What if the whole world was a small neighbourhood?

An old thought experiment by peace activists, used to help illustrate the absurdity of the Cold War, was to picture the entire world as a small neighbourhood or suburb.

In this scenario, two of the households would build up a pile of arms and face off with each other, and draw other households into the conflict by arming them (the so-called “client wars”, e.g., Vietnam, Korea).

The point was real neighbours would never act this way, so why should countries?

Arms Race - cold war

Using the same metaphor, let’s picture the world as it is now in the same way. The USA would be a large family going through a messy divorce.

Fourth of July: America the beautiful, divided | The ...

China would be an even larger household run by an authoritarian patriarch, Mr. Xi, who is not above beating the children and even killing his own family members.

Most countries mind their own business, go to work, have meals together, mow the lawn, go to the park, etc. But Mr. Xi wants to dominate the neighbourhood and comes up with a plan, in cooperation with a local corrupt pharmacist, and the guy who distributes the local newsletter (symbolizing the media). They hatch a plot.

In early 2020, Mr. Xi declares that their family has a deadly disease but it came from the US household. They then stage photo ops of a dead family member and have the newsletter guy distribute an alarmist edition, declaring the disease.

In fact, it’s a strong version of the flu that the authoritarian concocted in a lab in the basement. This scares the whole neighbourhood.

It’s then announced that the entire Xi household is in lockdown mode. Soon other households also copy the lockdown and stay at home, effectively quarantining the healthy along with the sick.

No one goes to work for a year, increasing poverty and misery and depression in the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Mr. Xi has managed to divide the USA household even more, and imposed a senile puppet to control it, through election fraud and propaganda. The more the USA is divided, the easier it is to manipulate.

One household (Sweden) doesn’t go along with the plan (are they serving as the control group in the experiment?) Most households get the disease anyway but survive it because it’s not that deadly.

Nonetheless, most are terrified of it because the newsletter continues to promote it as a deadly disease. Deaths are reported every day, though relatively speaking the mortality rates are low compared to other communicable diseases.

Meanwhile, Mr. Xi, working with the local physician, develops a drug that’s a supposed remedy. Alternative remedies are banned, even if they’re proven to work.

The official drug is the only one allowed, even though it has some negative side effects. It costs a lot to buy it.

The local newsletter guy defames anyone who dares say otherwise, turning public opinion against those who don’t go along with the profit-making plan.

Eventually, most people in the neighbourhood have taken the drug. It doesn’t work that well, so everyone gets the disease anyway. Anyone who doesn’t take it is fired and barred from going to the park or participating in everyday life.

This division is intentional. The entire point of the exercise is not to advance public health but to divide people into vaccinated and unvaccinated, to turn them against each other. This helps Mr Xi’s plot to rule the entire neighbourhood.

Families start to fight amongst themselves. Family members are encouraged to snitch on each other. Neighbour turns against neighbour, family member against family member.


Mr. Xi has in effect declared martial law and taken over at this point — which was the plan all along. Anyone who disagrees is to be imprisoned or killed (that’s coming next).

Now imagine if this was your neighbourhood. Would you put up with such bullies? You might decide to move away or call the police. But what if you couldn’t? What if the police were in on the plan and there was no place to go?

That’s the situation we’re in today.

It seems like the plot of a dystopian science fiction film, but it’s unfortunately real and happening to all of us.

Its success can be attributed to the susceptibility of the community to mass hysteria in response to fear of disease. This irrational fear was easy for Mr. Xi to manipulate.

As soon as enough people snap out of it and wake up to what’s going on, Mr. Xi’s will lose power and the neighbourhood can go back to the way it was before.

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