A patriotic veteran died defending her country (at a protest of its coup d’etat via election fraud by corporate Communists) but was denied a military burial by traitors who have now stolen that country

Ashli Babbit in uniform; with her mother
'Just Awful': Ashli Babbitt's Grieving Mother Criticizes ...

Ashli Babbitt’s Mother to Newsmax: Denying Military Burial ‘a Slap in the Face’

by Eric Mack, NewsMax, 16 Oct. 2021


The late Ashli Babbitt so loved America she would die for it, but her mother laments that neither the country, nor her beloved Air Force, is united in loving her back.

Some anti-Trump leftists even spew hatred and vitriol at someone who is a “hero” to many, especially her mother Micki Witthoeft, but she told Newsmax it is the Air Force turning its back on her that is salt in the wound.

“I think the military disrespected her,” Witthoeft told John Tabacco on Saturday night’s “Wise Guys.” “We had some proud patriots who did a flag service for her and play taps, and it was a beautiful service, but to be told by the Air Force that she didn’t qualify for participating in Jan. 6, that was a slap in the face.

“To me, that was just so disrespectful and no reason for it.”

[NB – she is being “de-personed” as the many other protesters were after Jan 6 – see article below]

The unarmed Babbitt, 35, was shot by Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 as she was stepping to climb through a broken window in a door leading to the House floor.

“In my heart, she’s a hero,” Witthoeft told Tabacco. “But I don’t need everyone to see her that way. I just need people to know that she had goodness in her heart and she had patriotic thoughts in her heart and not insurrection.”

Witthoeft rejected the narratives that the protest at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was meant to be anything more than an expression of disapproval in how COVID-19 election changes were abused to tilt the election against former President Donald Trump.

“At this point, I think it should be libelous to push that [insurrection] narrative forward, because nobody’s been charged with insurrection – not one person that was there that day,” Witthoeft reminded.

“Some people are still in jail for 10 months for doing nothing more than carrying a flag,” she added.

In her first television interviews since her daughter’s death, exclusively with Newsmax, Witthoeft remembered a proud U.S. Air Force veteran who loved her country, and loved the U.S. president.

“She was a brave, quintessential American woman, independent, pragmatic – you know, if there was a problem in front of her she was going to solve it,” Witthoeft said, adding she “answered the call for her country several times,” serving four tours of duty overseas in the Middle East.

Witthoeft remembers Ashli’s motto of “hydrate and press on,” but the last call she would answer would ultimately cost Babbitt her last breath.

“She answered President Trump’s call to go and protest the election, and that’s because she felt like that’s where she should be,” Witthoeft said.

“I miss her. This country misses her. She was a true patriot.”

Jan. 6 was a false flag operation orchestrated by the FBI. The FBI eventually admitted it, after all the lying ‘fact-checkers’ said otherwise: “The FBI finally admitted they infiltrated the Jan. 6 rallies with informants.  In fact, one of the first “protesters” inside the US Capitol was an FBI informant.” This is also why police stood down at the time, to let them in.

The point of setting that trap was to scapegoat Trump supporters as “insurrectionists” and potential “domestic terrorists” in the mainstream media.

This is why the MSM reported that endlessly for 6 months until finally the FBI admitted there was no proof of any insurrection. It was a set up, using agent provocateurs. It was America’s Reichstag Fire.

The use of agent provocateurs is commonplace at protests, e.g. Montebello Quebec where the police admitted they used them, and also the G20 in Toronto. It’s become standard procedure.

The Babylon Bee did a parody of the FBI’s involvement:

Re: “Babbitt was shot by Michael Byrd of the U.S. Capitol Police. The Department of Justice exonerated Byrd for his role in Babbitt’s death months after the Capitol riot. An April 14 press release by the department said no charges would be filed against the police officer due to “insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution.” Byrd later defended his actions during an Aug. 26 interview, saying that he was only doing his job. According to the officer, he shot Babbitt because “she was posing a threat to the House of Representatives.” Byrd added: “You’re ultimately hoping that your commands [to get back] will be complied with, and unfortunately, they were not.”

The latest on Jan. 6 is that it’s resulting in political show trials, as they did in the USSR, with unequal treatment under the law. Jan. 6 protestors are being sent to jail for the same actions as others who are let off. See this story:

Way Too Many Officers Have Been Suicided Who Were Directly Associated with the Capitol on Jan. 6. There is no question that the four officers were ‘suicided’ [murdered] because of their knowledge and/or involvement with the Jan. 6 false flag and fake insurrection planned by Deep State, carried out by the CIA, enabled by the Democrats, provoked by several COINTELPRO agents provocateur, covered up by the FBI, and misrepresented by the mainstream media in order to demonize the peaceful patriot movement protestors.

January 6th 2021 – The U.S.A’s 1933 Reichstag Fire

By Karen Siegemund, Citizens Journal, Jan. 13, 2021

Since the afternoon of January 6th, 2021, I, like the hundreds of thousands of people who converged on Washington out of concern for this nation, and like the 74+ million Trump voters around the country, have been stunned, shell-shocked, benumbed, angered at the events that happened on the afternoon of January 6th.

. . . That Ashli Babbitt was shot in cold blood by Capitol Hill police is beyond imagining.  An unarmed woman posing no threat to anybody should not have had force used against her in those circumstances, let alone lethal force. The death of Officer Brian D. Sicknick is also a heartbreak.  We just learned today of the suicide of Officer Howard Liebengood, another of the officers at the Capitol.  And many, many others were injured.  Our prayers go out to them and their families, as they did to those whose lives and livelihoods were destroyed by the riots in our cities all summer.

We have seen the videos of the “assault” on our Capitol, and the video of a window broken, and we are horrified at the violence, the mayhem and the destruction on the afternoon of January 6th, as we were at the arson, assault on civilians, people in cars, bullying of diners, looting of stores, defacing and destruction of statues, violence against civilians in areas of CHAZ/CHOP that all were encouraged by local governments, certainly not rebuked or punished, that went on for months as we boarded up businesses and lived under evening curfews [in Seattle WA].  

But what are not shown by the media are the countless videos of Capitol Hill police opening barriers, waving the amassed group in, posing for photos with various of us in the halls of the Capitol building. This new CNN article (a first for me, to link to them) is remarkable regarding police “involvement” in the incursion.  (Is it a “storming,” an act of “sedition,” if the police literally let you in?)

We are not shown videos of “MAGA” people walking slowly and respectfully between the velvet ropes through the area, or picking up garbage that had been spilled.  We are not shown video where yes, a window is broken, with the crowd shouting “DON’T BREAK THE WINDOW!” We are not shown video of calm people circulating through the building. And we are not asked to consider that many, not being part of the first wave through, felt welcome in entering the building, hardly “storming” or invading or rioting or being part of an insurrection or, for heaven’s sake, a “coup.”  Preposterous to contemplate.  

We only now are being told what those of us present were not only aware of but concerned about: an exceedingly light police presence.  That had been the case in the morning at the Ellipse event, and was clearly the case at the Capitol.  We are just now learning  that Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund had asked House and Senate security officials for permission to request that the D.C. National Guard be placed on standby in case he needed quick backup, but his request was refused.  “Optics” were what were cited but one has to ask, was that in fact the reason?

The timeline of how the afternoon proceeded is also something only now coming out, and it certainly belies any accusations one might make about how the President’s speech “incited the riot” as the violence had taken place at least 45 minutes before the President’s speech had concluded, and it concluded with the words “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”  Meanwhile, we all remember how numerous Democrats in leadership positions not only didn’t disavow or chastise those burning our cities, but praised and supported them.  In fact, the words BLACK LIVES MATTER, celebrating a racist, Marxist and violent organization (which donates hugely to the Democrats) are painted across our major streets in cities including, most horrifyingly, our nation’s capital.

One question I have had, that has not yet been answered, is, where on Earth were the event organizers and why were they not there at the Capitol?  The March came from the Ellipse and went to the west side of the Capitol, but the stage for the afternoon rally event was on the east side of the building, and it seems that nobody from any of the organizing entities was there on the west side, either directing people to the east side, or making any effort to calm the crowd.  Since much of the crowd had been there, as we know, well before the afternoon’s program began, and before the President had finished his speech, why were there no greeters, organizers, anybody from the Stop the Steal organization or other affiliated groups?  This was either an egregious oversight, or something much worse.  But together with the very light security, the ill-prepared Capitol Police force, the complicity at best of the police, one has to ask, what was really going on here?

Finally this.  However the violence erupted, whoever incited it, either a handful of overzealous Trump supporters, some Antifa agents provocateurs [it turns out it was FBI agent provocateurs] the Capitol Police deciding to let some in then it getting out of hand, whatever actually happened, this was the worst possible thing for us, for election integrity and for the country, and the best possible thing for Democrats, and it came at exactly the worst possible time for us, and the absolute best possible time for the Democrats. What we were hoping would happen was about to happen: the counting and certification of the electoral ballots had just begun and Arizona had just been objected to, with those discussions now underway.  [that was completed 9 months later and provided proof fraud by the Democrats, but the MSM reported otherwise, typically]

What 99% of us wanted, following of the constitutionally-laid out process to debate the legitimacy of the states’ votes, was now, finally happening.  That’s not to say that everyone would have accepted the outcome, but this was a crucial step in the process.  Strategically, for this process to be derailed, hijacked, in this way, was a nightmare of proportions we still can’t wrap our heads around, and for it to have been undertaken by a handful of people from “our side” would have been quite literally about the dumbest thing we could have done, and, in contrast, quite literally about the most cunningly brilliant chess move the Democrats could have done, or anybody wanting to besmirch (at best) Trump supporters.

Reichstag Fire

The events of Wednesday, January 6, 2021, were akin to the 1933 Reichstag Fire, where a fire  at the Reichstag building in Berlin  (set either by Hitler’s henchmen or a lone Communist) was used as a pretext for the consolidation of power and limitless purges of “the enemy,” for the sake of national security and so on and so forth.  I am convinced that the event attendees were set up, one way or another, by agents provocateurs, that between the encouragements of a handful of people and the complicity of the police, with no intervention by event organizers, great numbers of attendees were enticed into the building and thus the narrative of a “seditious coup” was born. [and she turns out to be right about that]

An American Reichstag Fire. It's not as far-fetched as you ...

And from that moment on, all hell has broken loose and we are now “domestic terrorists” in a way that the literal terrorists from the summer never were.  We are thrown off of planes (not out of), being deplatformed, fired, de-banked, de-Olive Gardened, de-personed in exactly the manner of the early days of Hitler’s consolidation of power and the shutting down of all civic life, and the dehumanizing of one sector of the citizenry.  [now all unvaccinated are being de-personed; many Jan. 6 protestors were arrested and held in solitary confinement without charge for months in violation of their basic civil rights – and some are still being held]

What has transpired since Wednesday January 6th has been a travesty, and the language, actions, purges against us have been swift and breathtakingly broad, and all out of proportion of the events, as awful as they were.  

Whoever wanted to damage us could hardly have done better.  Any efforts to ensure election integrity from that moment on were thrown out the window; questioning the results now brings deplatforming at best, demands for firing at worse, and we are going downhill from here.  Free speech feels at the moment like a quaint relic.  And it’s only beginning. When we went to Washington we knew it would be historic. We had no idea just how.

What now?

That said, we are in an extraordinary moment in time.  You know as well as I do the hazards ahead, but we also have been discovering who is pro-freedom, pro-America, pro-Constitution, who is a more political animal, and who simply wants to bow out now that things have gotten uglier and promise to get uglier still.

Know this: this is also a moment of tremendous opportunity for creativity, for new voices, for a rebirth and renewal of those fundamental principals on which this country rests. Each of us can find an avenue in the strengthening of civic life, religious life, political life or cultural life, and play a role in supporting those principles we hold dear.

And many things are under discussion here at AFA for how best to move the cause of freedom forward during this surreal time.  Stay tuned as many interesting things are in the works.

And take heart.  We are entering a new chapter to be sure.  The Old America died around 3PM January 6th but we have a chance to be part of the crafting of this new chapter. 

** SAY HER NAME Ashli Babbitt poster by SABO

Dr. Karen Siegemund is the president of the American Freedom Alliance

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