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[NB – Preamble by Think for Yourself.

Recently, Prof. Julie Ponesse took an ethical stand against the vaccine mandate imposed by her employer, University of Western Ontario. She had to give up her job, as tens of thousands are now doing in the U.S. in response to Biden’s unconstitutional, unethical, and illegal mandate.

Ponesse said she could have tried the exemption route but decided it would be better to just stand a public stand, to teach her students what ethics really means. She was right of course, but not everyone can afford to do that. Many cannot afford to lose their jobs of many years, so trying to get a religious or medical exemption is all they can do. It’s understandable.

For those who need it, here is a guide for both Canadians and Americans (in that order). Apparently, the religious exemption is proving the best route.

There are several religious arguments. I have previously posted this excellent letter from a friend of mine as example.

As for the other reasons to avoid the jab, there are many, but foremost in the mind of many are the several potential adverse effects. It’s also an act of capitulation to the state, which is precisely why it’s being imposed: to increase the state’s power (and pharmaceutical profits) and decrease out power. I believe it’s being done to condition us to accept a CCP-style social credit system. I believe the CCP are well on their way to ruling the entire world – but this great evil can and must be resisted.

It has nothing to do with protecting public health. If it did, they would not have lied, imposed lockdowns, supressed low-cost alternatives that worked, censored scientific debate, violated medical ethics and human rights, and acted like bullies.]

'Trust God to be our healer:' As COVID-19 vaccine mandates ...
This is one of the best religious arguments. See these Bible verses:
Abortion, the human fetal cell industry and vaccines - A ...
Another powerful argument. Fetal cell lines are used in the production of all Covid vaccines. If abortion is wrong, then taking the jab is wrong for using stem cells or fetal line cells. I would also argue that animal testing is morally wrong and I object to any product that utilizes it. There are human alternatives to animal testing.
Covid vaccine religious exemption Archives - Orthodox ...
An important reminder from a survivor of Communism.
We can now all say we are survivors of it, since its’ being imposed on us now (in a modified form).

How to resist COVID jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide

by Kenney Hall, Lifesite News, Sept. 9, 2021

Readers have been asking what they can practically do or who they can turn to for help on this disturbing situation. In response, LifeSite has compiled information and links to organizations and legal resources to help Canadians resist vaccine mandates with a full understanding of their options. 

Note: Please read the resources carefully before acting on any of them.

We have made this document available to download as a PDF here — How to resist COVID jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide

Also, this is intended to be an open document that will be added to should we find or are advised of additional resources.  If you have such information, whether it is for general use, or pertains to a specific profession, trade or group, please contact us here, and we will review and add to the list when confirmed.

Because of COVID vaccination mandates, numerous Canadians have become very concerned about losing freedoms, careers, jobs, education and more. Readers have been asking what they can practically do or who they can turn to for help on this disturbing situation.

In response, LifeSite has compiled information and links to organizations and legal resources to help Canadians resist vaccine mandates with a full understanding of their options.

It should also be noted that the Canadian situation is not the same as the American; we operate under different legal frameworks, thus it is important to utilize resources specific to your locale. Canadian provinces act differently than American states, and the different countries have different levels of application of authority from a federal level.

In some cases, unions are helping employees assert their rights, which is great, and if you have this option, then that is something to consider. In other cases, there is no express legal protection offered by a professional association, therefore a different approach is necessary.

It should provide Canadians with hope, however, that the question of mandated vaccination has come up before in various institutions, and Canadians have happily been validated in their rights. The COVID situation is unprecedented and of a massive scale, however the Law is still the Law. Know your rights and assert them boldly.

We are not advocating for any particular legal position but are instead offering a comprehensive resource of information that should prove to be helpful.

VCC Announces Legal Action - Vaccine Choice Canada

Asserting Constitutional rights

It is the opinion of some constitutional experts that the vaccination mandates being proposed are technically illegal, and therefore cannot be imposed. While an employer may make things difficult, or seek to intimidate, they do not have the power to force you to be vaccinated. If they terminate your employment due to your resistance to a vaccination mandate, it is the opinion of various constitutional lawyers that this would constitute “wrongful dismissal.”

If an employee decides not to disclose their information, they are not in the wrong. If you did not sign a contract that stipulated the necessity to share your personal medical information, then you cannot be punished for it; the employer must honor the contract as much as you. Legal experts have advised the public to not ask for exemptions, but to instead abstain from disclosing their vaccine status.


In addition, LifeSite has received feedback from people who have claimed that asserting their rights in the workplace, in a written form, has been useful. It seems that employers are most concerned with liability, not to mention the difficulty of finding good employees in a time of such uncertainty. Many employers are willing to listen, and to accommodate their employees. They consult the savviest of lawyers, and they understand that any dismissal on the basis of something that was not part of the employment contract puts them in a difficult situation.

There is a breadth of legal precedent surrounding vaccination mandates for employees and students, and you have rights.

Constitutional Rights Centre Inc.

It is the opinion of the CRC, that mandated vaccines in the workplace are illegal, and do not have to be honoured. Lawyer Rocco Galati explains in detail in this video .

In addition, the CRC is working in conjunction with Action4Canada and other plaintiffs in a comprehensive challenge to COVID Measures in British Columbia.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

The JCCF has put together a useful booklet that can be shared with employers to explain the reality of mandatory vaccination stipulations under Canadian law. It is possible that an employer is willing to be educated on the legal reality, if anything, for their own liability.


Action4Canada, which is working with Rocco Galati, has produced an Employee Vaccine Notice of Liability that can be served to your employer if they mandate a vaccine.

The intent of the Liability Notice is to inform employers that they are acting illegally and would thus be held accountable for any financial harm done to a person if he was dismissed from employment for resisting coercion to take a vaccine.

The organization gives the following instructions on how to use the document:

  • Print the Notice of Liability (link in blue above)
  • Fill in the name of the person you are sending it to, owner and/or management (one notice per person), at the top and then fill in your name and your signature at the bottom (you do not need to get your employer to sign it).
  • Keep a photocopy of the Notice for your records
  • Then either personally give the signed copy to your employer/owner/manager in person or you can send it by mail.
  • It is recommended that you video-record the exchange when done in person and use registered mail if sending by post so that you have proof of them having received it.

Liberty Coalition Canada’s resources also provide information on how to assert constitutional rights, along with the aspect of religious belief.

Letter to Employers Requiring Vaccination as a Pre-Condition for Employment

There is a letter that has circulated throughout liberty-minded groups who have fought COVID tyranny. It is based on similar principles to the Liability Notice from Action4Canada, and forces the company mandating a vaccine to take responsibility.

It is the opinion of the authors of the letter that having a detailed correspondence set in legal terms with an employer will help an employee to make a legal case if dismissed wrongfully. Some employers are committed to the vaccine ideology, whereas some are not. This letter may provide the employer with sufficient information for them to decide to exempt you from any vaccine mandates.

Rise Up Durham

Rise Up Durham is an anti-lockdown group from the Oshawa area. They have consistently advocated for the rights of Canadians throughout the pandemic. They have shared a resource that is like the Liability Notice and the Letter to Employers. It is attested that this method is effective, and that by putting forth the following questions, the employee is NOT refusing the mandate, but instead putting the onus on the employer to submit themselves to a level of liability that they cannot.

Send the following via official correspondence, directing it to the administration and HR department:

I write with regard to the matter of covid vaccine mandates and my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead. I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements:

1. Can you please advise me of the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?
2. Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests?
3. Can you please advise of the full list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body?
4. Can you please fully advise of all the adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since its introduction?
5. Can you please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT ‘experimental mRNA gene altering therapy’?
6. Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code?
7. Can you please advise me of the likely risk of fatality, should I be unfortunate to contract Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery?

Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment, but with certain conditions – namely that:
1. You confirm that I will suffer no harm.
2. Following acceptance of this, the offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself, and/or from any interactions by authorized personnel regarding these procedures.
3. In the event that I should have to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result.

I would also advise that my inalienable rights are reserved.

LifeSite received a letter from a supporter that was used in his fight against his employer who sought to suspend the gentleman without pay for refusing to take the experimental jab. The man sought the help of a law-firm, and a paralegal wrote a strongly worded letter to the employer, citing previous legal rulings that made it clear that it was illegal for an employer to act in such a manner. The employer immediately backed off, and the man was reinstated without loss of compensation.

It is not overly costly to seek a written letter from a paralegal, which makes this a doable option for Canadians.

Legal Letter Provided to LifeSite

The letter contains the following lines, which defend the rights of Canadians against employers:

The law of employment in the Province of Ontario does not give an employer the power to suspend an employment contract.

[Name] is willing and able to complete his obligations under the employment contract, and as the employer you are not allowed to suspend that contract, except under very limited and restricted circumstances. The allegations involved in this case absolutely do not rise to the level of necessity contemplated by the Supreme Court of Canada in Cabiakman v. Industrial Alliance Life Insurance Co.

The Ontario Court of Appeal in 2018 applied this rule in Filice v. Complex Services Inc. In this case the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that the administrative suspension without pay of a security employee was constructive dismissal.

In addition, the Employment Standards Act at section 5 obliges an employer to pay their employees in accordance with their employment contract… It is an offence under the act to not pay your employee and the Act makes such an offence punishable by a fine of up to $500,000.

From the feedback that we have received about what is working for employees, it seems that a stern legal position is most effective. I have even received feedback – anecdotally – that a friend simply told the bank he worked for that he would NOT be receiving the vaccine, under any circumstances. The bank gladly made it possible for him to work from home and threatened no legal action.

Religious and conscience objections

Different institutions are more or less rigorous about what constitute grounds for religious exemption. For example, Niagara University requires a simple statement of religious belief, other organizations may operate similarly. Some organizations, however, ask for a signature from a recognized cleric, which is of course more involved and would require direct participation from a willing cleric.

Anecdotally, some of our journalists have heard from people that employers have been less willing to accept religious exemptions. Schools have been generally more willing, with virtually every school with a mandate in place having specific information for religious exemptions.

Religious and conscience exemptions are not the only route you can take, thus we recommend considering what is likely the most effective option for you after you have consulted the breadth of information available.

[NB – This is an interesting document on the subject of conscientious objection for doctors from 2016. At that time, a physician could fall back on a conscientious objection to certain treatments. Not anymore it seems. The unprincipled people in charge that thrown away medical ethics. Attached are additional documents that provide objections or counter-arguments for further study.]

Now they want to give it children ages 5 to 11, even though they have a 99.997% recovery rate
from Covid-19 and are more at risk o adverse vents from the ‘vaccine’ itself!

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Liberty Coalition Canada

Liberty Coalition Canada is an organization that arms Canadians “with timely information, useful tools, and a supportive community, helping return the peace of ordered and protected liberty.”

They have organized the End the Lockdowns Caucus, for politicians, and Professionals Against Lockdowns.

Liberty Coalition also advocates for children #SaveOurYouth, and has produced a letter for church leaders to sign called The Church Must Gather.

They have recently produced an Open Letter to Canadian Universities and Colleges mandating COVID Vaccines.

Finally, they provide information on How to Resist Vaccination Coercion. Their resource provides guidance for Christians to assert their rights under the legal framework of Canada, for both employees and students of educational institutions.

The documents have been written in conjunction with lawyer James Kitchen, who is the Chief Litigator of LCC.

They instruct all who attempt to use their resources to record any instances of discrimination and to send them to

Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan has decided to provide affidavits certifying membership in the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Confraternity is opposed to abortion-tainted vaccines as a deeply religious held belief. The certificates are personalized with the name of each member and bear his signature.

Any member is able to take that certificate along with a personal statement to his/her place of employment.

Since bishops and the Pope voiced their support for the vaccine, it is helpful to have a Catholic prelate give an exemption option for Catholics

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Vaccine rights and information

Vaccine Choice Canadahas long been an advocate for Canadians to make informed decisions about vaccinations. They have also provided resources over the years regarding the legal framework of mandated vaccinations and how to obtain exemptions.

It is happy to note that many Canadians have fought for their rights to be exempt from vaccination mandates long before the current framework, thus the legal precedent is there. It might be useful to provide an employer with information about vaccination exemptions in general, as this should pique an astute legal mind to recognize the dangers in transgressing established legal norms.

They now provide information about your right to resist a mandatory COVID vaccination. The resource includes facts about the vaccine, a position paper about injuries and compensation, and they also recommend the Liability Notice from Action4Canada.

Children’s Health Defence Canada

Children’s Health Defence Canada is the Canadian chapter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s organization that seeks to protect children from undue harm.

Their website provides significant information for College and University students regarding mandated vaccinations, including a list of schools they have submitted legal notices to regarding vaccine mandates. The site also provides pertinent legal information for Canadians to defend themselves with.

CHD Canada also provides a Liability Notice form that can be used for education and professional settings.

Canadian medical organizations: Doctors and Nurses

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance

According to their website The Canadian Covid Care Alliance is an “alliance of independent Canadian doctors, scientists and health care practitioners, committed to providing top-quality and balanced evidence-based information to the Canadian public about COVID-19 so that hospitalizations can be reduced, lives saved, and our country safely restored as quickly as possible.”

It is a movement of hundreds of Canadian medical doctors, scientists and other health care providers. There is also a small group of other professionals, including writers, information technology professionals, and lawyers.

They advocate for alternative treatments, like Ivermectin and provide guidance for people with concerns about how to safely treat COVID.

Information for students in post-secondary, as well as information for parents about the risks of the vaccine for children.

They have also produced a detailed document that can be used to learn and educate about the COVID vaccine mandates.

In addition, there is a detailed but short video that explains the ethical problems with mandatory vaccination. The presenter is Dr. Julie Ponesse, who was recently fired for her stance against mandatory vaccinations for students and faculty.

Many people have bosses and administrations at their place of work who are open to conversations and not unreasonable. It might be useful, if you think it wise, to share the video by Dr. Ponesse with an administration that is willing to listen. This is most likely to be effective in small-medium businesses where negotiations of good-will take place between boss and employee.

Canadian Frontline Nurses

Canadian Frontline Nurses has a mission to advocate for medical freedom, and to unite nurses, educate the public and bring ethics back into healthcare. They have a vision of a restoration of freedoms and rights as Canadian citizens and by reinstating the four ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice within nursing.

Medical mandates for nurses are normally handled within the profession by unions. Nurses in Ontario have won cases before against mandates for flu shots, for example. However, in those cases there was a push from a significant group of nurses and their unions. The situation is different today, as nursing is deeply divided – along with the rest of society – over the current narrative. Therefore, it is imperative that nurses who are against a mandatory jab unite with like-minded fellow travelers.

This will help nurses to know their rights, and which avenues they can take to continue working in their profession as it stands.

[NB – See the protest photos of this group here]

First Responders

Like nurses, First Responders (Police, Firefighters, Paramedics) work in associations who handle issues pertaining to their rights. However, there is discord between administration and staff in some cases, as was seen in Toronto with police services.

We are compiling information about Firefighters who are resisting the mandates, and will provide insight when we publish that information.

In the event that your union is not overly willing to help you, it is helpful to know that there are other unions which are. And, providing information to union leaders is useful when asserting your rights.

Police on Guard for Thee is an organization of retired and active-duty officers that can offer support to police personnel during this time. They are fighting for the rights of officers to uphold constitutional norms, so that officers do not have to participate in tyranny. If your union is unhelpful, they would be a good organization to reach out to.

They also provide a Template of Notice to Employers regarding Mandatory Vaccination. The template lays out your rights as a Canadian in a way that can be presented to the employer, citing requisite laws from Canadian law regarding the rights of the individual. It was composed by a member of the organization, which means a person with experience as a police officer. It is quite a strong letter and well cited.

Canadian Military

It does not seem that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have mandated vaccines without exemptions. For example, the official website of the CAF says: “CAF members may require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to operate in certain high-risk environments or with vulnerable populations.” (emphasis added)

But if the CAF were to make vaccinations mandatory without exception, then there would be no question about whether unvaccinated members were allowed in a high-risk setting. If all were vaccinated, then there would be no such distinction to be drawn in such a setting.

Furthermore, on another CAF page, the following question and response is posted: “What will be the career ramifications for any CAF member who refuses the COVID-19 vaccine? In light of the announcement made Friday, August 13, 2021, the Government of Canada intends to require COVID-19 vaccinations for federal public service employees and Canadian Armed Forces members. As further details unfold, they will be communicated to all Defence Team members.”

So, there is no specific answer about what would happen to a CAF member who refuses the vaccine, and the CAF makes it clear that the federal government “intends to require” vaccines. It is vague, but it seems that there are ways for CAF members to avoid the jab – and it seems that the military administration is aware of this reality.

Health Advocacy Groups

Canada Health Alliance

The Canada Health Alliance is a non-profit collaboration of health professionals from across Canada who envision a world inspired by healthy, informed, strong, and free Canadians.

Their mission is to champion optimal health through education, scientific inquiry, collaboration, and open discourse that honours our dynamic connection to nature and innate wisdom.

They offer a comprehensive resource list of other like-minded organizations who seek to live in the truth regarding COVID and vaccine mandates.

The Library section of their website has an extensive selection of information for people to share with employers who are open to questioning the narrative.

We have made this document available to download as a PDF here — How to resist COVID jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide

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How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide

Here is a comprehensive list of resources, including sample exemption letters, for Americans seeking relief from forced coronavirus injections.COVID-19

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Lifesite News, Sep 10, 2021

(LifeSiteNews) – Americans in many different fields of work are suddenly having to choose between taking an abortion-tainted, poorly tested, and dangerous coronavirus injection or being fired from their jobs. Students are also having their educational opportunities denied without proof of COVID-19 vaccination. As many conservative commentators on Twitter are pointing out, over the course of 18 months, “15 days to slow the spread” turned into “two shots to feed your family.”

President Joe Biden’s September 9 announcement, that all employers with over 100 employees will soon be required to force those employees to receive coronavirus injections or submit to weekly testing, will impact an estimated 80 million Americans. The edict is stricter for federal employees and contractors, and healthcare workers at facilities that receive Medicaid or Medicare: they must submit to the vaccine and there is no testing opt-out option. It does appear that religious and medical exemptions will be accepted by the government.

Most of the below exemption resources can be used by physicians, nurses, students, or employees of any company. Most are not specific to any field. Read this resource carefully and fully to determine the best letter for your situation. Obtaining an exemption is not overly complicated.

Notice to readers: If you are aware of any additional resources that have been missed in this document, please click here and choose “Submit a News Tip” to send your information. This document will be updated as additional information is received and verified. Obviously, nothing in this article is meant to constitute legal advice.


The exception to the above note about the ease with which exemptions can be obtained is the military.

Here is what Children of God for Life says about military vaccine exemptions:

Military personnel in active duty may or may not be allowed an exemption depending on permission granted by the Commanding Officer. (Read the story of one US Coast Guard officer who fought and won.) However, military dependents are allowed religious exemptions. Click here to access the Military Dependent Children Vaccine waiver form.

Military matters are further complicated because active-duty military personnel essentially give up some of their basic rights upon joining the armed forces. The military even has its own legal system through which members can be court-martialed. “The application of military law to members of the military reflects a recognition that such individuals are subject to different duties and expectations than civilian citizens,” Justia explains.

This is the only sample language for requesting a religious accommodation or exemption for members of the military of which LifeSiteNews is aware.

Service members should also carefully read this primer from Children’s Health Defense on religious liberty and vaccine exemptions in the military.


Biden’s mandate that all employers with over 100 workers force their employees to be injected will impact every diocese and likely almost every Catholic university in the U.S. How strictly the vaccine will be forced upon priests and laity employed by Catholic institutions will depend on how far left the diocese or school is. Catholics who can’t get a medical exemption may well need to find another job. Priests are in a particularly difficult situation. Priests can contact LifeSiteNews or attempt to use one of the below resources if they are trying to avoid being jabbed.


Options for avoiding an employer- or university- mandated vaccine are: obtain a medical exemption, obtain a religious exemption, ask for accommodation (like being allowed to work from home if one works for a small company), or sue.


State law matters: Employees will have much recourse if they live in a state like Florida, rather than New York, Oregon, or California. Fourteen Republican governors have said they will push back against Biden’s vaccine edict. Meanwhile, Montana law actually prohibits proof of coronavirus vaccination as a condition of employment. How will that work for huge companies like Amazon or Walmart?

Thomas More Society, a not-for-profit, national public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty, has published guidelines for those seeking exemption to the COVID vaccine mandates.


If you have a contraindication to the coronavirus vaccine or are seeking a medical exemption based on previous infection and thus natural immunity to the coronavirus, the easiest way to file a medical exemption is by getting a trusted doctor to write one for you.

Pregnant women, those with allergies to vaccine ingredients, people who went into anaphylactic shock or had a similar adverse reaction after their first coronavirus vaccine dose are also likely to seek medical exemptions.


Many Christians oppose the taking of vaccines that were tested on or contain body parts of aborted babies (a full chart showing which vaccines in use in the U.S. – and not just those for COVID-19 – were created unethically and which were created ethically can be accessed HERE). Others oppose vaccination for other reasons.

As numerous Catholic bishops have explained, the moral teaching of the Catholic Church holds that “a person may be required to refuse a medical intervention, including a vaccination, if his or her conscience comes to this judgment.”

Recent documents and statements from the Vatican, the Pontifical Academy for Life, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and modern catechetical teachings note that although the Church allows Catholics to take abortion-tainted vaccines or medicines if no other options are available and the intent is to preserve life, vaccination itself must be voluntary.

Catholics opposed to taking the coronavirus vaccine needn’t necessarily submit a Catholic-specific letter but can use a more general Christian letter that does not contradict Catholic teaching. Given the divide amongst U.S. bishops and in the hierarchy in general about the vaccine, this may be wise.

Liberty Council has a sample letter for Christians who do not want to take the coronavirus vaccines for religious reasons.

“In order for an employee or student to prevail under a claim for a religious exemption, whether based on pro-life or other religious beliefs, religious beliefs must be sincerely held, and the requested accommodation must be ‘reasonable,’ and not constitute an undue hardship on the employer or institution,” Liberty Council explains. “The manner in which the employer or institution continued its operations in 2020, prior to the availability of the COVID shots, establishes a baseline of treatment of employees or students that is not an ‘undue hardship.’ It will NEVER be an ‘undue hardship’ for the entity to allow the employee or student to continue doing what was considered ‘safe and effective’ or ‘mitigating’ in the absence of the vaccine.”

The eminent legal group continues, “However, such treatment may become discriminatory, if novel or additional restrictions or requirements are applied to the person who should otherwise be exempt. If the COVID shots work, those people who have received them are protected, and it is not an undue hardship for individuals who have religious objections to not receive such shots.”

Liberty Council also provides a sample “pastor verification letter.” Such a letter “is beneficial to proving the sincerity of the belief, but is not legally required. It is nonetheless very helpful in substantiating a claim that one’s belief is religious in nature, and that it is sincere.”

Liberty Council urges people not to copy the text of their sample letters verbatim but let them serve as a “guide only.”

Liberty Council has a simple process on their website that anyone seeking a religious exemption can follow:

  1. Watch Vaccine Exemption Guide Video with Mat Staver
  2. Fill out our legal help form
  3. Ask employer for a religious exemption – Sample Letters

Liberty Counsel Sample


Liberty Council also has a huge trove of legal and medical information about coronavirus vaccines on this page, which they regularly update.

America’s Frontline Doctors has a list of statements from different faith leaders (Catholic, Jewish, Evangelical/Non-denominational Christian) about the coronavirus vaccines that can be used to support religious exemptions or help formulate a person’s exemption.

Although, as noted above, it is not generally legal for employers to demand verification from a religious leader of a person’s deeply held beliefs, it can be beneficial.

The Catholic bishops of Colorado have a letter template that Catholics can have their pastors sign when seeking a religious exemption from a vaccine mandate.

Another option for Catholics is to join the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima. Members or those wanting to become members can follow the simple process outlined on this page to request a personally signed letter from Bishop Athanasius Schneider. His Excellency will attest to a person’s membership in a Catholic organization, namely the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima, that holds that abortion-tainted vaccines are gravely immoral.

The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima also provides the following religious exemption letter template which can be downloaded and modified.

“It has been reviewed by trusted legal counsel,” the Confraternity says. “However, it is not legal advice and it does not guarantee you will receive an accommodation. You should carefully review this language and confirm that it accurately reflects your individual beliefs and objections.” The Confraternity also notes that the Thomas More Society accepts requests for legal help via this form.

First Liberty has produced a very easy-to-read pamphlet on religious liberty and vaccines that includes sample language for requesting a religious accommodation or exemption. The samples are:

  • A general request for a religious accommodation based on Christianity.
  • A request for an accommodation focused on the teachings of the Catholic Church, which includes an accompanying essay by Father Kevin Flannery, S.J., “Avoiding Illicit Involvement with Evil.”
  • A request for an accommodation focused on the teachings of Islam provided to us by Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali, Associate Professor of Islamic Law at Zaytuna College.
  • military exemption request for religious accommodation form. (LifeSiteNews is not aware of any military-specific sample religious exemption letters other than this one.)

Personhood Alliance also provides a sample religious exemption letter that can be printed and signed.

Richmond, Virginia-based Founding Freedoms Law Center provides via its website sample religious exemption request letters for employees and college students. It also provides a sample Virginia certificate of religious exemption for all childhood vaccinations typically required for school attendance, and exemption letters related to face masks.

Children of God for Life provides a sample Catholic religious exemption here. The group provides more information about religious exemptions to vaccines here.

Advocates for Faith & Freedom has a form through which people can request a religious exemption letter template.

Andrew Torba of Gab has posted a sample religious exemption template for college students that addresses the fact that many students entering college in the U.S. will have received childhood vaccinations that were unethically made or to which they may not necessarily have been able to consent.

Lawyer Robert Barnes has posted at this link a sample religious exemption letter.

The above resources are free. For anywhere from $59 to $175, will provide religious exemption consulting and the option to mail forms to a pastor to be signed. The group also provides a fact sheet about religious exemptions.

For approximately $1,400 (the cost varies based on the situation), the lawyers at the high-powered law firm Siri & Glimstad will provide individualized assistance with preparing, filing, and obtaining medical or religious exemptions. Their intake form is available here. 


The Republican National Committee has already announced it is suing Biden over his employer vaccine mandate.

“Like many Americans, I am pro-vaccine and anti-mandate,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “Many small businesses and workers do not have the money or legal resources to fight Biden’s unconstitutional actions and authoritarian decrees, but when his decree goes into effect, the RNC will sue the administration to protect Americans and their liberties.”

The Daily Wire has also retained legal counsel and will not comply with the mandate.

Liberty Council lists instructions at the bottom of this page for nursing students, students, and employees whose requests for religious exemptions to the vaccine have been denied. Nursing students, students, and employees seeking legal help can follow those instructions to contact Liberty Council about next legal steps.

America’s Frontline Doctors has a form through which you can contact them if you are looking for an attorney in your state to help if your employer is attempting to force you to take the vaccine.

Anyone wishing to make his or her employer aware of possible liabilities of mandating the coronavirus vaccines can give his or her employer this form (provided by America’s Frontline Doctors) and ask that the employer fill it out. (The form is also available here.) He or she can then go to this link and click “vaccine public letter,” edit the parts in red, and deliver it to his or her employer.—

The New Civil Liberties Alliance is representing people who have natural immunity to the coronavirus in their legal battle against Michigan State University’s vaccine mandate. Their website does not advertise that they are taking new clients, but their legal reasoning may be useful to any attorneys with which you are working.

Roger Severino, the former Director of the Office of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has noted that it is against the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to force unvaccinated employees to be tested for the coronavirus. Forcing employees to submit to medical tests is technically against the ADA, but LifeSiteNews is not aware of any lawsuits that address this yet.

The “vax-or-test” schemes that the federal government has mandated for private employers with over 100 workers appear to violate the ADA and could easily be challenged in court.

“Some argue that even if irrational or retaliatory, forced COVID testing does not impose a big enough indignity to sue over,” Severino wrote on July 30, 2021. “Let’s not be naïve. The DOJ memo and yesterday’s announcement are merely dress rehearsals for the ultimate goal of imposing a national vaccine mandate.”

“When asked…about whether he has the power to do such a thing, Biden said it is still an open question,” he warned. “In truth, the answer comes down to one thing — whether or not Biden thinks he can get away with it. Like the proverbial slow-boiling frog, if there is not a strong reaction now, we’ll all be cooked soon.”

As evidenced by yesterday’s vaccine mandate announcement, Biden apparently does indeed think he has the power to impose what essentially amounts to a national vaccine mandate. It’s now up to regular Americans who don’t want the federal government dictating their deeply personal and consequential medical decisions to stand up and fight back in every way possible.


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