Our society is turning into a Kafkaesque parable

An independent reporter (story below) had some trouble dropping off a petition against vaccine passports to the Quebec Premier’s office. She was given the runaround due to absurd Covid restrictions.

Her video report reminds me of Franz Kafka, the German Jewish author, whose writings reflect the alienation and dehumanization many Europeans experienced between the wars.

We are going through something similar now, with the rise of scientism and medical tyranny, giving rise to endless and absurd restrictions, unnecessary bureaucracy, and a web of lies and propaganda shaping our everyday reality.

In Kafka’s The Parable of the Law, the Law is represented as a huge closed door. Guarding it is a doorkeeper:

“To this doorkeeper there comes a man from the country who begs for admittance to the Law. But the doorkeeper says that he cannot admit the man at the moment.” The man spends years trying to gain admittance, but to no avail. The doorkeeper will not let him in. “Now his life is drawing to a close. Before he dies, all that he has experienced during the whole time of his sojourn condenses in his mind into one question, which he has never yet put to the doorkeeper. He beckons the doorkeeper, since he can no longer raise his stiffening body. The doorkeeper has to bend far down to hear him, for the difference in size between them has increased very much to the man’s disadvantage. ‘What do you want to know now?’ asks the doorkeeper, ‘you are insatiable.’ ‘Everyone strives to attain the Law,’ answers the man, ‘how does it come about, then, that in all these years no one has come seeking admittance but me?’ The doorkeeper perceives that the man is at the end of his strength and that his hearing is failing, so he bellows in his ear: ‘No one but you could gain admittance through this door, since this door was intended only for you. I am now going to shut it.”

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DROP OFF: 125,000 signatures saying NO VACCINE PASSPORTS delivered to Quebec premier

It took some extra work because of COVID restrictions, but Alexa Lavoie successfully dropped off the 125,000 signatures on our No Vaccine Passports petition to Quebec Premier Francois Legault’s office.

by Alexandra Lavoie for Rebel News, Oct. 07, 2021

“More than 125,000 of you signed our petition against the vaccination passport, and we continue to amass more names. So, it was Premier Francois Legault’s turn to receive this petition.

“I had to go to the head office of the Coalition Avenir Québec to see if there was a possibility to leave the petition there. Unfortunately, the only thing they offered me was to leave the petition in a box outside of the office.

“So I refused and went to Mr. Legault’s riding office to check if he was present. Finally, a woman there suggested that I go directly to the Parliament of Quebec, since Mr. Legault has been sitting there since the parliamentary reopening. Once there, I found the place to file the petition.

“Suddenly, several police and officers gathered around me to check what I was doing at the scene, and they told me that I was in the wrong place. Finally, they asked me to come out of the room to take my petition and bring it back to the room I was in. I find that once again, there was abuse of authority, since I was already in this room a few minutes before.

In Kafka’s novel The Trial, the protagonist, named “K”, is lost in an endless bureaucratic legal system meant to destroy the individual through endless, pointless procedures.

K is arrested but there’s no charge. He is put on trial but is already deemed guilty before it starts (much like the #MeToo movement and #CancelCulture). He is scapegoated, as Jews were in Europe then and as the unvaccinated are now. He is sentenced to death for a crime which is never identified.

This happened to countless people in Communist regimes in the 20th and 21st centuries. We see the signs of it starting to happen to our society now: anyone who doesn’t go along with the dominant ideology is at risk of being scapegoated. Most choose to remain silent out of fear or confusion.

Covid restrictions give the state the perfect excuse to strip away individual rights and impose a dehumanizing bureaucratic system, one designed to increase the power of those who run it and to disempower everyone else.

Masks, lockdowns, mandatory injections, distancing, closures, fines, arrests, technocratic surveillance — all these things are meant to break us, to destroy the human being through techne (technique).

The critic of technology, Jacques Ellul, wrote:

“Technique has taken over the whole of civilization. Death, procreation, birth all submit to technical efficiency and systemization . . . Technique has penetrated the deepest recesses of the human being. The machine tends not only to create a new human environment, but also to modify man’s very essence. The milieu in which he lives is no longer his. He must adapt himself, as though the world were new, to a universe for which he was not created. He was made to go six kilometers an hour, and he goes a thousand. He was made to eat when he was hungry and to sleep when he was sleepy; instead, he obeys a clock. He was made to have contact with living things, and he lives in a world of stone. He was created with a certain essential unity, and he is fragmented by all the forces of the modern world . . . Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.”

Our industrialized, technological civilization gives us much that is good and desirable, but also much that harms us. And there are degrees of techne imposed on us. In the most extreme examples, such as modern China, the state monitors and controls nearly every moment of person’s life. This is also pictured in Orwell’s 1984.

We’ve been blessed in the West with a good balance of technology, state power, and individual rights — but that appears to be coming to an end because China’s “basic dictatorship” (to use Trudeau’s phrase) seems preferable to them. So they’re working to facilitate the radical transformation of a good society into a despotic one.

The totalitarian governments of the 20th century used fear and propaganda and force to gain absolute power. Now governments use computers and cameras and smartphones for ever-increasing control over our lives. China now has more surveillance of its citizens than any other nation. Under Trudeau, surveillance and censorship of online speech has increased considerably. It’s only going to increase.

The Covid restrictions are demonstrably absurd and unscientific; they’re certainly not for our health and well-being. Far from it: masks, lockdowns, ‘vaccines’ — all make us sick, physically and spiritually. They’re designed to. It’s a death sentence.

I like the way that this reporter documents her journey to deliver the petition, comparing the experience to being in a prison. Rather than just have a friendly person from the Premier’s office assist her and take the package, she is looked upon like a terror suspect, with officers and intercoms and barricades.

When those in power are on the wrong, they often treat with contempt those who would reveal their wrongness. They fear them. This is why Rebel News reporters are often harassed and even arrested. Our governments are becoming more like North Korea all the time.

In Kafka’s story The Penal Colony, the accused is always assumed guilty. The law the man is alleged to have broken is inscribed on his body from a collection of needles, repeatedly, while he slowly dies from the wounds.

Today, we are increasingly subject to a system whereby we must take an injection every six months. The number of Covid cases is inflated by faulty PCR tests.

The Penal Colony, though written, in 1918, is a good metaphor for this lifetime of pointless tests and injections. We are being subjected to an absurd punishment like the prisoner in the story.

The only way to keep the alleged Covid “cases” going is to force people to be tested. Enough false positives will be generated to keep the system of endless injections going. Anyone who isn’t up to date with shots is considered unvaxxed, as is anyone within a period of x days after the first or second shot. This ruse can only continue so long before it becomes clear that “variants” are actually vaccine-induced illness.

They’ve already chanced the definition of ‘vaccine.’ Perhaps they’ll change the definition of unvaccinated to anyone without injections 4x per year? It would generate more profits and confer greater control over the population. And it would generate more new variants, enough to keep the system going.

In The Metamorphosis, the protagonist Gregor turns into a large beetle. His family shuns him and are relieved when he dies. He is a pariah, an outcast.

This story is applicable to our situation insofar as the scapegoating of the unvaccinated and division of society into vaxxed and unvaxxed — which takes advantage of our primitive tribalism — is reflected in the way even his own family looks upon him as alien and diseased, as vermin.

Under Hitler’s reign, Jews were looked upon this way; they were dehumanized. Recently, some online pundits have begun to refer to the unvaccinated that way too.

Dehumanizing tweets

Today, millions of people who choose freedom of medical choice and are wary of a drug that causes severe adverse reactions in some patients are also looked upon as diseased and to be excluded from public places.

A Communist-style social credit system is imposed on them. They are told they should die – just as Gregor’s family wish him to be gone.

More thoughts from Kafka, which sheds light on our current situation:

“It is not necessary to accept everything as true, one must only accept it as necessary.”

In this post-truth world, in which the media are propaganda machines, this is true of the restrictions. We are supposed to regard them as necessary, whether or not they make any sense.

For example, in a restaurant or gym, one must wear a mask to enter, but then can take it off to eat or exercise, but when not doing so, must put it back on. But what’s the point? It’s more theatre than anything, to fulfil requirements that make no sense.

Or perhaps the point is actually just to control us. So they do serve a function after all — just not a good one.

“But I’m not guilty,” said K. “there’s been a mistake. How is it even possible for someone to be guilty? We’re all human beings here, one like the other.” “That is true” said the prison chaplain, “but that is how the guilty speak.”

“Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”

It a totalitarian society, anonymous accusation leads to arrests and trials. Under Trudeau’s Bill C-36, if it passes, any Canadian can anonymously report another person for thoughtcrimes.

Though one way to response to snitch hotlines is to troll them, as was done with NYC’s Covid reporting number. It was flooded with obscene photos.

“Judgement does not come suddenly; the proceedings gradually merge into the judgement.”

Similarly. in our situation, the guilt of the unvaccinated does not need actual proof. It’s more of a process, a proceeding which has the function of dividing the population. It’s assumed they’re guilty.

The judgement is not obtained through evidence or an impartial law, but by means of a tedious procedure in which the accused is worn down – much in the same way that our society is being worn down through an endless psyop.

As in the Parable of the Law, we’re being made to suffer through an interminable process designed to wear us down and make us conform. There’s no end to it except when we die . . . unless we collectively acknowledge the truth of what’s happening and work together to resist this coup d’etat, this medical tyranny, and take back our society.

We will never again have as good a society as this one, however imperfect it may be. Freedom is worth defending.

Needless to say, the latter is happening: we’re being cheated out of a free society by false and designing men.

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