A new website with letters you can print and send: Ethics Over Fear

The value of this site is that it has letters that anyone can use, in the following areas, at this link: https://ethicsoverfear.com/ongoing-actions/

[thanks Ed for sharing it!]


Health Care Workers

If you are a health care worker, we understand that peace of mind currently doesn’t exist. Clearly you need answers, we have the most knowledge available. Health Care Workers

Parents of Kids in School

Are you under pressure from your School Boards? Get the tools you need. We are here to help turn the tide, you’re not alone.Learn More

Secondary Education

COVID-19 restrictions, and mandatory immunization This is an official Notice of Liability. You do NOT have to comply! Students



For those who are employed by cities, counties, or their public facilities, facing mandatory vaccinations For the Mayor

Union Workers

Unions are supposed to represent the workers. This lets them know their place as your servant. Find out more

For Employees

working together

Many companies in Canada simply do not know the laws that protect their employees. Here is how you can let them know. For Employees



If you’re helping our future generations with their education, we honour you! For Teachers


For those who are on contract, it’s possible to inform your employer how they are encroaching on your liberties. Contractors

For ‘Christian’ Churches


Discover how churches are not just disobeying the law of the land… For Congregants

Canada Post Employees

Canada Post workers return to work after the government ordered them to end their rotating strike Tuesday, November 27, 2018 in Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Those who work for Canada Post can protect their liberties and security as well! For Postal Workers

Other Businesses


Let your rec centers, restaurants, and coffee shops know how to follow the law and allow you to use their places and facilities! For Businesses

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