t exist at all. Only the state can determine what is right or wrong. This is why it was so important for Marxists to train children from from the start. The gravest mistake the West ever made was to allow this to happen.

Learned hatred of Christianity recently contributed to a rash of church burnings in Canada recently. Young people were incorrectly taught that the church was responsible for genocide. Church arson could not have happened in Canada if the groundwork for hatred of the church and nation did not already exist among young people.

They joined radical anarchist and “indigenous sovereignty” collectives, which are both obsessed with race. In another time and place they might have ended up with far healthier, productive lives, with jobs and families, attending church — but now they are radical terrorists, committing acts of arson and ruining their lives, because of Leftism.

This hatred is also evident among those who publicly defended or otherwise excused the crimes, including the Prime Minister himself.

"I can't stop crying": Historic Catholic church destroyed ...

Leftism has divided the Western world into opposing groups, according to race. Critical Race Theory “promotes the idea that people should be categorized and judged based on their group identity instead of their individual character, behavior, and merit.”

More recently a new division has been deliberately created: vaccination status. The fact that this status is now the latest of many divisions used by neo-Marxists is worthy of another essay.

These divisions empower an elite class and pit the rest of us against one another. Children are sacrificial pawns for Marxists. Children are taught to hate and to commit violence against the ideological out-group, e.g., in our day and age, false accusations of racism.

MORNING NEWS BRIEFING - APRIL 23, 2021 - Rick Bulow, New Media

Anti-family indoctrination

Marxism has always been anti-family, seeking to supplant the family with the state. Marx wrote: “On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie.”

Today’s neo-Marxists, such as BLM, are also anti-family, against the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” During the Greek civil war, Communists abducted thousands of children and sent them to Albania. This is depicted in the film Eleni (1985). Needless to say, destroying the family harms children.

Communist soldiers abducting children during the Greek civil war; scene from Eleni.
Scene from the 1984 film The Killing Fields, about the genocide in Cambodia after the Communists too over. Here they teach children to reject the nuclear family.

The little girl draws erases the holding of hands by the stick figures, to reinforce the idea that families (and love) are not allowed by the new regime.
Child soldiers are another way that Marxists harm the young. Scene from The Killing Fields (1984).
A teenage girl taught to hate becomes a murderer for The Khmer Rouge. If SJWs in the West were given the power to murder, many would do so willingly.
Photo of actual child solders for the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia circa 1979.
Inside China's communist schools where kids are ...
Children in China indoctrinated into Communism.

Redefining the family is the way in which Leftists spread ideology now. They are intent on changing the definition from the nuclear family to whatever combination suits them. This is not to say that unconventional families can’t exist, but what the Marxist program involves is not just expanding the definition but (more radically) undermining and destroying the nuclear family altogether.

The very definition of mother and father, man and woman, are being redlined. These are not small changes. They are every bit as radical as the Khmer Rouge’s agenda to eradicate the family, but taking place on a much larger scale and with less bloodshed and far less obviously.

If the definition of the family can be changed to whatever group of people resides in the same dwelling together, and the role of the male father diminished, and “mother” redefined to mean biological males, does the term “family” mean anything anymore?

The Khmer Rouge had the same objective – the end of the family – but did it directly, by force, whereas the cultural Marxists are doing the same indirectly, in the name of “inclusivity.” Any objections are of course met with accusatory labels.

Redefining Christianity is similar tactic: rather than eradicating it, Marxists co-opt it and shape it into their views, resulting in Liberation theologies that radically corrupt the meaning of the Scriptures. And extreme version of this is occurring in China, where the Bible itself is being heretically altered by Communists.

The liberal-minded person wishes to be open-minded about these tremendous changes to our society, not believing they are portend any ill will — but now the government in Canada is legislating language and imposing fines for not adopting the new ever-changing jargon of pronouns. And now one is told that a woman is now a “front hole person” and reference to a mother or father is now deemed politically incorrect.

Now China is indoctrinating some American and Canadian children into Communism: “Known as Confucius classrooms, the program features lessons supported by Beijing’s Confucius Institute and is used in a number of U.S. elementary and high schools.” This is also happening on university campuses.

Child soldiers and SJWs

In the West, young SJWs are the modern equivalent of child soldiers, taught to hate and attack through social media. Public schools now teach children early on the basics of identity politics and a commitment to “social justice.” By the time they become teens, many of them will be fully immersed in this worldview and be willing to commit themselves to it, radically.

Young people engaging in a SJW ritual of learned hatred. This is really an idolatrous religion.

According to one report, “students in almost all British Columbia schools are now being indoctrinated and radicalized into becoming SJWs without any idea of the ramifications implied for our culture . . . The goal of SJWs and sex activist teachers is to overturn that culture, and obliterate its roots.” Teachers are rewarding this by giving marks for attending protests, and by encouraging children to become radicals.

Leftism is a violent cult that uses up human life en masse. Children who could have had a good future become crazed ideologues, members of Antifa, or other kinds of SJWs. Their mission is to radically transform the world according to the vision of Leftism, which is the word’s most successful religion at the present moment, eclipsing Christianity and Islam.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is high-ed.jpg

Transgender ideology and sexualization

Brought up in the cult of identity politics, some children turn to transgender ideology, signing up for irreversible mutilation such as mastectomy and castration. Laws are created by the neo-Marxists to protect the transition of as many children to transgenderism as possible.

The fact that they’re too young to understand the implications of the decision doesn’t bother Leftists. Many commit suicide later, regretting the error, but this is conveniently blamed on ‘transphobia.’ The tv show Sixty Minutes did a show on de-transitioning teenagers who regret initially transitioning.

Another harm perpetrated by Leftists against children is the campaign to sexualize them and even normalize the idea of prostitution (the latter leading to a growth and normalization of prostitution as a career choice for teenage girls).

This understandably disturbs parents and teachers: “most teachers are disturbed by the decades-long push to indoctrinate and oversexualize school children by teachers’ unions dedicated to far-left cultural and political causes and not the well-being of kids.” Parents are attending school board hearings and demanding the resignation of the board members in several places.

The curriculum at one school, prompting parents to protest (photo below) is said to introduce “sexual orientation and gender identity concepts to children as young as third grade . . . The curriculum includes a scenario where an underage girl enters into a sexual relationship with an adult that she hides from her parents.”

Parents protest school materials that they allege sexualize children.
“Desmond is Amazing” – famous child drag queen. The photo on the left show him accepting money in what appears to be a drag show performance.

Leftism is a violent religion

To call a secular movement a “religion” may seem strange to some, but according to the ‘functional definition of religion’ it is. A functional religion is that which performs all the same social functions as traditional religions. It does not require a transcendent deity to be called a religion (just as Theravada Buddhism does not require it either).

Some sociologists argue that secular movements that share many of the same traits as traditional religions can be called para-religions or ‘secular religions’ (e.g., environmentalism, fascism, socialism, feminism, capitalism, and even sports and rave movements).

Functional religion is also a good term. This essay, for example, describes how animal rights might be thought of as a functional religion. A good summary of the idea that Leftism is religion, written for the conservative layman, is the short article “The Religion of Leftism.”

As religions go, Leftism is extremely violent – though practitioners do not see themselves that way; they see themselves as morally superior in fact. One of the rewards of their faith is to see themselves as fundamentally good and others who do not think as they do as mistaken, deluded, or even evil.

“Violence” is a broad term that can mean physical violence — and we see evidence of that with Antifa and BLM, for example — but also emotional violence to children and families through indoctrination, which has had the effect of dividing families.

In the West, the main type of violence perpetrated by Leftists is scapegoating, through so-called cancel culture and endless dubious allegations of racism, intended to demoralize and wear down the society over time.

And it is working. The West is largely demoralized right now. It is vulnerable to attack. It has experienced declining population rates among descendants of European settlers, due to the effect of the loss of traditional values and consequent destruction of the family, an increase in abortion, and generally less procreation and families.

Mass immigration from countries that don’t have Western values and in many cases don’t want to assimilate to those values, contributes to the erosion of the West. This is why Leftist politicians are so adamant about brining more and more in, to help destabilize the society, making it easier to divide and conquer, as a prelude to the transition of the society to absolute state control.

How ironic that the civilization that more than any other helped promote egalitarianism, democracy, the rule of law, individual freedoms, and prosperity for all may fall victim to its own descendants, who naively seek to replace it with an intolerant, hateful, censorious, dictatorial society (and one that is also likely to be poverty-stricken, judging from the track record of socialist regimes).

Cartoon: Western Civilization versus Intersectionality
What could well be happening by 2050. Graphic by Think for Yourself.

Leftism is an example of what philosopher Ernst Becker, in The Denial of Death, calls an “immortality project.” Like many religions that came before it, Leftism is all-consuming and utilizes sacrificial rituals.

In the previous century, in its most extreme form, Communism, Leftism sacrificed approximately 100 million people through genocides and famines, and enslaved billions more. But this will be miniscule compared to the carnage that’s to come if globalists who are committed to eugenics succeed in effecting massive world depopulation. God forbid that it is so.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-257.png

Leftists in the West will object that full-blown Communism is not their objective. It may not be, but Communism is the inevitable result of their embrace of cultural Marxism and Leftist progressivism. They are naïve in the extreme to imagine that another Stalin won’t rise to the top, through terror, once they’ve toppled the hated “cis-hetero-normative patriarchy.”

The Holodomor, also known as the Terror-Famine and sometimes referred to as the Great Famine, was a famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. The term Holodomor emphasises the famine’s man-made and intentional aspects such as rejection of outside aid, confiscation of all household foodstuffs and restriction of population movement.”

Abortion, the destruction of families, ideological conversion and brainwashing, teaching hatred to children, the sexualization of the young, and transgender conversion, and genocidal social engineering in Communist regimes — in all these ways, the young victims of Leftist ideology are like human sacrifices to the false god Baal of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

Children are being treated as human sacrifices to a religion that defines itself in reactionary terms. For example, conservatives are against vaccines for children, which compels Leftists to endorse them.

Leftism is driven by emotion and identity. It is willing to sacrifice human beings for the sake of the actualization of its social and political vision. It puts ideas before people and sacrifices people on the altar of ‘diversity’, ‘equity’ (or whatever other jargon it may adopt at the time). The real objective is power for a few over the many.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ad14875473bb7bbc3a94db3e041f52bc.jpg
Many religious pro-life advocates argue that abortion is comparable to ancient child sacrifices to Baal as described in the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament.

Medical tyranny imposed on children

The latest craze appears to be masking children and vaccinating children – even though they have a 99.99% chance of recovery from Covid-19, and are effectively immune to it, so there’s very little risk of catching it or being harmed by it. However, masks and Covid vaccines can and do harm children who wear them, and take them.

This doesn’t bother Leftists, who even want to vaccinate pregnant women, despite the risk to the unborn. They claim it’s safe, but supress any medical claims to the contrary while at the same time promoting only those medical claims they agree with. In this way too — through miscarriages due to Covid vaccines — one can argue that children are harmed by Leftism, which is using vaccine status as another divisive issue to divide and conquer.

There are several reasons that children and young people should not get the Covid vaccines, e.g., “There is an unusually high rate of reported adverse events and deaths following the COVID-19 vaccines compared to other vaccines. Some adverse events are more common in the young, especially myocarditis. Where potential harm exists from an innovation and little is known about it, the precautionary principle dictates to first do no harm. Better safe than sorry.”

There is a higher probability of a fatal adverse event (death) to a 12 year old from the Covid-vaccine than from dying of Covid-19.

Masks are ineffective at stopping the spread of the disease and they cause oxygen deprivation. The are numerous harms that masks inflict on children, both physiological and psychological.

This is not healthy for children (or adults), physically or psychologically.

Leftist teacher’s unions have gone berserk pushing masks and vaccines in schools for no discernable medical reason, since they’re not needed there. In fact, one can argue none of it is needed for anyone, and we ought to have gone the route of natural herd immunity — if the issue were really a disease.

One could argue for N95 masks and quarantining for the sick — but for everyone? Mandating it for entire populations went too far and caused more harm than good.

Of course, containing Covid-19 is not the real objective for Leftists: the disease is just Trojan Horse being used to impose authoritarianism, to facilitate their facilitate vision of the world — through deception, fear and force.

The Babylon Bee is correct to satirize this insanity, as follows: “Schoolboy Who Hasn’t Seen A Human Face In Weeks Just Glad Celebrities Had A Good Time Last Night”

They satirize the fact that children are forced to wear a mask all day while celebrities and Democrat politicians are allowed to hypocritically go unmasked. This is because masks are not so much about disease prevention as a new class symbols, to demarcate the lower from higher class people.

This new social hierarchicalism being imposed by Leftists flies in the face of the egalitarianism that the Western world was founded on, as reflected in the opening words of the U.S. Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal.”

In contrast, the “diversity and equity” perspective advanced by Leftists is not egalitarian insofar as it promotes anti-white racism and misandry (but that is another article).

In conclusion, Leftism is a sacrificial and violent functional religion, one that demands total allegiance of its adherents:

“While leftism may not require personal responsibility, generosity or morality, it does demand everything of its devotees. It aims to conform the mind, the heart and the soul fully to its agenda. There is no room in leftism for disagreement on abortion, gender, sexuality, immigration, race or economics. All reasoning must be guided by intersectionality. All thoughts must be centered on some vague notion of social justice. There is no tolerance for defection.”

Tragically, the most vulnerable members of our society are sacrificial pawns in this agenda, in numerous ways, as noted above. Leftism is a wholly evil worldview — but has become the world’s most successful religion. Its reach is tremendous. It has control of the education system, child services, and nearly every institution.

To be fair, many Leftists are also good people, which is to say that their intentions are good even if their ideology is flawed. But that innate goodness in them does not come from the ideology of progressivism. It comes from within their souls, where it existed a priori. It is what Kant (and later C.S. Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr.) would call “the moral law within” — which from a Judeo-Christian perspective is God-given and from an Enlightenment perspective issues from what Kant called “pure practical reason a priori.

In this view, we are beings with free will who can choose obedience to God or disobedience, called sin (or between reason and unreason). Thus any good that Leftists is a result of God (who is love: 1 Jn 4:8) operating through us, not the idolatrous ideology of Leftism.

The best thing is for parents to put their children into home-schools and to teach them Christian values, called faith-based homeschooling: “Train up a child in the way he [or she] should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). Given the dangers of ideological indoctrination, illegal drugs, and masking now prevalent in public schools, more and more parents are opting to teach children at home.

German home-schooling family loses U.S. asylum bid
Homeschooling is popular among traditional Christian families, and the number of families opting for this has increased during the lockdowns.


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