The Assault On Our Charter Rights and Freedoms Must Be Stopped 

A message from Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland (1979-1989), quoting and affirming the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, and speaking out against the climate of fear that’s now harming Canada. An interview with him can be seen here:


Socrates stood before his accusers.

They were afraid of his ideas and common sense.

They could not defend their positions rationally.

Socrates knew he was doomed .

He drank the poison .

We are in a different time and a different place .

But fear has once again gripped the populace.

This time we will not drink the poison—we will not succumb to the tribal panic.

People are calling and writing me that their jobs are threatened , that boys will be prevented from playing hockey with their friends, that nurses employment  is to be terminated, with an already strained health work force.

Get that: young boys will be prevented from playing hockey with their friends!

A collective panic attack pervades the people driven by the irrational behaviour of theauthorities, selectively providing information, deliberately suppressing other alternative views.

Families are being split up.

Friendships destroyed .

Communities in tatters.

And we re…

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