Here’s The Insanity Happening In British Columbia —Prevention $65 , Experimental Treatment —Free

[NB – Good points! There’s an article in Epoch Times on Vitamin D worth looking at ( From the start of this thing, the official Covid response didn’t make much sense.

Stay-at-home orders mean less sunlight and exercise. Good diet and vitamins were never addressed. It was a good opportunity to promote them, but better health really wasn’t the interest of those pushing the narrative. It was almost as though they wanted us to stay at home and get sick and die.

Asymptomatic transmission was over-blown as a cause, giving them the pretext for lockdowns, despite evidence they don’t work. In fact, the CDC admitted asymptomatic transmission was very rare. The Barrington Declaration was ignored. The Imperial College model was promoted as true, despite it being incorrect. An army of “fact-checkers” was paid to lie to us and obscure the facts.

So why lockdowns at all, which resulted in lockdown deaths through depression, suicide, poverty, drug overdose, and lack of access to medical care? It made no sense from a public health perspective — but as a tool for dividing and conquering an entire population through deception, it made perfect sense. Scare everyone into submission with a faux pandemic.

It’s brilliant from a military strategist p.o.v. Asymmetrical warfare, if it can be waged, is less costly in men and matériel
than open warfare, especially if you’re target outguns you. Thus China sought to defeat the U.S. this way until it could catch up in the weapons department (which it almost has now).

The question is how to pull it off. The Left tried for years with racial divisions and climate scares, and before that class division — but none of those has worked half as well as scaring the public with fear of disease. Class division was countered by patriotism and faith and love of family. Marxists could not sufficiently erode these powerful forces so they just turned to force and terror instead.

Cultural Marxism was used to wear us down, but never for the end-game. It was meant to distract and demoralize us (viz. Yuri Bezmenov), to prepare us for the end-game — and to neutralize millions of potential opponents (and it worked). Their big gambit was using our natural fear of disease in a well-orchestrated psyop, which they planned for years. Unfortunately, Donald Trump inadvertently helped them by providing the perfect foil or strawman to scapegoat.

Meanwhile, what would actually improve health – more exercise and better diet to boost the immune system and better facilitate natural herd immunity – was ignored. Because this was never about public health. For the CCP it’s about world domination. For Big Pharma, it’s about profit. For the globalists’ it’s political power and careerism.

The MSM was the lynchpin in the whole plan: it’s a weakness in our society that public policy can be determined by a sensational headline. I wonder how much the owners and editors of the MSM were offered to sell their souls?

And also the willing compliance of the Left, who were fooled into believing it would bring about the idealized Great Reset, the Utopian society many dreamed of.

Idealism of this sort is like a drug, enticing millions who dream of an equitable democratic socialist society – whereas in reality, what they’ll get is more like the Chinese dictatorship. They wanted a “diverse and equitable” society but instead, they’ll get secret police and organ harvesting and gulags before this is all over. This is bio-warfare, but the disease is not the main weapon. It’s fear of disease, which renders a population vulnerable to autocratic control.]


Do you get that?

A Vitamin D test cost $65

A experimental drug not fully tested —Free

Vitamin D is known to help against the covid virus.

Swiss Policy Research says:

‘Vitamin D3 supports and improves the immune system response to infections.’ And it quotes:

  • A retrospective British study of approximately 1000 hospitalized covid patients found an80% reductionin mortality with high-dose vitamin D.
  • A large Israeli study found astrong linkbetween vitamin D deficiency and covid-19 severity.

Meanwhile the free vaccines cause death and injuries—in the US , the VAERS system , reports 17,000 deaths as a result of the covid vaccines as of October 15 and the European Union system , Eudra Vigilance,reports 28,000 deathsas of October 19. Injuries from the vaccines in the two places combined is over 3 million . Deathsin one and a half years from covid vaccines to be more than deaths…

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