The Folly of Universal Vaccination 

This article reiterates a point that needs repeating: giving the jab to children is foolish and dangerous. But they’re rolling it out now, despite the fact that children are practically immune to Covid-19 and despite the fact that they’re more at risk of harm from the jab than the drug that supposedly exists to remedy it (but does not). The lessons of the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh, where 230 million people took Ivermectin with good results, seems to be lost on the world, due to our corrupt media and governments.


We have now had ten months of mass vaccination against SARS-CoV-2. Nearly 7 billion doses have been administered worldwide. This unprecedented campaign has not eradicated Corona; it has not even suppressed infections. Instead, case statistics have ballooned almost everywhere. While the vaccinated appear to enjoy some protection against severe outcomes, skyrocketing transmission means most countries have seen little benefit, on balance, from their universal vaccination campaigns. The most pressing question has become, simply: What is going on?

The Public Health England data provide powerful reasons to suspect that the vaccines may be compromising immunity to SARS-2 via Original Antigenic Sin. This is not a crazy internet fantasy, but a well-observed limitation of human immunity. It is the primary reason that respiratory viruses like influenza return again and again. Despite multiple reinfections across the whole population, we are never quite immune to the flu, because its strategy is to exploit the…

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    The goal is to change EVERYONE’S dna


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