So Is This Previous Blog True —Here Is The Validation From Managing Partner Of The Law Firm


Whistleblower: FDA and CDC ignore reports of serious Covid-19 vaccine injuries from highly credentialed pro-vaccine ICU physician 

Dr. Patricia Lee’s bravery and ethical backbone will hopefully inspire other physicians.

Aaron SiriOct 12

Bravery comes in many forms.Sometimes just telling the truth is an incredibly noble and brave act. That is what one fully vaccinated intensive care unit (ICU) physician and surgeon did after she witnessed a litany of heartbreaking serious harms and deaths from Covid-19 vaccines. This highly trained physician, trusted to care for patients for over two decades, including at Georgetown and Harvard University affiliated hospitals, penned a detailed letter to the FDA and the CDC describing these harms.

Risking her career and more, she thought long and hard before finally emailing her letter to FDA and CDC officials. She then held her breath … but, alas, over a week passed with no response – not even…

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