China Tells Citizens To Stock Up On Food Before Winter

[NB – I see this as a sign not only of China’s intent to invade Taiwan, but also possibly beyond that. They have been seeking world domination for years now, though mostly through infiltration and destablization rather than a ‘hot’ war – though they’ve been stockpilling for that too and are ahead of the U.S. in some areas of militarization, and certainly in terms of troop morale. The entire Covid-19 thing is a major gambit in that strategy, a form of assymetric warfare – one that globalists, Wall Street, traitorous media and Big Pharma also facilitated and benefited from, at the expense of humanity. If people knew the truth, there would be a revolution against the oligarchy. See my previous articles on China’s ambitions:

The World We Live In

China’s central planners are telling the country’s 1.4 billion people to stock up on food for the winter because there may not be enough to go around.

china tells citizens to stock up on food before winter

The ChiCom leaders ordered the leading state-owned energy companies in September to secure enough supplies for the winter months at “all costs,” and now they are telling Chinese households that they’d better start stocking up on food as well, which is triggering wild speculation about the possibility that tensions with Taiwan may spill over into all-out warfare, which would likely spark a response from Asian neighbors and the United States.

Bloomberg reported that the Ministry of Commerce has informed Chinese households earlier in the week to store additional food in case there is an emergency following another outbreak of COVID-19, heavy rains which have caused a dramatic increase in veggie prices and the coming colder weather.

“The commerce ministry directive is similar…

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