Will Canada’s “voluntary isolation camps” be as “voluntary” as the masks, lockdowns, and injections have been?

“This secret COVID-19 camp in Manitoba does not look like a fun spot to quarantine.

Keean Bexte reports from outside a COVID-19 camp near Portage la Prarie [Nov 4, 202] Manitoba, one of the sites that according to Justin Trudeau and the CBC is a story not worth covering.”

These camps already exist (as of Nov. 2020) and more are being built, despite government denials.

Some political pundits have called for Chinese-style re-education camps for the unvaccinated and political dissidents (i.e., conservatives).

The fear is that this will happen in Canada under the cover of the so-called ‘isolation camps.’

Canada seems to be implementing CCP methods incrementally, though many Canadians are still in denial.

The media and government have denied the existence of these places.


In 2020, the so-called “fact-checkers” claimed that many of the reports regarding Covid-19 were just “conspiracy theories” until they were actually confirmed to be true (e.g., the Wuhan lab origin story) in 2021.

Now the so-called fact-checker’s claim that Covid isolation camps won’t happen, in 2020, just got debunked. Canada is in fact constructing isolation camps.

Dr. Mark Trozzi asks, if they will be as voluntary as the masks, lockdowns, nose swabs, and injections have been?”

In October of 2020, Member of Parliament Randy Hillier raised concerns regarding proposed Covid isolation camps to be built in Canada. A few good news sites reported the story, but Trudeau and the Minister of Health denied it, calling it “fake news” and “misinformation” on CBC, even though (as the Rebel News video shows, they already existed then). And now more are being built and staffed.

The Office of the Minister of Health wrote that distributors of “emails and social media posts about ‘isolation camps’” are manipulating “fears over a public health issue” and that “disinformation like this is intended to deceive Canadians and cause fear and confusion.” Another so-called “fact-checker”, Disininfowatch, told us in 2020 Hillier was wrong. But they were wrong, as it turns out, and Hillier right.

Roughly a year later, Canada has a website on which it announce “Voluntary” Isolation Camps being built in Ontario and B.C. and Quebec. This was predicted about a year ago by an independent reporter, and now appears to be coming true. This brings discredit to Trudeau, Health Canada, and the CBC (Trudeau’s propaganda service). Their denials were the real “misinformation.”

Rebel News report on empty Manitoba Covid camp

Apparently such places already exist but are currently empty. More are to be built. There are too many unvaccinated (about 1 in 5 Canadians) to house all of them in these facilities. Perhaps the camps will be used for political dissidents, to separate them from society?

Perhaps the judges will assign certain unvaccinated individuals to these isolation camps as punishments and the media will report them, as they did with fines for not wearing masks during lockdowns?

The point of the fines and misuse of police in this way is to scare the population into compliance with the fines and police brutality via the media. The thought of being assigned to such a place certainly would scare larges numbers of people.

The concern is that if the government is running such places, how long before their use is not voluntary, but mandatory? Their very existence should be of concern. It sounds a great deal like the Chinese re-education camps.

What if a judge orders people to these places and they turn into prisons? That would set a bad precedent. Canada, like Siberia, is a perfect place for re-education sites in the sense that it has vast stretches of wilderness, effectively isolating anyone at them. Escape is all but impossible in winter months.

modern Russian prison, Siberia

This video blogger provides some more details and insights into the isolation camps, confirming that Canada is going down an increasingly authoritarian road.

She reports – based on the government’s own websites – that “the Canadian government ordered 36,000 units of chemical agents [for riot containment] for March of next year [2022]” and have “also put out a request for information regarding service providers for federal quarantine isolation camps. This news comes in the midst of a total lockdown in Quebec, which is rapidly becoming a police state. Ontario is not too far behind, as it re-enters a stage 2 lockdown.”

The government site from which this is taken is now taken down.

Hillier, in Parliamentary session, referred to the fact that this is not only for Covid patients (99% of whom recover anyway), but for anyone whom the government wishes to detain.

Parliamentary session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzWLlfwfD4Y

Why is the government doing this for a disease with a 99% recovery rate, especially given that 69.71%+ of the population have both shots? Compared this to Denmark or the UK, which is lifting restrictions. Trudeau is simply using Covid-19 as an excuse to become authoritarian.

Either it works, in which case there’s not an issue, or it doesn’t , in which case it should never have been imposed on people, especially given its negative side effects. Of course, the state’s rationale doesn’t have to be logically coherent: it’s an exercise in power, so objections like that must be accepted through what Orwell terms doublethink.

A year ago, there was concern over this when Trudeau imposed “quarantine hotels” and for Canadians re-entering the country in 2020, where either 3 day or 2 week mandatory stays at the CCP-owned Radisson hotels were imposed – and people were forced to pay for their own incarceration at these reportedly sub-standard hotels. There is still a 2 week “mandatory self-quarantine” rule in effect for the unvaccinated (even though vaccination provides immunity).

More recently there has been an unwarranted scapegoating of the unvaccinated from PM Trudeau himself, not unlike the scapegoating of the Falun Gong, Uighurs, Christians, Tibetans, and pro-democracy activists in China — used as a pretext to imprison and enslave them in gulags and re-education institutions.

Scapegoating has always bee a favourite tactic of authoritarian regimes. Trudeau, along with Biden has chosen to dismiss genocide in China through cultural relativism.


Some political pundits have recently called for Chinese-style re-education camps, in response to the unvaccinated.


More information from the Government of Canada website on the isolation camps:

  • The Government of Canada is providing up to $5,525,126 in funding to four projects across Ontario to operate nine isolation sites totalling 194 rooms, including: 
    • up to $1,374,788 with five sites totalling 120 rooms for the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board; 
    • up to $1,551,066 with one site totalling 20 rooms for the County of Hastings; 
    • up to $2,275,600 with two sites totalling 40 rooms for the Kenora District Services Board; and 
    • up to $323,672 with one site totalling 14 rooms for the City of Hamilton. 
  • The Government of Canada is providing a total of approximately $100 million in funding to municipalities and health regions to establish safe voluntary isolation sites across the country. This funding is part of Canada’s rapid response to the spread of COVID-19. 
  • To date, the Safe Voluntary Isolation Sites Program has provided $100.6 million to establish sites in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. 
  • Since the first safe voluntary isolation site opened in Toronto in September 2020, approximately 9,432 people have sought access and support through one of the federally-funded sites across the country. 

Trudeau appears to want to turn Canada into a state resembling Communist China, which he openly admires.

What do we know of Chinese re-education camps? They are designed to force inmates to renounce religious faith, as  new report from an escaped Kazakh inmate from a camp in the western Chinese city of Xinjiang testifies. “The ex-inmate reported that prisoners were sent to “school” each day and taught “there is no God” as they learned about the “strength of the Communist Party.”

Similarly, Trudeau is against traditional Christianity, and especially churches that are pro-life, and used the government’s power to coerce them and seemed to excuse it when churches were torched by arsons. The main issue of contention between Trudeau and Christians has been his aggressive pro-abortion stance. The CCP also believes in abortion and has been perpetrating it on citizens for decades — most recently on the Uighurs, by force, to sterilize them.

There are “corroborated claims” of the CCP engaging in “forced labor, organ harvestingsexual assault, and squalid living conditions in nearly 400 camps built over the past few years” in East Turkestan. China is now regularly engaged in criminal organ harvesting.

Trudeau Admires China's Basic Dictatorship - Spencer Fernando
Words actually spoken by Trudeau in public.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Canada might eventually have a similar state-run program to punish political dissidents, insofar as inalienable human rights and bodily autonomy are not honoured by the government (the evidence is lockdowns and vaccine mandates and censorship laws, and violations of freedom of religion).

Inmates in Uighur re-education camps start “the day at 6 a.m. with a Communist anthem blared in cells over loudspeakers.” Experts have called the Communist Party’s sterilization and abortion efforts “demographic genocide.” Similarly, Trudeau is against “old-stock Canadians” (Anglophone Canadians) and wants the to be replaced by immigrants, whom he says are “more Canadian” than people whose ancestry is Canadian. He is opposed to the idea of Canadian nationhood and calls Canada a post-nationalist state.

Inmates in East Turkestan are treated like children and inmates must nod in agreement or face punishment. Their children are taken from them and treated as though they’re orphans, to be raised by the state. Trudeau, in like fashion, regularly speaks down to Canadians in a patronizing tone, as though they’re children, scolding them for alleged racism and to virtue-signal his supposed moral superiority on race and gender issues. He seems to arrogantly regard himself as being in a parental role towards native peoples as well.

Trudeau lies regarding vaccine passports, saying there are
no plans for them, then later promoting them.

CCP-run cells are monitored by electronic surveillance 24 hours a day, preventing inmates from speaking or interacting with each other. China, second only to North Korean, is the most authoritarian surveillance-state on Earth, with more cameras than any other country.

Similarly, Trudeau believes in monitoring Canadian citizens and censoring them, as evidence by his many pieces of censorship and surveillance legislation, including Bill C-36, which threatens to punish people for crimes they haven’t done yet and encourages citizens to inform on one another.

In the future, if Canada continues on this trajectory, it will Chinese-state surveillance systems. Canada is the only nation to accept the 5G networks, which are said to be used by the CCP to monitor people.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7f009431-c37f-4c9e-a550-4fdeca85dc72.jpg

Will Trudeau’s camps be run by the People’s Liberation Army? There are reports that the PLA is already in Canada, allowed by a law passed in 2019 (FIPA), in which Chinese soldiers are to train on Canadian soil.

United Nations in Quebec since Oct. of 2020, leading to comparisons with Australia’s emerging police state.

Chinese troops in B.C. in 2019. There are possibly tens of thousands of Chinese troops on Canadian soil under the FIPA (Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement) law.

PLA troops training on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Below: government RFP for riot control gear, which sounds rather ominous, as though the government is expecting protests in response to its forthcoming plans:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-17.png

Robert Anton Wilson said that “The obedient think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.” The vlogger Whatsherface comments wryly that if you stabbed a Canadian they would apologize for bleeding on your shirt. Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore once lampooned Canadians for this tendency to apologize and concede too much in the film Canadian Bacon.

Canadian naivety and politeness is what makes it vulnerable to authoritarian takeover. Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

In the television show Snowpiercer, there is a scene in which a woman tortured to death by a tyrannical leader to extract information from her. The woman tortured refuses to cooperate and instead turns it back on her accuser, reminding her that it’s wrong to do this and asking how she turned out this way (script below). The tyrant justifies herself by saying she is serving a pre-existing system and must do this to preserve it.

Trudeau is like the tyrant. He is torturing Canadians, and clearly plant to imprison some of them for being political dissidents. In fact that’s already stared with the arrest of some Canadian pastors who defy the government’s violations of freedom of religion. In an sense, in 2020, we all became political prisons, with the stay-at-home orders, and now the vaccine passports.

All this is being done on purpose, to make us submit to his will. Deep down Trudeau also knows right from wrong because the moral law within, as Kant and later C.S. Lewis named it, is universal. He knows it’s wrong to do this us, but he’s doing it anyway in pursuit of power.

And he is justifying himself in the same way, by saying he is working for a system that for the good of all. Stalin and Pol Pot also said that their actions were done for the greater good. All evil done by tyrannical governments, including genocide, torture, and murder, have been justified in the same way.

Melanie (torturer): you can stay in [your son’s] life if you make the right choice.

Josie (tortured): All the things you’ve done, all those things you’re hiding. Wilford’s death, murders, children in drawers. ( Sighs ) You must’ve had your reasons. You must have. But you have to know, deep down somewhere, that none of this is right.

Melanie: … If I’d have created it, I would’ve created a different world, a more just world. But I didn’t. I inherited someone else’s creation. You know, people seem to think that those in power answer to no one. They’re free to do as they choose. It couldn’t be further from the truth. The person in power answers to everyone. I make choices not because I want to but because everyone demands it.

Josie: What made you like this?

Melanie: Nothing I say can ever make you talk, can it?
[proceeds to torture Josie]

Josie: Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it!

Melanie appears to regret her actions but does them anyway because she claims she’s forced to. Does Trudeau believe he is being forced by China to do evil? Kant argued that no one force us if we choose not to obey.

We can retain our internal freedom, even if it costs us our external freedom, or our lives. Jesus said “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?”


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