Businesses Sue New York City, Mayor de Blasio Over COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

I wish this would happen in Canada and whereever these onerous and discriminatory “passports” are being imposed (they remind me a lot of Communist China’s social credit system).

Good that the restaurants of NYC said enough is enough and stood up for themselves and their customers – after being closed for so long unecessarily by the crminals deBlasio and Cuomo (who I understand is banned for life from the restaurants for his part in destroying them).

Lockdowns, masks, and vaccine passports are nothing but Communism when it comes down to it. They are an affront to human dignity. These dictators should be put on trial for their cimes! – Think for Yourself


A group of restaurants and other small businesses sued New York City and MayorBill de Blasioon Tuesday forrequiring customers show proof of COVID-19 vaccinationto enter many indoor establishments.

De Blasio’s mandate is “arbitrary, irrational, unscientific, and unlawful,” the business owners said inthe 18-page suit, which was filed in New York State Supreme Court.

Plaintiffs noted that the mandate contains no exceptions for people who cannot get a vaccine or those who had COVID-19 and have recovered, as studies have shown they enjoy some protection against re-infection.

It also does not allow customers to choose instead to wear a mask or provide a negative COVID-19 test.

“It is against certain religious beliefs to inject a relatively unknown foreign substance into ones body. By mandating such a thing, the Mayor is essentially violating people freedom of religion,” plaintiffs argued.

“Also, by mandating all employees of certain…

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