New South Wales threatens jail time for those without a vaccine passport trying to enter businesses

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Australia’s often draconian measures in response to the epidemic continue to intensify, with reports now saying that one of its states, New South Wales (NSW) is threatening to jail unvaccinated people who try to enter business premises without a COVID vaccination pass.

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All this comes as the state is rolling out vaccination passports amid fears that preventing people from entering certain premises might lead to altercations and confrontations. This has already been happening when people were forced to wear masks or show QR codes, and is only expected to get worse when NSW starts forcing citizens to show a passport to enter restaurants or the hairdresser’s.

The National Retail Association data shows increased violence towards staff in Victoria and NSW in 2021, and the organization’s chief executive Dominique Lamb is worried that vaccine passes will make things worse.

“We know customer violence escalates every time a new public health protocol is put in place,” Lamb said, according to reports.

In what appears to have been an attempt to intimidate anyone who might try to enter a store or a restaurant without a vaccination pass, NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello is quoted as telling ABC, “If people want to do the wrong thing, if they get found out it could be jail time there.”

Dominello’s spokesperson then sent a statement to the media trying to do some damage control, saying the comment had been taken out of context and only applied to those who forge vaccination certificates.

The spokesperson added that businesses and their customers share responsibility in complying with vaccine certificates rules. But on Monday, Dominello went on another show to once again say that business owners should report people who refuse to show the pass to the police.

He backed this up by saying that the state’s premier has repeatedly said that the primary responsibility is on the individual – something that seemingly contradicts his spokesman’s insistence that there is a “shared responsibility.”

Dominello cited previous instances when refusal to show QR codes at the door resulting in trouble between customers and staff meant that the police would get involved to “enforce public health orders” – though it is unclear if anyone has been sent to jail in any of those cases.

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Australia Under Attack! - Vaccine Justice

Australia’s Astonishing Tyranny Keeps Growing

Sept. 29, Simon Black

Simon Black, as James Hickman is more commonly known, is the Founder of Sovereign Man. He is an international investor, entrepreneur, and a free man. His daily e-letter, Notes from the Field, draws on his life, business and travel experiences to help readers gain more freedom, more opportunity, and more prosperity.

In the early summer of 1798, an Irish stone mason named Philip Cunningham reached his breaking point.

Cunningham was sick and tired of English rule in Ireland. And along with 50,000 of his fellow Irishmen, Cunningham picked up a weapon and started in uprising against Great Britain.

Their rebellion was a complete disaster; the rebels hoped that the British army was too weak to resist after their defeat in the American Revolution.

But within a few short months the British had regained tight control of Ireland.

Naturally their first order of business was to round up all the remaining rebels— and Cunningham was among them.

His punishment was being shipped off to a British penal colony in the south Pacific, in a place that was generally known at the time as “New Holland”.

Today we call it Australia.

Cunningham wasn’t one to accept his fate easily. Even while en route to Australia, he and other prisoners briefly managed to take over the ship… though British marines eventually regained control and gave Cunningham 100 lashes.

But Cunningham still wasn’t finished. A few years later in March of 1804, he led about 300 Australian prisoners in yet another rebellion against their British jailers.

That rebellion was so severe that the British governor was forced to declare martial law— the first, but certainly not the last time in Australia’s history this would happen.

It’s ironic that, each year, ‘Australia Day’ is celebrated on January 26, which commemorates the day that the British Navy first sailed into Sydney Cove, hoisted their flag, and declared the land their penal colony.

So Australia Day does not celebrate the birth of a nation so much as the ribbon-cutting of a giant prison.

Clearly in 2021, Australia has simply been returning to its roots as the world’s largest prison.

You know the story by now— “two weeks to control the spread” of COVID-19 became “indefinite dictatorship and total suspension of basic human rights.”

Over the course of the last 18 months, Australia’s state and federal governments have:

  • Banned citizens from leaving the country without permission.
  • Banned citizens from entering the country, with threat of five years in prison.
  • Banned citizens and residents from crossing state borders.
  • Banned citizens and residents from traveling further than 5k from home without permission.

Ironically, an Australian government website lays out citizens’ “right to freedom of movement” and says that this very basic human right “cannot be made dependent on establishing a purpose or reason for leaving.”

But Australia doesn’t have to follow its own rules, nor care about the human rights of all the little people, because it’s an emergency.

In the name of COVID Australian police and government officials have also:

It is also now illegal to plan, publicize, or participate in protests.

The right to peaceably assemble and hold public protests against unjust government actions is enshrined in the Western legal tradition. But for organizing protests against the Australian government’s tyranny, Anthony Khallouf has been sentenced to several months in prison.

His “crimes” include not complying with COVID decrees, and “encouraging the commission of crimes”— that is, sharing information about the time and location of protests.

He is a political prisoner, like many of his forebears.

But at least Philip Cunningham was imprisoned because he engaged in actual violence.

Khallouf, on the other hand, was found guilty of… illegally crossing Australian state borders.

That hasn’t stopped the protests, however.

Thousands of Australian construction workers, for example, protested because they refuse to be coerced into vaccination against their will.

They actually were peaceful protestors. For real. They literally sang the national anthem.

Yet police pepper sprayed them and fired rubber bullets into the crowd of thousands (which included children).

Perhaps even more diabolical is that the government restricted the media from showing footage of the event as it was happening, and restricted airspace to prevent media helicopters from filming.

That didn’t stop people on the ground from recording it with their phones.

In one exchange, a protestor filmed a police officer agreeing, “I’m just as over this fucking [lockdown] as you are,” but, “we get paid to do this [fire on peaceful protestors] mate…”

I’m just doing my job. I’m just following orders.

Other police were caught on video going door-to-door to ask residents if they planned to attend, or knew of any planned protests.

They asked one homeowner if he is on any social media platforms, but declined to tell him why they targeted that particular address.

What’s really crazy is that this authoritarianism goes beyond COVID hysteria.

Australia’s parliament has passed a new bill eradicating Australians’ right to digital privacy.

It’s called “Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2021.”

It gives the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) sweeping new powers to not just surveil Australian citizens online, but also take over and run their online accounts, lock the actual user out of the account, and add or delete data.

The police never have to notify a person that their account has been hacked by the government.

What they are calling “warrants” actually do not always require an actual court or judge to sign off.

An “emergency authorisation,” allows police to bypass the courts entirely. And why should anyone be concerned about that? It’s not like the Australian government has ever abused its emergency powers before…

The right to travel, the right to protest, the right to privacy, the right to due process, the right to leave your home and earn a living— these are basic human rights that are now gone in Australia.

It should be obvious by now to every citizen of any Western nation that never-ending “emergency powers” can easily snowball into a full-blown dictatorship.

There is no reason it couldn’t happen to other formerly free nations as well.

And that means, more than ever before, it’s time to think about a Plan B.

Police State? By MarkusSzy | Politics Cartoon | TOONPOOL

Australia Under Attack!

Our rights are under total assault!

Under the cover of the COVID19 medical tyranny, the regime in Canberra is moving quickly to radically transform our nation into a totalitarian police state.

Life as Australians knew has now been changed. From the once free country we knew and loved, and that the ANZACs fought and died for, Australia is now basically the Communist/Stazi Police-States that our forefathers fought against!

With the flick of a pen, Australia’s political class have eviscerated our inalienable rights and have begun tagging, tracking, surveilling, snooping us like never before.

Now they want to penetrate our bodies without our consent.

Our rights to freedom, association, speech, to earn a living and to determine what enters our body is now under complete assault!

Your body is your property. Anyone attempting to penetrate your body with their needle without your consent is committing the moral equivalent of rape in the first degree. Today, Australia’s politicians believe your body belongs to them, and if they want to penetrate and squirt dangerous and toxic chemicals inside you without your consent, they will.

In the same way a rapist will not take “No” for an answer, these tyrants will not stop until you pull the political-trigger on them!

This has been planned for many years. Powerful global interests have long documented their desire to transform our world into a totalitarian global Police-State through enviro-facism and medical-tyranny. The end goal is the formation of a One World Government from which nation states will function as mere regional administrative zones in the same way states function within a nation. This once “conspiracy theory” is now emerging in front of our very eyes on a day by day basis, and the political class in Australia appear to be fully on board.

This treasonous situation will not change until YOU do something about it!

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