Putting the BC Covid Epidemic in Perspective.

My comment: The short answer here is that the threshold has not been met for justifying the suspension of Charter rights, which are meant to reflect and support our inalienable human rights endowed by God through Reason and Natural Law. It never should have been allowed to happen. This was not a true emergency by any stretch of the imagination. It was mass hysteria. But now that Pandora’s box has been opened — i.e., state authoritarianism — it’s going to be very hard to put it back. There are strong political forces who want things to continue on this terrible trajectory until Canada is no longer a free nation, but is just another horrible dictatorship, like so many other sad nations in human history.


R. McCarter , MSC

When is an emergency truly an emergency? 

When is an emergency so severe that we need to suspend our Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
Is the Covid epidemic so life-threatening that we need to suspend free speech, freedom of association, freedom of travel, the right to make our own health decisions and even the right to our own thoughts? 
Are the Covid mandates subject to debate from elected representatives, or are they the capricious whims of unelected health officials?

Recent polls suggest that up to 80% of Canadians approve of vaccine mandates, the coerced injection of experimental vaccines that have dubious efficacy and safety. However large the majority, democracies should not work by plebiscite nor should they follow the decisions of unelected bureaucrats.  That’s why we elect the best and brightest to represent us, knowledgable citizens who weigh the pros and cons, argue and vote to…

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