The many benefits of COVID19 vaccination—even without a virus


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With all the attention I’ve been giving to the risks of the covid shots, I wanted to devote some time to their many benefits:

Benefits of COVID19 vaccination

  1. Eliminates shaming and ridicule from family, friends and strangers for refusing the shots.
  2. Appear well-informed & socially responsible, even if you’re not.
  3. Participate in important scientific research with the potential to change humanity.
  4. Improves freedom of movement outside your home (as long as you carry your papers).
  5. Comes with lollipops & stickers for the kids; for adults, free donuts, burgers, lottery tickets & more!

As for the health benefits of the covid shots…do they protect from a dangerous virus called SARS-CoV-2? Prevent a disease called COVID19? Do they ‘stop the spread’? Naturally, the vaccine industry has made many claims about the wonders of the covid shots—but here, we’re only interested in health benefits established by good science and sound logic:

Health benefits…

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