New bill in Ontario to stop employers from firing people on the basis of freedom of medical choice (which is a form of discrimination); needs support to pass

On October 5, 2021, Roman Baber (an Independent Member of Provincial of Parliament) will introduce and move his Jobs & Jabs Bill, for passing by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. If passed, the bill will prevent employers from firing or penalizing employees because of their vaccination status or for refusing to disclose their vaccination status.

To those who stand against medical tyranny and for freedom of medical choice: We need to put enormous pressure on the Doug Ford (provincial Government to pass Roman’s or a similar Bill to protect hundreds of thousands of working Ontarians from losing their jobs because of their personal choice.

Help Roman to grow our numbers and apply pressure on Doug Ford by filling out the Petition: “Choice Shouldn’t lead to unemployment: Pass the Jobs & Jabs Act, 2021, and share it with your network asap.

TORONTO — CTV NEWS. An Ontario MPP wants the provincial government to prevent employers from firing or sidelining workers who refuse to get vaccinated and is calling on Premier Doug Ford to recall the legislature to deal with the issue.

Roman Baber, a former Progressive Conservative MPP, said “countless Ontarians will lose their jobs” in the coming months as employers implement vaccination-or-testing requirements and the province implements a vaccine certificate policy. 

Baber, who is fully vaccinated, insists receiving the COVID-19 vaccine should remain a choice and is planning to introduce a private members’ bill in the Ontario legislature to prohibit an employers from terminating or suspending an employee because of their vaccination status. 

“Employers should be encouraged to accommodate employees or use rapid tests when no accommodation is possible. But under no circumstances, should any Ontarian lose their job because of a personal health choice,” Baber said. 

Currently 79 per cent of Ontario’s adult population has been fully vaccinated, while 1.8 million adults have yet to receive a single dose of the vaccine. 

“The vast majority of them are members of the labour force,” Baber said. “This is about respecting an employees right to make a different choice.”

Baber’s bill – called the Jobs and Jabs act – would have been introduced at Queen’s Park this week but will have to wait until Oct. 4 because the Ford government prorogued parliament in a bid to avoid controversy during the federal election campaign. 

Baber said he sent a draft copy of the legislation to all four political parties for their consideration. 

Stop the Ford Government's Attack on Public Healthcare
Premier Doug Ford, who has locked down Ontario and imposed
medical tyranny and a vaccine passport and mandates there

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