Vaccine resources


Links to vaccine videos, slides, and documents are below.

Take action

  1. Death or disabled? Registerhereto get compensation. Consider joininghere.
  2. Against mandates? Registerhere.
  3. Resisting mandates?Read this article for how to resist.

Key points

  1. All three current vaccineskill more people than they savefor all age ranges.
  2. Based upon our research, it appears that vaccines have killedover 150,000 Americansso far.
  3. TrialSiteNews haspublicly asked if anyone qualified is willing to defend the CDC and FDA’s position(since those agencies won’t). Crickets.
  4. Nobody prominent will meet with ourteamto discuss any of the issues raised here. They ignore us or censor us.
  5. If you have to get vaccinated, seeHow to treat COVIDfor tips on what vaccine to get, pre- and post-medications to avoid side effects. If you’ve already been vaccinated, it will also explain how to treat vaccine side-effects.

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