Epidemiologist exposes how COVID measures are harming children

Report from Tamara Ugolini, Rebel News, Oct. 14, 2021

INTERVIEW: Epidemiology expert Dr. Paul Alexander on COVID shots

for kids

[NB – see my detailed report on this same topic here]

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been subjected to ever-changing and nonsensical health advice from public health bureaucrats and second-rate TV doctors. 

So to help break through the confusion caused by their “expert” advice, I spoke with Dr. Paul Elias Alexander. 

Dr. Alexander is an expert epidemiologist and research methodologist with a lengthy resume. He has worked with Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and even the World Health Organization. 

He also served as a senior advisor on the COVID pandemic for the Trump administration.  

During our interview, he discussed how the government COVID response has continued to cause Canadians catastrophic harm due to a myopic focus on lockdowns, restrictions, and experimental injections to “end the pandemic.” 

In our interview, Dr. Alexander gave several common-sense recommendations that could help us backpedal out of this mess while protecting our most vulnerable population — the elderly.  

Click here to watch what he had to say. 

Or directly here, through Rumble [Youtube has censored Rebel News, predictably]

Dr. Alexander notes that we should consider children already immune to COVID-19 since it presents a near-zero statistical risk to this demographic.  

But despite this information being readily available, our public health agencies are now targeting five to 11-year-olds to be next in line in this game of medical Russian roulette!  

Do these policies make any sense?  


INTERVIEW: Epidemiology expert Dr. Paul Alexander on COVID shots for kids


Dr. Paul Alexander advocates for a complete change over of pandemic responders; to fire those who have failed us, stop shifting the blame to the public who have done their part, and elect qualified experts.

by Tamara Ugolini, Oct. 11, 2021

In this interview, I bring you a highly qualified, well-versed expert in the field of epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and research methodology,.Dr. Paul Elias Alexander.

Dr. Alexander has a lengthy resume. Some of his previous employers include Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, where he worked for 12 years as an epidemiologist.

Some of Dr. Alexander’s other credentials: include spending a few years at the Infectious Diseases Society of America; working with the World Health Organization as Europe’s regional specialist/epidemiologist in Denmark; serving as COVID Pandemic evidence-synthesis consultant advisor to WHO-PAHO Washington, D.C.

That experience helped land him the role of senior advisor to COVID Pandemic policy in Health and Human Services for the Trump administration.

He is considered one of the top global research methodologists because of his training under Dr. Gordon Guyatt, to name one of many, and for his work establishing the GRADE approach — that is, the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation — developed to address the shortcomings of grading systems in health care and uphold high standards of evidence-based recommendations and guidelines.

Dr. Alexander and I discuss the COVID-19 injection roll out being pushed heavily for children aged 5-11, the catastrophic harms that government-imposed pandemic responses have caused and touch on one of his recent opinion pieces, Twenty Steps to End the Madness.

He advocates for a complete change over of pandemic responders; to fire those who have failed us, stop shifting the blame to the public who have done their part, and elect qualified experts.

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