Scapegoating reaches a new low: some people will sign a petition to evict the unvaccinated from their homes.

Conservative author and activist Mark Dice does faux petitions every so often, on Venice Beach CA, to find how far Leftists are willing to take their crazy beliefs. This time he was able to illustrate how far some are willing to go with scapegoating the unvaccinated.

What could be next? Millions already risk losing their jobs and in many places not allowed to travel or visit restaurants or gyms. It’s unpleasant to think about, but I have a feeling it will get worse – including expanding the ‘vaccine passport’ to all public places, then stay-at-home orders, then losing bank accounts, heavy fines, mandatory orders. All variations on the Chinese Communist social credit system.

Where does it end? This is what other groups in history must have been asking themselves as tensions rose and state violence against them escalated. The whole thing is quite dehumanizing.

But it doesn’t make me want to get their injection. Quite the opposite. The more they push, the more I do not wish to consent. At this point, the only way they’ll make is by physical force, with goons holding me down. I certainly won’t be conned, bribed, threatened or bullied into it. It makes me wonder why they’re pushing so hard. What’s in that needle that it’s so important that everyone has it? And who is behind all this?

It has nothing do with disease control, I know that much. If it were about that, they would not have censored HCQ and Ivermectin and silenced scientists. They would not have lied so much and tried to gaslight us with propaganda. So why? What evil are they up to?

After 1.5 years of enduring this psyop, it’s frightening to consider. Some think the worst: genocide. I hope not, but we have to consider the possibility. The mood of the public is can be easily manipulated to create fear and mass hysteria, which is the precondition for mass violence — as history illustrates.

At the very least, it’s designed to enrich Big Pharma, enlarge the imperial ambitions of the CCP (which seeks world domination), give globalists power over our lives, and divide society through fear and hatred, exacerbated by propaganda posing as ‘the news.’

That’s all bad enough. But it could be worse to come — if not now, then later, as a new generation learns to hate the unvaccinated and goes much further in response to new diseases deliberately unleashed on us in order to create a totalitarian society. But I sincerely hope not. I hope get past this irrational fear and wake up before it gets worse.

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