Update on the the Jobs and Jabs bill from Ontario, to stop vaccine mandates there: it has been hamstrung by the NDP

The NDP is a Marxist party supposedly on the side of the working class but in fact their mortal enemy — as the NDP siding with Big Pharma against workers should prove.

Nonetheless, MMP Roman Baber urges us to ask them to vote for his bill.

This afternoon Ontario’s parliament will be given a choice to save hundreds of thousands of Ontario jobs. At 3pm, I will introduce and move my Jobs and Jabs Bill to third reading. Since I require unanimous consent, any objections from any Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) present, will stop the bill at its tracks.

We learned that the Party that claims to be the “Party for Labour”, the NDP will not support moving the bill forward, leaving potentially hundreds of thousands of Ontario’s families to unable put food on thee table. So today we must apply maximum pressure between now and 3pm to get the NDP to change their mind and not block my bill.

If you are represented by an NDP MPP, please identify them at the list below, email them and call their office today to say that if anyone in the Ontario NDP blocks MPP Baber’s Bill, then much like yourself or your loved one, they will also lose their job when the next election rolls around.

But that’s not all. The play now is to pit the PC Government against the NDP and pressure the Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton, to introduce and pass his own Bill, using government majority to accomplish the same goal as that of the Jobs and Jabs Bill.

We must commit the Ford Government to a position. Either they will sell us all out like the NDP or use their government majority to pass their own bill and save hundreds of thousands of jobs.

If you are represented by a PC Member, I ask every single one of you to email and call, Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton, and ask if he is with the NDP or will be stand up for the hundreds of thousands of people who are about to lose their job. Call him at (519) 245-8696 and email him at monte.mcnaughtonco@pc.ola.org, and ask if he will pass a similar Bill, in the event that MPP Baber’s Bill is held up by the NDP or is he with the NDP?

I will provide updates through the day. Follow me on my social media by liking my Roman Baber MPP Page on Facebook (Roman Baber | Facebook), follow me at Instagram at roman_baber (Roman Baber (@roman_baber) • Instagram photos and videos) or follow me on twitter @roman_baber (Roman Baber (@Roman_Baber) / Twitter).

We all have work to do today and are in this together.

Yours very truly,
Roman Baber

NameRidingEmailPhone #
Jill AndrewToronto—St. Paul’sJAndrew-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-0071
Teresa J. ArmstrongLondon—Fanshawetarmstrong-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-1872
Ian ArthurKingston and the IslandsIArthur-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-0168
Doly BegumScarborough SouthwestDBegum-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-0908
Jessica BellUniversity—Rosedalejbell-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-1620
Gilles BissonTimminsgbisson@ndp.on.ca416-325-7122
Guy BourgouinMushkegowuk—James BayGBourgouin-QP@ndp.on.ca416-326-7351
Jeff BurchNiagara CentreJBurch-CO@ndp.on.ca416-325-3990
Catherine FifeWaterloocfife-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-6913
Jennifer K. FrenchOshawaJFrench-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-0117  
Wayne GatesNiagara Fallswgates-co@ndp.on.ca416-212-6102
France GélinasNickel Beltfgelinas-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-9203
Chris GloverSpadina—Fort YorkCGlover-co@ndp.on.ca416-326-7196
Lisa GretzkyWindsor WestLGretzky-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-0235
Joel HardenOttawa CentreJHarden-co@ndp.on.ca416-326-7648  
Faisal HassanYork South—WestonFHassan-co@ndp.on.ca416-326-6961
Percy HatfieldWindsor—TecumsehPHatfield-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-6773  
Andrea HorwathHamilton Centreahorwath-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-7116  
Bhutila KarpocheParkdale—High ParkBKarpoche-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-3017  
Terence KernaghanLondon North CentreTKernaghan-QP@ndp.on.ca416-326-7568  
Laura Mae LindoKitchener CentreLLindo-QP@ndp.on.ca416-326-7221  
Michael ManthaAlgoma—Manitoulinmmantha-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-1938  
Paul MillerHamilton East—Stoney Creekpmiller-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-0707  
Thunder Bay—AtikokanJMonteith-Farrell-CO@ndp.on.ca416-325-6908
Suze MorrisonToronto CentreSMorrison-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7171 
Taras NatyshakEssextnatyshak-qp@ndp.on.ca  416-325-0714  
Tom RakocevicHumber River—Black CreekTRakocevic-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7585
Peggy SattlerLondon WestPsattler-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-6908
Sandy ShawHamilton West—Ancaster—DundasSShaw-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-6890
Gurratan SinghBrampton EastGSingh-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7178
Sara SinghBrampton CentreSSingh-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7610
Marit StilesDavenportMStiles-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7202
Peter TabunsToronto—Danforthtabunsp-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-3250
Monique TaylorHamilton Mountainmtaylor-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-1796
John VanthofTimiskaming—Cochranejvanthof-co@ndp.on.ca416-325-2000
Jamie WestSudburyJWest-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7144
Kevin YardeBrampton NorthKYarde-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-6727
Rima Berns-McGownBeaches—East YorkRBerns-McGown-CO@ndp.on.ca416-325-2881
Sol MamakwaKiiwetinoongSMamakwa-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7692
Jennifer StevensSt. CatharinesJStevens-CO@ndp.on.ca416-326-7127

A commentary on the NDP by Think for Yourself

So why are the NDP doing this, and why did they support lockdowns, despite the hardship it imposed on the working class?

Huge numbers of working class jobs were annihilated while box stores and big corporations stayed open and got wealthier — but the NDP didn’t care as long as they were paid and had the promise of more political power out of it.

They despise the working class and simply use them to advance their own narrow economic and political self-interest – as all true Communists have ever done. Look at how Communist treated the working classes in the 20th century: they claimed to represent them, but then mass-murdered them.

The NDP come out of the student unions in universities where they’re trained in radical race and gender ideology. They seek jobs in the NDP, upon graduation, as apparatchiks, having learned the basics: how to slander other people for political gain.

They are the living embodiment of Stalin’s’ view of education as “a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” They weaken and undermine the West and capitalism while learning how to exploit it.

They ostensibly seek social democracy, similar to Scandinavia, but in reality there are authoritarians among them who seek something more akin to real Communism, and see what’s happening now as their being opportunity for a “Great Reset.”

But in the end, it’s just means handing the world over to the CCP, who have little regard for social democrats and consider them expendable.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is divided.png

The NDP and Leftists in general are in support of medical tyranny in the West because they think they’ll get more power and money out of it, in the end. They don’t care about the working class and ordinary people hurt by it.

All unions, if they have any integrity at all, should abandon the NDP and ally with true conservatives, who are now the best representatives of the working class interests. Of course, most of the unions (like the student unions) are corrupt.

The NDP also misuse and misrepresent women, gay people, black people, immigrants, and any other minority group they can use and exploit to further their aims.

Most immigrants who come from developing nations like Pakistan don’t trust the NDP. They came to Canada to prosper economically, not get sidetracked with pointless socialist politicking.

The NDP’s niche group are college-educated hipsters, not the working class. They are over-privileged middle-class kids steeped in race and gender ideology (cultural Marxism). They view themselves as morally superior to everyone else.

However some of the children of immigrants, raised in Canada, are drawn to them in college — but eventually grow up and get real careers.

What they don’t know is that the CCP despise them and will eradicate them when the time comes, but in the meantime will use them for political advantage, to destroy the West from within. They’re “useful idiots of the revolution” for the time being.

Bernie's Democratic-Socialism Ripped to Pieces by 3 Cartoons
Canada: Huge Success for Socialist Fightback Students

The CCP called them baizuo and would never allow identity politics in China, as it’s a corrosive force on any society.

The working class in the UK recognise that the NDP’s counterparts there, the Labor party, had betrayed them, so they voted them out of office. Hopefully, the NDP will cease to exist in the future.

They are despicable, a sort of evil, self-righteous cult dedicated to an endless expansion of the welfare state, and their own personal enrichment from it through government jobs. They are parasitic.

This is is a blatant betrayal of the working class for the sake of personal and political gain. During the lockdown, the NDP colluded with Trudeau to bankrupt Canada with reckless spending.

They purport to stand for social justice but in reality they really don’t care. It’s all about power and money for them. This is evidence of that.

And it goes to show how low Doug Ford had sunk that his medical tyranny is being supported by the socialists he once stood against when he had more integrity.

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