Supply shortages and price hikes caused in part by labour shortages due to vax mandates: is this just a foretaste of a dystopian future?

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Biden’s Reckless Vaccine Mandate Risks Severe Economic Dislocation, Higher Prices

Biden’s recent vaccine mandate risks handicapping supply chains, shuttering hospitals, driving inflation higher, and leading to yet more empty grocery shelves.

Biden on Sept. 9 announced new mandates to force Americans wary of the COVID-19 vaccine to get their jab, threatening that his “patience is wearing thin”—thin enough that he’s willing to threaten millions of Americans’ ability to feed their families. 

He’s also ready to pull essential workers off the critical supply chains that feed and care for American families.

Biden ordered that federal workers and contractors must get vaccinated, with no option to test out, which could cover 4 million Americans. He also mandated that all health care workers must be vaccinated, again without the option to test out, which could affect 17 million health care workers, of whom between 36% and 45% remain unvaccinated today . . .

Beyond the callousness of threatening millions of Americans’ ability to feed their families because Biden doesn’t like their health choices, this mandate could affect all Americans by worsening critical labor shortages that are already driving higher prices, breaking supply chains, and leading to shortages on grocery shelves.

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Tucker Carlson also did a piece on this:


Carlson’s piece focuses on the gas price increases due to the White House halting the Keystone pipeline, as environmentalists had long wished for.

This has driven energy costs up and disrupted the supply chain, driving food prices up.

From an environmental point of view, this is a good thing, but from a consumer and economics point of view, it’s not good.

Labor shortages, which started with lockdowns, and continued with vaccine mandate layoffs, have added to the situation.

Incredibly, labour unions support the vaccine mandates, against their own members’ interests, perhaps because it’s understood as being in support of the Great Reset (?)

Lower consumption and increasing oil prices would also contribute to that end.

Perhaps all of what’s happening is in service to that end — the climate austerity goals that environmentalists dreamed of for years but just a few years ago did not think could happen.

Bill Gates and the CCP seem to have made it happen, in cooperation with the media and willing politicians and pharmaceutical corporations.

Will it also end up in mass depopulation efforts, as many suppose?

How far are they willing to go? Genocide? It reminds me of the population control plan in the dystopian film Snowpiercer, where a revolution is staged in order to decrease the population.

After the last two years, it’s certainly possible – though for most people still unthinkable. It’s easier to pretend this is about a disease.

It seems that Gates found a way to solve the problem, by working with the CCP and Big Pharma on the conditions necessary for the 2020-21 ‘pandemic.’

Constitutional rights and freedoms — and human lives — were deemed expendable for the sake of the goals to be achieved by this ‘Great Reset.’

Gates’ environmental goals aligned with the goals of the globalists and CCP (political power) and Big Pharma (profit).

Gates’ thinking on this goes back to at least 2009 when he had a meeting with other billionaires to discuss how to solve human overpopulation.

In 2016 he publicized this formula, which includes human population as a variable. Reducing populations would solve the climate crisis in his view.

Alex Steffen on Twitter: "The Kaya Identity is a useful ...

This is a story on the formula (below).

What I wonder is if Gates has really thought this thing through. The CCP is willing to commit genocide (we know that from their history), but they’re not environmentalists: if they get control of the world they won’t cut back on carbon emissions. Right now, China is the leading national producer of GHG emissions.

I also suspect that Gates has not thought through the ethical implications of what he’s doing. He is a technological optimist, which means that technical thinking dominates his worldview. It means that ethics is subservient to technology.

This is a very clever plan, because most people prefer not to see it (they’d rather be deceived), but the problem is that it’s thoroughly evil.

It has already cost a lot of lives and created great suffering — and much worse is to follow.


Formula on Climate Change

By Laura Geggel, Live Science, February 26, 2016

Bill Gates just released [in 2016] a climate science equation that explains how the world can lower carbon dioxide emissions “down to zero,” according to the 2016 edition the annual letter he and his wife, Melinda, published.

The equation isn’t exactly new. It’s widely known in the climate science community as the Kaya identity, and was reviewed in the scientific literature in 2002 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Climate scientists are glad he’s talking about it, said Michael Mann, a distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University. No matter where the equation came from, it can help scientists keep tabs on carbon dioxide emissions, Mann said.

The Kaya identity explains the factors involved in carbon dioxide output, but it’s not a “magical formula,” Mann said. “It’s a way of breaking our carbon emissions into a number of factors, each of which we can try to focus on separately” . . .

Both side of the equation need to reach zero, Gates said. So, one of the variables on the left must equal zero for the world to reach its goal of zero emissions.

The first variable is population. The world supports about 7 billion people now, a number that is projected to reach at least 9 billion by 2050. Population will only continue to grow, or as Gates says in the letter, “no chance it’ll be zero.”

Political and Environmental History of Terriers

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