New Zealand PM Jacinta Ardern exhibits sadistic glee when she confirms that she’s creating medical apartheid and a two-tiered society

In 2008, Jacinta Ardern was elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, and then became a Labour MP, then later at only age 37 the Prime Minister (the youngest head of state in the world apaprently).

Ardern describes herself as a social democrat and a progressive. She is in favour of gun laws and mass immigration from Muslim nations — both hallmarks of globalist leaders like Trudeau and Merkel.

Now she is a proponent of medical tyranny in New Zealand, which under her rule, has some of the worst restrictions.

For example, this story: “New Zealand promises to HUNT PEOPLE DOWN for not submitting to covid-19 vaccinations” (story by Lance D. Johnson for Medical Tyranny, July 13, 2021)

“Governments around the world are getting ready to hunt people down if they do not submit to the experimental covid-19 vaccinations (and the upcoming booster shots). New Zealand’s Minister for COVID-19 Response, Chris Hipkins, is openly saying it now: The government will “go out and find you” if you “haven’t come forward.” In the interview, he said “everyone will” get the shots, even if the government has to “chase after people.”

[NB – this may be more of a tough-sounding threat than a promise, similar to Biden saying he’d go door to door, since all that has happened in NZ since then is the imposition of mandates and passports, like everywhere else; in other words, the government wants to go door to door and force everyone, but hasn’t got to that stage yet]

The author of the article asks, “Will the unvaccinated be rounded up and put in camps? Patterns from the darkest times of history continue to unravel before our very eyes and they are chilling.” [NB – Trudeau and Biden have both started building isolation camps for this puporse]

And this is a story about Arden’s comments in the video above: New Zealand Prime Minister proudly admits she helped create two classes of people, while holding human rights hostage.

“A journalist with the New Zealand Herald recently confronted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the government’s plan to hold the people’s freedoms hostage by punishing the “unvaccinated” and rewarding the vaccine-compliant. New Zealand has created a two-tiered society under Ardern’s watch – a society where the “unvaccinated” are barred from public life, a society where the vaccine-compliant are granted special privileges.

“That is what it is,” Arden smirked, confirming that non-vaccinated citizens have fewer rights. [NB – in other words, she is openly admitting that vax passports are a form of segregation; is her admission due to an usual degree of honesty in a politician, or just over-confident gloating? It’s hard to say]

New Zealand setting up “traffic-light system” to punish and exclude the unvaccinated

The government of New Zealand is setting up a “traffic-light system” to facilitate their long-awaited “reopening.” As soon as 90 percent of all people are vaccinated in compliance with their regional district health board, the country will begin loosening restrictions on the population.

Once this occurs, the country enters the “red” light stage of the plan. Under this stage of population control, businesses can open up, but are only allowed to serve the “fully vaccinated.” The “unvaccinated,” on the other hand, will not be allowed to enter restaurants, bars, gyms or other “close contact” venues.

Arden said “many of the freedoms others enjoy will be out of reach” for the unvaccinated. “If you want summer […] get vaccinated.” If you don’t, “there will be everyday things you will miss out on,” she explained.

Arden said she is justified in doing this, because the unvaccinated put the vaccinated at risk. [NB – this has never been proven] The author then comments: “If the vaccines worked, then the vaccinated wouldn’t need to worry about anyone’s vaccine status, let alone worry about getting more booster shots.”

“The red-light phase allows for local lockdowns, increased contact tracing and continuous persecution of the unvaccinated. During the orange light phase of the plan, masks mandates will be put in place for flights, public transport, in taxis, retail and all other public venues. The government gets to decide which phase the population must abide by, and the government can alternate between phases as often and as long they wish.

“Prime Minister Arden said the certificates are a form of “confidence” that help vaccinated people feel safe in public places. Arden is practically saying that no one has an immune system capable of making its own antibodies – that naturally-acquired immunity doesn’t exist. Even more nonsensical, she is saying that the vaccine science doesn’t work in the individual unless everyone is injected.”

For more information see this article.

Vox populi: the voice of the people (comments from youtube)

Below are seveal hundred comments from the Youtube channel, edited and illustrated by Think for Yourself. There are recurring themes in them, including:

  • She is creepy, evil, demonic, tyrannyical, a Communist, like Hitler, Nazis, etc.
  • She is nicknamed the Wicked Witch of New Zealand but New Zealanders deserve her because they keep voting for her [though not all of them do]
  • NZ needs a right to bear arms (like the 2nd Amendment in the US constitution), to defend itself against this growing tyranny through revolution because non-violence doesn’t work
  • She learned the ropes from former UK PM Tony Blair
  • She once smoked some illegal drug on video
  • She is an adherent of the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, like other globalist leaders, including Trudeau
  • She is a puppet for some powerful people planning world depopulation
  • She is overly confident and there will be a backlash and trials
  • She will likely go to Hell for what she’s doing
  • She resembles a horse [though I edited out most of those comments as people can’t help what they look like; her decisions are worthy of blame, not her looks]


She’s enjoying it.

After hearing the latest about Fraudci using animals for “gain of function” testing, that should be enough to make everyone doubt the vaccines.

Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on 'cruel ...
Photo of beagles being tortured in experiments funded by Fauci through NIH
exposed by the White Coat Waste Project
  • I have always disliked her. I can see these evil bastards a mile off as in the movie They Live. (Except you don’t need the sunglasses to spot her). Thanks for all your work.
They Live (1988) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM
Scene from the film They Live

I find what she is saying to be hate speech.

There`s a news clip where she openly tells New Zealanders that the only news they need to listen to about Covid has to come from her own Ministry of Truth beforehand.

There is only one response these people understand. Violence is the only language sociopaths understand.

This doesn’t stop until they fear us again. Only one way to make them fear us.

Time to arm ourselfs and maybe start own militias.

A thought-provoking sign at a U.S. military bunker

Perhaps NZ, Australians, British and Canadians need to emulate this attitude?

People like this always think themselves completely noble and innocent, no matter what.

She is so happy about punishing those who are able to think for themselves.

She’s just letting her evil shine. No holds barred now.

Segregation is only acceptable when Left-wing politicians do it. ‘Blackface’ is acceptable if you’re a Left-wing politician [e.g Trudeau, Newsom]. Spreading misinformation is only acceptable if you’re a Left-wing politician. I’m starting to notice a pattern of hypocrisy here.

One of many thousands of example of Lefist hypocrisy during lockdowns: a medical advisor to the Whitehouse told Americans not to travel for thanksgiving but did so herslelf.

Never underestimate the ill intent of the wicked.

These authoritarians are wretched.

Considering natual immunity is stronger than vax based one, everything she’s doing is outright unscientific.

Authoritarians naturally discriminate.

The scariest part is that they’re not even trying to be discreet about it. This is a blatant show of power and no one can do anything about it 😦

The smugness with which she is tearing apart a society is really horrible. I can’t stand her.

The fact that Kiwis are not dragging her out in the street by her heels is evidence they have been completely defeated.

Meanwhile the Belarus President is condemning local governments for over policing and petty fines.

I’m starting to believe in possession again. Evil beyond comprehension controls the highest halls of power.

When she says “They’re a tool for confidence” she is saying they are a tool of control of the unruly plebs that we need to crush under her boots.

She IS the perfect Bond villain. You said it PJW! [Paul Joseph Watson, the vlogger above]

It’s a little bit more than creepy, it’s both sinister and disturbing. She’s giddy with power and unable to disguise it, a very, very dangerous person.

She’s obviously not very happy to want to see others oppressed. Psychopathy, 101.

New Zealand is showing the US what a Hillary Clinton presidency would have looked like.

These lot are literally SPECTRE [a reference to a fictional evil alliance from James Bond]

The arrogance coming from the Southern Hemisphere is absolutely breathtaking

She’s enjoying it. That’s the only drive these psychopaths have: pleasure, at any cost.

Haters gotta hate, and then they take glee in that hate.

They all enjoy it, she’s just more open about it.

We went from “10 days to flatten the curve” to “show me your papers” in a year. I did Nazi that coming.

I’ve heard for decades now how discrimination is wrong. How has this been allowed to happen?

“Do you expect me to talk?”
“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to forfeit all of your human rights!”

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure rhymes!

Let’s split in two society groups and see who’s gonna be around after a year.

Taxes are the root of all evil. Governments should be run on fundraising.

You don´t have to meet any criteria to enjoy human rights other than being human. That´s why they are called rights and not privileges. The same liberals who for years wanted to extend the list of rights and made the same argument now seem to have forgotten about it. When the backlash comes, it will be dreaddful.

And can we talk about the craven, bootlicking nature of the “journalist” who asked the question? “I’m sure you didn’t mean it like this, but . . . ”

I call her Cruella DeVille, if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.

Cruella deVille from 1001 Dalmations

Saying the unvaccinated is causing the vaccinated to die from covid, is like saying not wearing a winter coat is causing others wearing a winter coat to die from hypothermia.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Maori People get exempt since they’re special class of “marginalized people.” Hope enough smart Kiwis kept their Guns.

Klaus Schwab will be proud of his young leader graduate.

She’s like the woman who pretends to be the smartest and most important member of the group because she married the richest man. But is actually nothing more than a prop.

An absolutely odious individual. She is the perfect example of what happens when a ‘Karen’ is voted into high office.

My sister emigrated to NZ about 10 years ago and I am really starting to come to the conclusion I will never see her again.

Although you hold the fortresses; they will not save you, if the people hate you.

She is a monstrous person.

She’s even more creepy than you think.

This is war.

I remember laughing at libertarians for saying that NZ was “the freest country in the world” a few years ago. How’s that opinion holding up now?

“Barely contained sadistic glee” – Perfect description. 😂

Why do I think this woman’s residence would look like the tower of Sauron? [from LOTR]

She’s just proving it’s about PUNISHMENT AND POWER. It has NOTHING to do with health, or they wouldn’t be forcing people to get a drug that DOESN’T KEEP YOU FROM GETTING THE VIRUS.

That smile simply says “I don’t care, just do as you’re told, you are beneath me, you cannot stop me!” We see the same look from similar “leaders” throughout the West.

The people of New Zealand and Australia need the right to bear arms.

She’s another lackey. These politicians are too scared to tell us who they really work for.

That’s the look of a megalomaniac. She/He is completely drunk with power.

This is what happens when power corrupts.

Who’s getting the feeling they’re probably guna be killed by a copper of some sort soon, when the government tries to make you a second class and you don’t accept it?

I think it was Ronald Reagan that said that no where in history did a people who had lost their liberties to tyranny ever taste that liberty again in their lifetimes.

I sincerely hope that the formerly free people of the world do whatever is necessary to get rid of this tyranny, and it’s not through voting them out of power.

They all smirk when they are talking about what’s going on. Don’t trust them.

She clearly has lost her soul, being so utterly corrupted by her use of power.

She is spiritually dead while she lives

If only somebody close to her would just stand up and do the right thing

This is appalling. I’m completely disgusted.

“What happens when you give away your guns” for $300. Alex [Jeapordy reference]

If they’re gonna make us outlaws, then outlaws gotta outlaw Bring it on.

Yellow starred people got nothing on the unvacced [Holocaust reference]

Take note Australia, vote Labor in and this will be the entire country.

Control freaks tend to create alot of enemies…. These control freaks may not have such a good future…. 🙂

This world is temporary: JA’s eternity will not be pleasant. [i.e. she is going to Hell]

“Show me your papers mate” lol

She one of Klaus Schwab’s disciples, just like Treudeax [it’s true that Trudeau openly admitted his desire to bring about a Great Reset, which is Schwab’s term]

This is a global chipping system. [chipping away at our rights?]

I never knew that AOC’s older sister was Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Hitler also had facilities for people not cooperating with the new rules!

I miss the good old days when monsters were hunted with torches and pitchforks.

When they just can’t admit socialized medicine is an abject failure.

She looks like she’s ecstatic over her power trip.

Power to the NZ people that still believe in freedom from tyranny.

This is what happens when people in government thing u don’t have GOD given rights.

Rise up Australia/New Zealand. Save yourselves. Bring these people to justice

I remember when the Left used to (pretend to) care about human rights. Good times. [their concern for human rights was always a pretense, used to acquire power; human rights was co-opted by them]

They really seem to need people to take the jab. They’re getting rather insistent about it. I wonder why?

I’m actually more disgusted with the fact that people in mass allow this crap to happen.

“you probably don’t see it like this but”
“That’s exactly how I see it.”

The level of debt globally is now close to the late 1920s, just saying [reference to the Great Depression and rise of totalitarianism?]

Spot on! We can NOT and will not let this happen in America. LET’S GO BRANDON

Some people are way too happy to take away the joy of living from others.

“Freedom begins with telling Mrs Grundy to go fly a kite” – Robert H Heinlein [fly a kite here is used as a euphamism for defiance in the fact of authority, from Heinlein’s The Notebooks of Lazarus Long]

This is the Stanford Prison Experiment on a country wide scale [a good comparison actually, illustrating that if you give people absolute power, they can become fascists fairly quickly]

Caste social scoring system by healthcare public officials

Hitler is like “damn, I should’ve worked with Fauci and the Chinese”

Just heard two at work go on about being glad they had their 3rd jab before getting Covid, would have been much worse if they didnt have the jab they say.. nobody blames the jabs lol

And a year ago everyone was praising her.

We invade countries for things like this!

Her parents misspelled Jezebel. What a devious, treacherous person. [Jezebel was an ancient enemy of the people of Israel; she married KingAhab of Samaria, the northern kingdom of Israel and corrupted it inasmuch as she was a worshipper of Baal and thus arch-enemy of the Hebrew prophet Elijah]

OK, so in the UK we now are all opted in to organ donation unless you specifically opt out.

If they bring this system in over here the unjabbed should all opt out…2 can play silly buggers if required!

I remember when I thought demons were red tailed horned things…this one has a lovely complexion and looks like a middle age soccer mom. Good times.

There must be freezing rain there, because if you listen carefully you can just about hear the hail hit her. The hail hit her, is strong in that one.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Thomas Jefferson

Unvaccinated will soon be required to wear a yellow star… Don’t worry though, this is a short lived measure as the die-off has already started.

This is how fast the fascists take over and have zero fear of retaliation when the people don’t have the right to self-defense.

Seriously. “war is peace” has arrived. 37 years late – but its finally here. [Orwell reference]

We are living in a strange world.

Well, looks like the Shire has been lost to the forces of wokeness. [LORT reference]

She’s North Korean style.

‘Passive aggressive self righteousness’ is the perfect description of these people.

Rights are Rights, not Privileges. Time for New Zealand to go through Regime Change.

The scariest part is that they don’t even have any qualms about being open about it. That’s not just a poor reflection on her but on the people for taking it lying down.

Villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged, waiting for the right climate in which to flourish. Spreading fear in the name of righteousness.

These barmy sort of tarts could legitimately be considered to be bordering on insanity, by many people. Doesn’t say much for the Kiwis who voted for her, does it.

It’s almost like our ancestors knew what they were doing when they rarely if ever had women in positions of power. [an interesting point, though it is true? It is that simple; there have been far more male than female tyrants]

Probably a Karen, too.

I would hope that she one day receives the justice that a certain Italian tyrant did. [Mussolini]

Our servants think themselves rulers. Better remind them of who they are.

They’ve found a way to separate Christians [this is an important point: ‘progressive’ Lefist Christians and those obedient to the State are now more distinct from conservative evangelical Christians who are willing to take a stand against the blatant violations of freedom of religion now going on; we are seeing this in China and also worldwide now]

I hope these tyrants gets what’s coming to them.

Politicians will continue to act like this until conservatives start to actually DO something instead of just whining on the internet and paying taxes.

Is it OK for Jacinta to take Ivermectin considering she is of the genus ‘Equus’? [this is an unfair reference to her appearance; people cannot help what they look like, only how they behave]

What a sad human being. I hope to live, to see the day when people will realize the true nature of those “leaders” who lead us through this “crisis” and stand up against the tyranny very few are spinning, to enslave them.

Smug and self- righteous bullies. They’re all sickening.

Thank God that America has the 2nd Amendment

“There will be two classes of people: Aryans and non-Aryans. If you obey the state you will be granted honorary Aryan status.” [not sure who said that, if anyone, but it’s a clearly a reference to Nazism and the apartheid in Germany under Hitler]

The smile that said “the money will be in my account, by now.”

Why can’t more people just wake up already.

Like snap out of it. To all of the brainwashing.

The problem is this: Once you reject the NAP [non-aggression principle], there are no moral limits to Government overreach. Which is what we’ve been seeing for the last century, and what is coming to a head right now.

You cannot have a State without ending up where we are now, and then progressing to North Korea. [true, this is heading towards true Communism; that much should be obvious to anyone with a brain — but is not for some reason]

Adern is the lady who smiles as she kills the pregnant lady from the film ‘The Island’ [a great sci-fi film about dehumanization and the innate desire for liberation, similar to what’s happening now]

New Zealand, where Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis invented the Zorb Ball, Alan John “A.J.” Hackett ONZM invented the Bungy jump, and Jacinda Adern created medical apartheid, a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of not having a medical procedure of an experimental drug/drugs.

Absolutely terrifying. The fact that the silent majority is doing nothing about this makes it ten times worse.

Also, may I refer people to the Ten Stages of Genocide

10 Stages of Genocide : Fuckthealtright
Note that Saskatechwan is at stage 7: removing people to isolation camps

We’re are the men in that country to stand up to her. They get away because they can see how weak and timid a lot of men have become.

Psychopaths love to gloat about their evil deeds. She seems to think that leadership means bullying people. And yes, she is creepy.

If we allow to play a mind game for a moment and assume the woman accused in the Salem witch trials were similar to this woman. Now would you think the judges did wrong? [No, it’s the reverse: she is the judge and we’re like the women who were wrongly accused (scapegoated) and burned at the stake]

Maybe China will step up and supply the repressed people of these area with a way to fight back [I hope this comment is joking, since a lot of what’s happening is due to the CCP]

Can’t wait to see Australia and New Zealand to see unite to form OCEANIA [a reference to Orwell’s 1984]

She will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

How is medical apartheid an incentive? This is not a carrot and stick approach. [it isn’t an incentive; it’s entirely punative, a tool for division and scapegoating; that is its intent]

I live in NZ, Paul is 100% correct. It is no Utopia, more of a horrible dystopian Black Mirror episode nowadays [a reference to a British tv show that does show dystopian sci-fi scenarios — including one on the social credit system, which vax passports effectively are]

No thank you.

Pure evil. Are you praying yet?

If you hand in your guns, you deserve everything you get.

I’ve seen interviews with serial killers who showed more compassion and were less evil than this demon.

How? I would go insane over there. Fight back guys. Māori are supposed to be the fiercest of warriors. Rise up!

Does she know she was being filmed saying this?

Yay! HitZler is back!!!! How can anyone stand that vile woman 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 JAIL IS NOT ENOUGH.

I didn’t realize New Zealand was such a creepy place. We’re staring pure evil straight in the eyes there.

Puppies for breakfast lunch and dinner, plus snacks. [like Fauci]

Wow just wow…. they call themselves democratic parlametaric politicians

The “NZ” prime minister, just missing an “A” and an “I” [NAZI]

WOW PFIZER PAID HER WELL [whether or not that happened, globalist interests are aligned with Big Pharma and CCP intersts]

“scratch a progressive, reveal an authoritarian” – David Horowitz

Evil has no shame

Something very unsettling about that particular clip. You can tell by the casual nature of her response that she was ready for the question and was not at all worried about how her response would go down. [meaning that the petty tyrants are getting more brazen]

I’d be amazed if that little Q & A with the interviewer (not using the word journalist) was not pre-arranged by both parties.

I don’t know whether I should give this video a like or a dislike.

That was a Proper British Beatdown.👍👍👍 [a reference to the video’s narrator]

That Fake Smiley Passive-Aggressive Contrived Self Righteousness That Characterizes Her Rhetoric. That is some word smithing right there, Bravo PJW!

The damage done to peoples lives, families and businesses by these people is immense. They have no sense of empathy and natural reason. Something is very very wrong.

This woman has, since I first knew of her, skeeved me completely. Why? She’s controlled as a ‘bot for the billionaires who’ve called upon her as leader of what they’ve chosen as their Safe Space when society collapses. Vice Mag did an item on that. Spoke to 5 Silicon Valley billionaires who all, when asked why they’ve bunkered up down under, said “societal collapse due to financial inequity.” [resource scarcity]

The themselves, admittedly, are the reason for it; the few with all the money which once flowed to from and through a thriving middle class. Those same cretins have made off with it all. Jacinta is a useable tool with zero human compassion and it’s too evident as she minces and wrinkles her eyes as if she’s trying to look like a caring person when she simply can’t pull that off. Sociopaths can’t empathize/connect. She should be nowhere near power. But hey, that’s what happens now.

The high priestess of the pagan government temple. [it’s true that statism/globalism/socialism is a type of religion]

Now do one on Dan Andrews. The Victorian premier and our new pandemic legislation being introduced into parliament today.

People were executed for less. You live with what you tolerate.

I live in New Zealand and haven’t been able to leave Auckland for months. And it’s looking like I won’t get to see my family over Christmas. I’m not getting the covid vaccine.

And the evidence against them continues to pile up. Can’t wait for the trials. [they may never come]

I would accept people from Australia and NZ here in the U.S. as political refugees needing asylum. Those are the people we should be letting in in a hurry.

That smile means, “I’m going to get so much love on Twitter for this!” [it’s true that Twitter is now an echo chamber for Leftism now that they kicked off most conservatives]

Is anyone going to tell her that you pass the virus just as easily with or without the vaccine? I’m so beyond fucking tired of all this.

Off my list of possible holiday destinations now , not that I would be let into NZ . I refuse to be injected with something that doesn’t work . Pharmaceutical business’s are not going to use me as a test subject.

See, it’s not the Patriarchy that is scary to me. It never was . . . It’s why men saw trouble when women went into politics . . . they can be very vindictive . . . e.g., Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Lori Lightfoot, etc. You can feel the anger. 😠

I’m glad I live in Florida the land of the free [under Gov. Ron DeSantis who is a staunch opponent of medical tyranny]
“I am a socialist” – Adolf Hitler, (Zweites Buch, p50) of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Maori have never been “subjected to segregation and discrimination” like South Africa. Maori have always had the same votes and rights as everyone else!

“Creeped out” is an understatement

First they call you a conspiracy theorist and then when they have to reveal it they say it’s actually a good thing

Hmm who else has laughed in the face of the underclass they have created in history? Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Kim jong-un, Mao Zedong. Definitely something she should be proud of.

It would not surprise me if she were demon-possessed. 😈

They act like they are the boss and we are under thier control, WE are the BOSS. Let them know that at all times. They work for us

Why would the double jabbed and boostered be afraid of the unjabbed! [they are conditioned to by propaganda]

War is around the corner [very possibly, but only if conservatives get together and decide to take back the world from Communism]

Mussolini once believed he was in charge too.

That Psychopath would be one of the hero James Bond would have to save in a new Bond movie.

Spell Bound, evil manipulative magicians, dark sorcery, narcissist out of control

“Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.” – Aristotle [interesting thought!]


She needs to clear the decks for when the elites begin to occupy their lair’s [I think this is a reference to depopulation]

“A tool for confidence” = “A tool for Authoritarian” The use of the word “confidence” is Newspeak; a mangling of real language. [NB – “diversity” is another favourite Newspeak term, e.g., “diversity is our strength”]

Please expose her more regularly. It’s terrible here, much like the UK, we’ve got no viable opposition so she’ll just win again next time. Like the UK, we’ve become a one party autocracy.

It seems that when things turn to shit and you pull back the curtain, there stands a woman!

I just watched a few videos about your profile pick “Saturn Consuming His Son” some pretty dark and unsettling history behind it [a reference to Leftists attacking themselves, which is very common]

This paiting is a refrence to poltical cannibalism of the French Revolution

Nah. She just really savors her power. Who wouldn’t?

Until the normies can un-silo all of their thoughts … all of the overt contradictions will be lost on them.

I have been calling it Medical Aparthied for months, and people told me I was being paranoid.

Wake up 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

This video needs to go viral…the mask has slipped and she is only one of the puppets

Yikes the crap happening down there is insanity

Some day people with guns will come to save New Zealanders.

She creeps me out nearly as much as Daniel Andrews and Anastasia Palachey in Australia !

This is not going to end well. Oh well. We had a good run.

And nobody sees a problem with this, cause they got theirs. I will happily become a homeless bum without any rights or posessions before I let them inject me.

Who would know, but give me back the golden years of 2019.

The homeless need to jump on this somehow: get themselves in the camps and then keep refusing to be tested, take advantage of the free accomodation and scran.

Everyone! Please pray and keep Aotearoa NZ in your thoughts!! [Aotearoa is a Maori name for NZ]

I’m born and raised here and am living as a young female who has had ALL her rights taken away just because I don’t want to put something in my body. Losing my job, being pulled apart from my family, unsure whether I will ever be able to get work to support myself or even have a life. This is evil at its highest.

Most people in NZ are blinded by what’s really going on and are praising Jacinda for all she’s doing, meanwhile people like me are now being treated like the scum of the earth.

That’s what happens when an entire nation votes for the dictionary definition of a Karen.

As an Aussie I feel for my unvaccinated Kiwi bro’s, sisters, and cuzzies across the ditch!

She’s gotta go. When her head rolls others may think twice about their tyranny.

These type of leaders are just sick.

This woman is so evil, she is willing to go way beyond state mandated segregation. Get out of there as soon as possible!

Should have never given up your guns.

They’re turning us into the friggin’ Sneeches [snitches]

Given politicians’ tendency to beat around the bush and give mealy-mouthed answers to simple questions, it is quite surprising that she would answer in the clear, unambiguous affirmative. It’s as though there is finally one thing a politician is completely sure about and it is, without a doubt, the division of society. In no uncertain terms.

I’ve not wanted to destroy a face this much for a long time.

Earth to Ms Adern, earth to Ms Adern: I have complete ‘confidence’ in my immune system to protect me from a pathogen with an IFR of 0.1%, thanks. And I know more about it than you do. [True, natural immunity provides 13x the protection]

How did so many evil people get into our governments all reading from the same playbook?

For some reason, I never felt at ease seeing her.

I agree, there are two classes, the free and the “criminals”, we need to stop discriminating against criminals. This is just like slavery

History will not look kindly upon these ghouls.

How are these people able to hide the horns on their heads?

Is Jacinda still smoking her ” funny” pipe ? [a reference to this video]

I never believed in the lizard people thing but after seeing this I do. [a reference to David Icke, whose strange theories are not literally true but might be intepreted as figuratively true – like calling someone a demon or a monster]

This only makes me stronger.

I immediately pictured this video being played in court [there is in fact a kind of “people’s court” here, called Nuremberg 2.0]

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the eavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Archangel Michael 2018 - Oil Painting - Fine Arts Gallery ...

Some creatures are wasting good oxygen molecules. I’m sure this is one of those.

Maybe it’s time we created a group/movement and had parades and asked for rights? Will ‘NonVaxed’ do for a name? 😅 [medical freedom is better, and it’s already happening worlwide through freedom rallies]

Another terrific video Paul but I have to correct you on the point you made about ‘Maoris enduring a form of segregation until the 1950s’. That never happened. Article 3 of the Treaty of Waitangi (TOW), signed on Feb 6th 1840 between hundreds of Maori tribes and the Queen, was unique in that it gave Maori ‘the same rights and privileges as British subjects’. Unlike the indigenous peoples of Australia and other countries, Maori were never segregated from NZ society.

Just a thought does 666 the Mark of the Beast or whatever it will be sound so ridiculous now? [no]

“Its ok when we do it” (say the globalists)

We called them feminazis for a reason.

That was like a glimpse into the soul of my first wife. What a total nightmare, yup.

Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?

It’s already happening in Singapore, unvaxeed can’t go back to work come January 22 [ironic since Singapore is a nation where there is a high vax rate but also a high infection rate, which points to ADE, unjustly blamed on the unvaxxed]

This is the smile similar to the portrait of Stalin and Kim IL Sung

Well here we go back to the 30’s again we’ll see how it turns out this time. [hopefully not the same: i.e., genocide, world war] Correct this is medical apartheid, simple as that. Blessings from the prison city of Auckland, New Zealand. Now lets see who is going to stand up against this insanity.

The high-rise termination of her sentences is enough for me to never visit that country again. I’ve been there twice – never again!

Will she make an exception for her beloved hijab wearers if they don’t take up the vax? [good question]

Kiwi’s will get through this and kick her out! PS. When they tell you of their rank plans openly? You’re behind the 8-ball. Get louder.

As a Kiwi, I have to say I completely agree with you.

I know not everyone will agree… but we need the US army /marines to bail us out of this mess. They still stand for liberty 🗽don’t they ? That’s US …. Definitely not UN. Those c.Unts can go hellensville!🔥

Born and bred in New Zealand and I can confirm she creeps millions of us out too!

His history is a bit out here; there was no segregation for Maori

Politicians have forgotten how a democratic system and free society works. They are not leaders, they are there to do as the people want. They to be held responsible if things do not turn out as the people intend things to be.

Free liberal society or dictatorial tyranny? [that is inedeed the choice, but for a free society, there will have to be more people standing up for it]

Oh dear! I missed the latest. I live in NZ and refuse the jab.

Vaxcinda has released new rules has she?

I threw my TV out years ago, so I’ve no idea what stunts the government are up to. It has its advantages, but I guess it’s time to have a look and Brace myself.

Nothing ever happends, these people could butcher an entire family and nothing would happen to them. They’re above the law.

They all creep me out and I hope they get the justice they deserve

Just wondering if their are any Kiwi’s reading this: When Jacinta appears before the public plebs, do they have to stand to attention and hail the dear leader with a Sg Hl> [Nazi salute]

She’s the quintessential wokester Kommissar.

Know what the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is? Me neither!

She more than creeps me out. It is not so long ago, that I suggested to the medical clinic that they roll over my regular prescription by phone – I was told in no uncertain terms that doctors cannot do anything without consulting and examining patients in person. Nowadays one is lucky (I suppose) to see a doctor at all in person.

They also did very energetically resist the idea that a patient might take any potions which are not competently prescribed and of course, fully tested and trialed first. Well that has gone out the proverbial window too. Probably a month ago I heard on the news that doctors were subject to discipline if they advised patients differently that is the Government virus policy.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a permanent and potentially fatal heart issue, to gain exemption. I placed my copies of the test results and graphics on the desk in front of my GP last week. I tried to discuss my concerns with a Jab the Government is promoting. My GP advised me that my test results were no matter at all. Nothing to see there, nothing to be concerned about. But he never discussed evidence or cited studies. He is simply used to patients believing him, even when there is so much to suggest strongly that his medical credentials are politically compromised. Doctors bury their mistakes and their negligence. Do I trust him? — what do you think?

They must get a good CCP agent (like we have in the US ) To lecture on earning their PRIV-EL-A-GIZ by slashing 20 years off their life expectancy !

You try living under her rule… and what she is doing is illegal by the Geneva Convention – it’s “medical apartheid”

Satan is in her so her soul is heading south if she doesn’t have an enlightment.

Wow that’s really scary and I don’t even live there. Reminds me strongly of the beginnings of the Third Reich in 1933 [yes very similar, but it’s worldwide now]

Thank God I live in Sweden and not in New Zealand, for Sweden has re-opened the country 28 september 2021. 👏😊🎂🍾 [Sweden was the only Western nation to show any backbone in early 2020, by choosing herd immunity; their numbers of sick and dead were roughly the same as every country that went into a crippling lockdown, showing that the lockdowns were ineffective]

Thank you, all I ever hear is how great she is. Finally someone exposes the truth.

The police in NZ are doing fuck all. Gangs are able to carry on doing their fuckery with nothing being done, we have kids robbing corner stores because they know that nothing is going to happen to them. Drive marginally over the speed limit on the way to work though. [NB – this is a double standard in the US, UK, and EU too: the Democrats/EU/UK leaders look the other way at black crime, but are tought against political incorrectness]

These people need to be delt with accordingly! Anyone who has benifited from these lock downs and people like hear that push the lock downs.

I am one of the unvaxed in New Zealand and it is like living in a scary movie. In North Island, there is a barrier between northland and Auckland and one between Auckland and Waikato. In order to go from one area to another, you have to obtain an exemption – if you a double jabbed. Sound like a police state? [“papers please” = police state]

She is such a sweetheart.

Just when I think the United States has had it, there’s always a place that’s worse off than us.

Isn’t there a video of her smoking meth? Few months ago.

Every time I see something like this I hear an echo out of the past. “Robespierre” it whispers [perpetrated The Terror]

Is it still a coincidence, first gun grab and then this. Would be more interesting if they would not give up guns.

Let’s be clear who’s to actually blame for this type of shit, it’s the complacent who refuse to take a stand at fault for accepting the policies of the tyrants.

Like Australia and England… choices have consequences

The question is: would people learn, or keep voting for safety… thus voiding liberty ???

Myra Hindley reincarnated as NZ prime minister [Myra Hindley was a mass murderer]

Let the Jabbed go out and mingle around and when the COVID “variant” starts spreading and the numbers start picking up let’s see how they react then. They SURELY can’t blame the un-jabbed then 😉 [they can]

Maori weren’t segregated at any time, well until now. Maori women gained the vote in 1893, well ahead of women in Europe.

Unvaccinated people are not allowed to visit family in rest homes, even if they test negative for Covid.

To be ‘woke’ it is not good enough to be vaccinated, you also have to prove you are against the ‘antivaxers.’

I’m surprised that she doesn’t have a little narrow mustache. That’s all that’s missing, well that and speaking German

Never give up your guns.

Let’s just say, Australia’s Gov’t is lucky that no one with balls lives there. Please prove me wrong mates.

They will always come up with a “good reason” to oppress.

All these new powers they have given themselves has gone to their heads.

And this, friends, is why you don’t let the enemies of humanity disarm you.

Divide and conquer, along political, racial, gender and now medical lines. This is about keeping us normies divided and fighting against each other, while they increase their wealth and power.

She says it while smiling and matter of fact.

Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?

YouTube softly shadowbanning anyone who says something they don’t like.

Starting to look more and more like mass DNA collection. [It turns out that the CCP are working on genetic weapons]

That smirk. Yea I hope she’s gone one way or another.

Crown colonies are basically keeping you where u need to be. This is modern monarchy [interesting theory — are Commonwealth nations more susceptible to tyranny than those where revolution occurred? e.g., is Canada easier to conquer than the US?]

Now we know why they wanted to do the “buy back” [of firearms]

She’s a control freak.

I cannot fathom why any sane person would vote this dreadful woman into power.

Spot on!!!! My wife and myself are refusing to get the vax, so I wonder when Our Glorious Leader Jacinda will be shipping us off to the Gulag…er…. “Vaccine Education Center”

I bet she gives out poison apples. She’s got the look. Poison kiwi.

Her smile creeps me out.

What you have to understand about people like Jacinda Ardern and the Democrats’ etc is they believe it’s perfectly fine and acceptable when they use fascist tactics. It’s okay when they do it.

All Hail the One World Order.

All of these politicians that have become media darlings have become grotesque.

“Ordinary men and women are to small minded to govern their own affairs. Order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to a more powerful sovereign” [credited to B. Obama]

Why is she smiling? A thoroughly evil woman. These people must stand trial.

Good man. Cheers for getting this out there. Keep an eye on it mate, its going to erupt in NZ before Christmas.

She thinks it funny! And who is voting for this tyrant? Absolutely despicable person. Straight to jail!

Role model for all the tyrants – Australia and New Zealand

What did you except from a Communist?

Wow. Just speechless.

If you didn’t think we are at war, do you now?

The twiggy alien’s face should replace the one on the cover of Pantera’s 1992 classic “Vulgar Display of Power”

I’m ashamed of this country. Left the Army because NZ isn’t worth fighting for. Thanks for reporting on this because noone else is.

At some point talking doesn’t do anything but set you behind even further.

Didn’t John Cleese emigrate to NZ? Bet he’s regretting it.

That smug smile is the face of EVIL and TYRANNY

Makes me want to cry …

The people from New Zealand deserves Jacinta!! They voted again on her…! don´t forget it!

If she’s already like that in front of a camera . . .

Mr. Watson great commentary, but I can’t feel for the Kiwis they got what they voted for, next time maybe they will do their homework .

Shame about the bs: “NZ’s Maori population was subjected to similar discrimination and segragation until the ’50s”. Nope. There’s a reason that there’s no full-blooded Maori left: because we were integrated into one society. The Maori people abandoned their stone-age life-style as fast as they could, flooded into the new cities, and earned big money on the wharves and in the freezing works.

She’s a fan of segregation. She would of been on the bad guys side in WW2 [True; the new Axis of Evil is the MSM, CCP, and socialist-leaning globalists]

When the Lilliputian mass snapped, how did the mighty Gulliver fare?

Why would those in power listen to the people or try to convince them of anything? All they care about is making sure the system keeps them there, with no ability to fight back the population is helpless. It used to be that pressure from other countries would convince a disarmed populations government to not do something. But now with “Brandon” [Biden] in charge of the only country that has any ability to put pressure on anyone, there’s nothing stopping governments from doing as they please.

She can have her fun and lift up herself, but her time is short. Jesus will soon return and all the wickedness will burn up in His presence. [good point; perhaps this is why the CCP released SARS-CoV2 when they did, one year out from the U.S. 2020 election, then instructed the MSM to blame it on Trump, then provided logistical support and incentive for election fraud, to ensure his defeat, then put in a puppet government, the Democrats, whom they’d corrupted years before]

She’s the sort that would make lampshades out of tattooed skin [a reference to Isle Koch, a Nazi who is infamous for making lamshades out of shuman skin]

Surely someone has a picture of her wearing jackboots. Psychopathy, narcissism, Machievellianism.

Boy you aren’t kidding. First it was medical martial law (which it still is) but I like that medical apartheid term.

Citizens Against a Tyrannical Society [CATS]

Living here in NZ is becoming a nightmare. I have lost my job and now my son has been given 4 weeks to decide to get the jab or lose his job. Comrade Ja-SIN-da Adern has enforced her medical apartheid and the segregation has begun.

New Zealand Maoris were subjected to segregation until the 1950s. The only segregated law in New Zealand forbade Maori women from going to pubs. That was to protect the welfare of their children. That was ended after a public outcry in the 1950s. Drunkenness and abuse in Maori homes shot up afterwards. But oh well. Apart from that, Maori have always had the same legal rights of the rest of the population. They also as Maoris have and still have extra legal rights of tribal ownership. Maori men were the first no propertied class to get the vote. A good example when a population doesn’t defend its history, outsiders pick up on distorted self serving version.

NZ back in the 80’s rallied against colour apartaid in rugby, yet medical apartaid is OK?

Canada’s [Health Minister] Theresa Tam also gives me the creeps. And don’t even make me think about ‘our’ PM.

I know in which manner certain politicians will “end their career.”

Never underestimate the anger of the public.

We aren’t far away from France 1789 [worker’s revolts]

Women march on Versailles, 1789

Side effects are not rare Paul. You let yourself down there. [true: adverse events are common with the jab: __]

She’s a Commie.

New Zealand please stand up before it’s too late, please!

I’m happy this is happening to the people in NZ! They voted her in and if they had another election they would still vote her in.

There is only one language that psychopaths understand

She’s begging for something terrible to happen to her.

The next step is to make the unvaccinated wear a special badge [lack of a vax passport is the same thing]

Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?” Game, set and match. Blessings from the prison city of Auckland, New Zealand.

All I can say is karma is a real thing. So she wont be having that “please smack the fook out of me” smug look on her face then. I just hope someone films it for the tube and it goes viral [perhaps it’s a nervious laugh/smill like that of Kamala Harris?]

She reminds me of Creepella of the Gruesomes from Laff-A-Lympics

That smug self righteous smile is sadistic.

Again this is DEMOCRACY … people don’t like it then vote for different party.

This will not end well for the likes of her.

Where is her mask?

Just start randomly ORCHING-tay all unoccupied corporate business uildings-bay [no, I’m not persuaded that terrorism will accomplish anything other than make the authoritarians crack down more. It’s also how the revolutionaries lose the moral highground. But violence vs. non-violence is an an old debate]

I’m looking forward to when only the unvaxed are locked down, and we are safe in our homes while all the vaxed die from antibody dependent enhancement.

She is indeed a creepfest. I feel sorry for the sheep down there, but they only have themselves to blame in the end.

“What is it about her that creeps me out?”

“I’ll Get You and your little Dog too!” [Wizard of Oz reference]

Of course that is what a true tyrant looks like. A man or a woman makes no difference. Mad with power. Weak people getting power always results in this. Of course the people allow this.

Thank God, the universe, or whatever you believe in that we have a 2A [2nd Amendment]

Hey Paul, as a Kiwi, I thank u for doing a video about NZL.

Power corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Worse when your country is a remote island.

1984 is now [Orwell reference]

Soft time make soft people so nobody is willing to sacrifice and do the right thing! Yet.

These dictators need deposing

Jail more politicians for world peace

Fascist female. 2nd Amendment even more important. Don’t ever say “It can’t happen here” America because it can [it is happening throughout the West]
2:45 ohhh Paul, i see what you did there.

God damn how can those people keep getting away with this…

2:59 – is that what happens to people at their “facility?”

So so true, and yet it seems most kiwi’s here don’t see it!!

I was OK with the original two-week to a month lockdown. After that, I knew that if it was extended we would have massive inflation; job losses; doctor/hospitals being backed up due to cancelled appointments; people getting more unhealthy due to sitting at home with no gyms open, eating takeaway; people unwilling to give up power gained etc. I don’t claim to be super smart, but if I could see it. You know damn well the people in power also did too. So what’s the endgame?

Do these people have armed guards around their house at night?

Looks like 💀 “La Calavera Catrina” [an icon from the Mexican Day of the Dead]

Posthumous Aesthetics | F Newsmagazine

I am a fairly rational person I’ve even had the jab because I chose to, but what does it matter if someone doesn’t have the jab? It has no effect on the spread since the jab only stops it from being more dangerous so really this is just an excuse for grabbing power. [good point]

Tony Blair taught her well.

I used to wonder how Hitler happened. How was this evil purported on society. Well, I have my answers.

I’d suggest she has zero empathy and a love of power

We have to live with her, feels like the Twilight Zone

I live in NZ and hope is fading fast

Thank you for having the guts to say this.

I think he meant ” HE CREEPS ME OUT”.

All Jacintler is missing is that little moustache.

They are smug now but whats coming for them is far worse than what is coming for those who refuse to follow the system of the Beast.

Isaiah 51:9 – “Awake, awake, arm of the Lord, clothe yourself with strength! Awake, as in days gone by, as in generations of old.”

I have (former) friends from NZ who absolutely love her.

Down Under becomes Upside down land. Oh the irony.

Try that here in Europe and you will see a Civil War that is so desperately needed right now. [ but it is happening in the EU, is it not?]

Why the heck did New Zealanders vote for her? Have they fallen for the Socialist bs? Are they indifferent to being free? That video of them bringing their firearms in to be taken is quite chilling.

It started with the Dzamija shooting so she can get under the skin of people and become icon, then it was just a routine execution of Chinese orders

Didn’t all the rich people build mansioms there? Why would they want to live there?

How will they explain the cases once the unvaxxed are quarantined?

God help her when she’s thrown to the crowds.

Please get rid of these corporate who res,who pander to a yiny amount of people!

Same thing is happening in the Netherlands 😦

If the jab works, why are the jabbed so afraid of the un-jabbed? [Good question, but don’t expect a rational answer; tyranny is not a rational exercise]

Australia: At least we’re not New Zealand.

The guy who went into the mosque should have gone into the parliament building instead.

That’s pretty much how things are going here in Canada and the premier of my province has realized that if he keeps on this way, something is going to happen and it won’t be pretty. This week Premier Doug Ford threw us a bone and said that by March 2022, all mandates including masks will be lifted if things trend the way they are.

The funny thing: if you look at the numbers this past 6 months with vaccines vs last year with no vaccines, deaths and cases were HIGHER with vaccines than without. Right now, for all of Canada, we have 29,000 active cases…..765 considered serious. Now consider 80% of those 29,000 won’t show any symptoms so why aren’t we fully open? Now also consider that 20% of those cases in ICU, considered “serious” are fully vaccinated….so in other words, the jab doesn’t really protect you any more than social distancing.

Once they admit this sort of thing, it’s time for the electric chair

Believe me Paul, she creeps a lot of us out down here in NZ as well.

When the bullied become the bully.

In NZ she is also known among many as ‘Jihadi Ardern’, for obvious reasons…

Too bad the Kiwis don’t have the balls to Boogaloo these tyrants. They were once a brave and free peoples, now they’ve cucked hard.

Lydia oh Lydia say have you met Lydia, Lydia that Fascist Lady. [a reference to an old song, Lydia the Tattooed Woman, by Groucho Marx]

She creeps me out big time. She is EVIL incarnate.

I’m double vaxxed, still caught Covid though.

Had she just done a couple of rocks before that interview?


Xinnie the Pooh is rubbing his paws with glee

NZ – get a grip and start exercising your liberty.

Nice subliminal in the middle of the dude’s speech.

She is scarier than [Chicago] Mayor Lightfoot.

Paul how do we rid ourselves of these disgusting soul dead petty tyrants ?

The smirking Authoritarian shim.

S(h)e’s more creepy than (s)he looks!

V for vendetta is no longer a science fiction I guess

What happened to the wicked witch in the Wizard of OZ??

It’s called Operation Lockstep. Originated in 2017 [a reference to a theory re: the NWO]

To all the awake and a ware in NZ, make sure that you have food in the house for two weeks or more rumour has it that there will be a complete and tolal lock down when delta gets out of contrl. Nothing like being prepared, Just remember you cant eat toilet paper.

These are dark days.

Health fasicm was always incoming

She’s evil.

Play them at there own Hunger Game [reference to the Hunger Games movels & movies]

Divide and conquer is a very old rule to power.

Let’s see what happens at the election – that’s it really 🤗

Anything goes, but what happened to Prison Planet? [a reference to Alex Jones’ tv show fo the same name]

Did you see the Guantanamo at 2:45

This is what they want for us. They will get a surprise if they come for me.

Look into Estonia. Same shit is happening here [see this]

Hell is eternal. Hope everybody is having big fun, but there is a price. And she won’t be wearing that stupid grin.

Hope we are not generally modified all… madness

Tell me again why you people in New Zealand didn’t start shouting when your government told you they were taking you right to self defense away?

Heads will roll. Demons and their minions, all of them.

She is creepy.

And this is a new Dark Ages

Does not take into consideration those who cannot take the jab.

Retake the fallen empire! Reclaim the Commonwealths! Pax Britannia!

She reminded me of a Great White Shark. Oh, wait, is that racist too?

Can someone just take her out of the equation.

She and Jen Psaki have had the same training no doubt. It’s a mind f*ck how they act while their words are evil.

It`s gone beyond a political solution,

Only the USA can reverse this shit [sadly, the US is internally divided as well]

“Yup!” Grins

I live in New Zealand and I’m terrified.

Mao would be proud

Salivating over those words

That’s it. Time to invade.

Pride comes before the fall… Yep

She exudes evil!

Neigh, Neigh and thrice Neigh! 🙂

Good little WEF clone. [World Economic Forum]

She creeps me out and I live here!!

There is no truth but power. Thats what these people believe in. There are not the same as we are.

All socialists should creep everyone out

Governments are supposed to serve not control people.

And if the indigenous people dont get vaxed, will she throw them under the bus? [good question]

That’s Justine Turdeau’s alter ego wearing a drag.

She is Karen Prime [a reference to the pejorative use fo the name “Karen”]

A smug Tyrant, pure evil!

She is as evil as they come.

I’m sure this will come to the UK

Ardern, Trudeau, [Daniel] Andrews, [Mark] McGowan….all the same [the last two are Australian politicians]

Now our own National Health Service is operating in the exact same apartheid: if you don’t comply, you don’t get treated, if you don’t get tested, you won’t get treated. But according to them it’s not manipulation or coercion

Is she related to a famous German politian from WWII?

Crocodile Dundee needs to show her what a real knife is.

Had to watch this one again

Never give up your guns !!!

Way to sneak in that quick Guantanamo(?) frame for effect.

Looking forward to Nuremberg 2.0 [see this]

This is so evil.

Glad I have guns. Lots of guns and ammo. Will use them if need be!

Socialism? Nah, more like National Socialism

Never give up your guns.

For or against the jab, why are so many worldwide OK with this???

Just let’em keep on what they’re doing, it’ll snap sooner or later . . . Bad politician, whatcha gonna do when we they come for you?

Exactly you’ve been marked and still have to hide your face!

She’s a smug tyrant

Jail more politicians for world peace

As a South African, my heart bleeds for Europe and the Western whole. May God open all our eyes before it’s too late.

True. She is sadist. It’s in her every move.

I wonder what her fate will be. not good one would imagine.


Jesus loves the unvaccinated too [good point]

We dont call her shitinda for no reason here in NZ

Very over confident lady.

I’m not creeped out I’m pissed off

Power has gone to her head

What in the hell? Terrifying.

Why the hell is she still there, Kiwis…?

I`m living that reality in Sydney

All these tyrants everywhere I look…

A true apostle of Tony B liar 🤯🤯🤯 [she worked for Tony Blair, former UK PM]

She is full on evil

The mask is slipping on her now

Let’s go Brandon. Lets go Ardern! [meaning FU Bide, Arden]

Confuse oppress victimize isolate divide its covid

She may not always be so smug.

Can anyone say “DESPOT!!!!”

Always thought she was kind of Witchy.

When violence becomes the answer. 1776 or wind up slaves [a reference to the American revolution]

Yet they keep getting voted back in!

She joined China’s Belt and Roads Initiative [this is actually true, sadly, though they’ve had second thoughts]

I’m a New Zealander and I used to l my country. Now that Jacinda is in power I don’t recognise it anymore and I’m scared where it’s going. She’s relishing the division she’s created.

I never thought I’d see the day when our rights were just taken away, for no reason other than we want to choose what we inject into our bodies. When her new laws come into effect, unvaccinated won’t be able to enter any shops, except the supermarket. She has said she will take summer away from us unless we reach 90% vaccinated.

Re-education camps next or jabs by force, don’t laugh, we never thought we’d be denied personal freedom and basic human rights, yet here we are.

When is the next election in New Zealand?

“Git yir tists!” 🐴

Were those flashes NZC19 camps? [NC Covid19 camps]

Loathsome. Utterly loathsome.

Omg she is so glad 😄

Toothy bint – but I blame the voters of NZ. They voted her in…enough said.

I refuse to be teested. I don’t care what your inceentive eez. 2:38

That smug grin; it’s not a agenda at all.

Interesting body language she’s got going on there!!?

The Five eyes have One plan [a reference to “The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.” Except that it’s not really effective anymore, as it’s been compromised by the CCP]

Ahh good ol Jacinda crack head Arden

Coming to a city near you!

Put her on trial first

Those poor hobbits [the reference is to NZ being the site of the LOTR films]

Painting of hobbits, Merry and Pippin, captured by orcs

And the people will re-elect her-him

Apartheid is cool when we do it.

It’s all a joke to her. Armbands, too Sweetheart?

How did she get to be the leader of N.Z.?

She’s one evil dude.


If I recall correctly, she was a student of Mr Klaus Schwab

How long ago did they take everyone’s guns?

Time for kiwis to dig up their guns

Her smile reminds me of the Grinch

Let’s go brandon.

She said if we want SUMMER we have to get vaccinated. Yes I mean the season SUMMER.

She’s bonkers

Whats next unvaxxed not eligible to vote?

The face of evil.

Good pick for top Bond villain!

Pass me some timber please I’m going to make some gallows!!!

This is medical fascism.

The Māori will be in charge by 2040 research he pua pua

All this over a cold. Tch!

Why does she look so happy? Ugh…

First they take the guns …

Why? Why are these creatures sooo deformed? practically all of them

🖕 This is my vaccine passport.

Same here in Australia.

Time to water the tree [of liberty]

What’s a “COVID tist”?

Time for economic sanctions.

Gold star, New Zealand. Gold. Star.

How did she win the NZ election???

(S)HE creeps me out.

Horrible leader. Embarrassment to the good people of NZ.

Take them down and remove them.

Get her out.

New Zealand is a [concentration] CAMP.

Call it what it is: FASCISM.

It has never been about health. She is grinning because like the rest of the current public servants she thinks there will be no consequences for her actions.

Hidden image frame 2:44 [shows what appears to be a concentration camp where men are put in submission positions; the videographer above places this subliminally in the video]

  • Maoris, once were warriors [a reference to the movie of the same name
Watch Once Were Warriors (1994) Full Movie - Openload Movies

Totally shocking.

You get what you vote for.

Impeach ASAP.

They voted her in 😬

Well if people of NZ don’t say anything they are responsible of what will happen next.

No one going to that funeral.

Breach of human rights.

I thought she had converted to wearing a Hijab or was that propaganda? [Arden is a supporter of mass immigration from Muslim nations, common to globalist nations as a tool for dividing and conquering the local populations]


Mouth of Sauron

Top 10 Lesser Known Badass Characters of Tolkein's Middle ...
Mouth of Sauron, from Lord of the Rings

  • And Kiwis voted for this insanity 🤔

This diabolic smile is realy very creepy👿

Sounds like Jim Crow [racial segregation]

Enough of this BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1984 has arrived.

Is she a feminist by any chance?! [yes]

Take away the guns then …

She’s just like Hitler.

At 02:45 there is a still image of people kneeling? What’s up with that?

Why try and stay in their crap system?

A true leftist she is.

Psalm 3:7: “Arise, LORD! Deliver me, my God! Strike all my enemies on the jaw; break the teeth of the wicked.”

I’m from NZ, and yeh it sucks. She is also holding the country in lockdown, pitting people against one another, until the country reaches 90% vaccination level – a level that almost no country has reached.

She is evil.

She thinks she’s untouchable

Do want to know what really is Amazing she like Premiere Dan Andrews Victoria Australia were both recently re-elected??? go figure!!!

Okay we have a new directive insert facility for concentration camp remember concentration camp out facility in make it so

Australia is bad, but New Zealand is worse

Wretched “woman”

Kiwi Karen.

Hell awaits.

Kiwis are nice.

Oh, I hate this. Why Are they doing this??

Take the tist! What the heck is a tist????

Disgusting duping delight.

Female Stalin 🙂

11 vaccinated sheep have this video a 👎 [thumbs down]

What a horrible human being!!!

Shes a Fabian. [Fabian Socialist]


Krakow is here [a reference to Polish uprising of 1846 in Krakow?]

Smuglee Smirked (Smug-glee) [a reference to this meme, due to Arden’s smug attitude]

Sick and evil.

What a creepy witch

Makes me ill.

Ok Jacinda Stalin

V for Vendetta

Nuremberg 2.0 for her. Heil jacinta. Female Hitler [reference to Nuremberg trials]

She is super creepy

Are there any concentration camps being built in NZ like the ones being built in Canada & Australia, yet? [Answer: apparently yes, as the following story illustrates:

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Quarantine ‘Camps’ Are The End Of Personal Freedom: Pacific island nation has 25 coronavirus deaths out of population of nearly five million

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, of the center-left New Zealand Labour Party, announced in a video that if people sent to the camp refuse to be tested, they will be required to remain another two weeks after their initial two-week stay. Ardern called the warning a “pretty good incentive” to get tested for COVID-19.

“You either get your test done and make sure you are cleared, or we will keep you in a facility longer,” she said. “So I think most people look at that and say, ‘I will take the test.’”

Politician Warns: Trudeau Govt Plans To Build COVID ‘Quarantine / Isolation’ Camps Across Canada and Canadian Government Erecting A Network Of Covid Detainment Camps

Hanson told host Laura Ingraham that such draconian measures that Ardern’s orders make no sense given how little the pandemic has affected the island nation. “They have a nation of 5 million people,” Hanson explained. “They’ve only lost, tragically, but they lost 25 people. That’s an astoundingly low number to throw away personal freedom.”

“Here in the United States, whether it is [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama or Joe Biden, they have all said that this is an opportunity not to let go to waste” he added.

New Zealand Quarantine Camps

At least she is honest about her intentions, which I can still respect more than the slimy weasels who still pretend they’re not tyrants.

She is scary creepy

… but orange man bad [Unfortunately, demonizing Trump is what helped the Leftists gain so much power among those who had been conditioned to hate him]

Orange Man Bad: For NPC's the struggle is real - 12160 ...

How many people will have to say this until you guys understand? Down here in Australia and New Zealand, we are OK.

What happened to to this devil worshipping hijab 👿 Jacinta

Confidence is not leaning on the desk, didn’t yur parents teach you to sit up straight when you are talking to the adults

I think your scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

And at the bottom of the barrel, you’ll find Jacinda Arden. It would explain her s͓̽h͓̽l͓̽t͓̽ eating grin.

The New Zealand PM talking about how she’s purposefully trying to create a group of second class citizens. Sure Jan. [“Sure Jan” is a reference to the Brady Bunch — meaning “I don’t believe you”]


  1. Hayden Redwood says:

    New Zealand is a land of lost sheep.
    I live here in Christchurch, And its not nice.
    Only 2,500 people left to be vaccinated to reach 90% mark.
    Just goes to show we already lost,
    Auckland has 1.6 million, 1.45 million of these aucklanders have been vaccinated.
    People will not give up easy what they have been feed, they will protect the lies they live, cause they envy unvaxxed people.

    New Zealand is gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kenneth T. says:

      Right, people gotta eat – – – until they (one way or another) can’t.


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