Dozens of Conservative MPs form caucus to defend rights of unvaccinated Canadians

Ontario Patriotic Police Officers standing up against ...

by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa, True North,  Nov. 5, 2021

Up to 30 Conservative MPs have banded together to form the “Civil Liberties Caucus” to speak up for unvaccinated Canadians who are losing their jobs. 

According to MP Marilyn Gladu, the caucus was organized in October after the party had its first caucus meeting since the election. 

Conservative MPs were concerned about constituents who have lost their jobs after refusing to get a COVID-19 shot for various reasons. 

To date, the caucus has met virtually over Zoom on four occasions to highlight this issue and urge Canadian employers to find accommodations for their workers who won’t or can’t be vaccinated.

According to Gladu, Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole was not informed about the group as it remains informal. 

“I would really encourage every MP to listen to constituents in their ridings, because across the country, people are concerned about these things,” said Gladu. 

“Our job as MPs is to raise the issues that our constituents are bringing, and ask the important questions and get the experts in on it, and set a path to take action to make sure that people’s rights and freedoms are protected. And that’s why we’re sort of looking at the name of civil liberties. I mean, it’s basically these are the areas where we feel people’s [rights] are being encroached.”

Gladu acknowledged that joining the group could impact other MPs from being appointed a critic position within the party.

“That is possible, and people will have to choose what their priorities are,” said Gladu. 

“No, I don’t think that this is very controversial. Honestly, these are issues that are being raised by our constituents, and we were put here to basically represent their needs and make sure that those issues are raised in government, and that’s what we’re doing.”

While the Conservatives originally came out in opposition to the House of Common’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole flip-flopped on the issue.

Last month, O’Toole stated that his caucus would abide by a recent order requiring all parliamentarians in the House of Commons to be vaccinated. O’Toole stated that he will challenge the matter by raising a point of privilege at the soonest opportunity. 

Tories to form 'mini-caucus' on vaccine mandates; MP says ...
MP Marilyn Gladu

COMMENTS on youtube

True North, 48.5K subscribers

The government is changing what it means to be “fully-vaccinated.” Two shots may not be enough as Canada’s top public health “expert” Dr. Theresa Tam says the general population will need another vaccine shot. Tam’s latest ruling comes just three days after she said boosters would not be required for Canadians. Nobody is surprised by the government’s moving goal-posts anymore. Whether it’s vaccine passports or Canada’s early response to the virus, Canadians have been accustomed to non-sensical and contradictory rules. True North’s Candice Malcolm says it’s no wonder Canadians are hesitant when the lockdown authoritarians constantly tell us to “trust the science.”


Tam get’s her instructions from the CCP.

I’m an engineer by training, I do trust science. I am also able to determine settled science vs unsettled science. I am also willing to look at new information that updates our scientific understanding of things, and thereby change my mind. I guess what I’m saying is I’m trained, willing, and able to think for myself. Tam et al are asking you, in effect, to “trust them” however their viewpoints are bordering on dogmatic, and (important) they are only looking at one aspect of a very complex situation. [NB – good comment!]

When will the madness end?

The sociopaths won’t give up. Stop complying sheep!

If Kenney had stuck to his guns, we might now be in Florida’s position. They now have the lowest cases per capita in the US (9 per 100k).


Trudy is not a politician, he’s an employee. Unfortunately, he’s not an employee of the Canadian public. [i.e, he is an employee of the CCP and globalists] Can’t wait till the day he’s forced to disclose his banking transactions.

As Jordan Peterson said, he’s just an actor playing a part on the world stage. The script is being written for his performances by others who clearly want absolute control. Any guesses WHO? [CCP]

This will never end folks.

If the government wants to act like the guarantor of our safety then we should hold them responsible for every single negative externality from their intervention in our daily lives, whether it be a “de legalization” of hard drugs to job loss and suicides from the lockdown.

When the initial covid outbreak began in China in 2019, Canadian military operative’s in China said the virus was not going to be a threat to Canada. There should be a judicial investigation on how we got here.


The Trudeau-19 wouldn’t have hit Canada so hard and fast if our illustrious government had not allowed two flights a day into Canada from [the Wuhan province of] China. China had closed down internal travel yet allowed its people to travel internationally.

You nailed it Candice. Thanks for the bitter reminder of how pathetically we are being governed right now.

Until a majority say enough is enough this will not end. Some were saying this since the beginning.

There is no political solution. People, we cannot comply our way out of this. Stop obeying.

They just haven’t gotten the memo. Keep living your lives and move on from this absolute deceit.

Yes, all the 85-year-olds with several co-morbidities need to be concerned. I think the rest of us can take some sensible precautions and life changes and I suspect fair well. But that’s too simple and reasonable and who wants that when drama is so enticing and exciting?

Turdo has paid for 4 years worth of jabs. Be smart don’t do it.

This is criminal!!

When will you hosers start making it uncomfortable to be a politician or public health official in Chinada?

Flags are half-mast and some flags are all the way up. Shows a mixed-up country with no leader to say the direction of the position of the flag on the mast. A leader that says I think the flag should stay at half-mast. Does our leader know where he is going?

Hot tip… if there was a chance it was going back to normal, they would NOT be using the phrase “the new normal” so often.

All I ask is my government doesn’t take away my livelihood over a decision I made in the best interests of my health.

I don’t mean to sound like a South Park character, but the government took my job! As such, I have grown a deep resentment for this establishment.

Ever consider that the first videos from China were test subjects for the V and not suffering from an illness? Just saying, they looked pretty dam similar to the videos from here after the shots.

Born and raised here never been more embarrassed to call myself Canadian. This country has gone to the shits

Is anyone really surprised? They have been moving the goalposts since “two weeks to flatten the curve, so hospitals aren’t “overrun”

They’ll never give up the extra power they’ve gained and there’s no opposition!

Heads literally need to roll. Puppet time is over.

CUPE in New Brunswick has garnered a “cease and desist” order for “leave without pay” for those who are not vaccinated. Quebec and Ontario are walking back their vaccine mandates.

I have 5 family members that are double jabbed and they are all sick right now.


Honestly who is surprised, how about Conservatives stop complaining and start pushing back! This is why I had to vote PPC [Peoples Party of Canada]

Want to know why we should keep asking this question: “Can you get and spread this virus if you are fully vaccinated? ” Because the answer is “YES!”

Don’t need a history lesson about the plandemic.

Side effects double every jab. This will stop when either half of the population is gone or, everyone smartens up.

Getting out of Canada and heading to Florida next week. I’m sensing the odour (aroma to politicians) of more lock downs and/or restrictions on our lives.

Does anyone still actually believe anything any of them [politicians] say?

Stop complying. That’s why they keep getting away with this. It’s a very simple equation

So many people I’ve heard have said NO WAY to third and fourth jabs. We can smell the BS a long way off. The goal posts may change but will the line in the sand change for the people as well? Kenney embarrassed himself when he folded to Henshaw. [NB – who is Henshaw?]]

Only 25 booster shots to flatten the curve [NB – commenter is being fascetious]

Can you do a special of Justin Trudeau’s racketeering? He is committing to his investments in Arbutus pharmaceuticals. Every shot that is sold lines his pockets.

You will never be vaccinated enough for them.

I think she has the wrong impression from the initial lockdown. The premise was asymptomatic carriers as per the PCR test. Now we know there is no such thing as asymptomatic carriers and that they change measuring cycles on the PCR test for political reasons. They disallowed early treatment. Everyone needs to stand up and not comply.

We need the separation of medicine and state? [Good comment!]

DON T LISTEN TO TAM. SHE’S A COMMIE. [seems to be true]

Pretty sure that early down vote [on youtube] is Tam.

It’s not extremely deadly. FFS

When has Tam ever been honest?! She’s evil, and needs the justice of the Canadian people.

Doesn’t Dr Tam feel foolish? Most people would if they contradict themselves so publicly.

Great points Candice, how many insults to our intelligence will people take before they take a stand?

Follow the bribes, and the money.

There are signs of encouragement, though: the front-line health-care workers in Quebec called the government’s bluff big time. You can bet your bottom dollar the workers are going to make damn sure the new hires are fully briefed on their rights before their first day.

Im so sick of and depressed about all this… I want my life back


Then she talked to the crime minister and he reminded her he just spent millions on boosters that he gets kickbacks from 🤦🏼‍♀️

Canadians must remember that Tam’s Jan 29 2020 statement was made after she participated in a WHO exec meeting (Jan. 12, 2020) where she learned the virus was transmissable by human to human contact (she was is on the exec at the time), and on Jan 15, 2020 she publicly stated there was no evidence of this. Why is she still a federal employee?

Went from would be “divisive” to get jabbed or you can’t fly take a train or but within Canada!

Let’s go Brandon and Trudeau. Stop Communism in Canada and the USA

We have spineless weak leaders

I’m not getting a Third Jab. This madness has stop this Govt is mentally and emotionally abusing its citizens!

Good point that I’ve also been very aware of. Unelected Health Care officials having Covid on the brain who have gained the spotlight and been given far too much authority. Never considering the fallout of passports and mandates of personal financial effects, depression, suicides, diverted health care, fear, stress, economic crisis, high unemployment, low product supplies, inflation and so on.

You can’t trust a snake in a clowns suit.

Remember what they did to Ceaușescu? Refresher time. [NB – “On Christmas Day, 25 December 1989, the Ceaușescus were tried before a court convened in a small room on orders of the National Salvation Front, Romania’s provisional government. They faced charges including illegal gathering of wealth and genocide. Ceaușescu repeatedly denied the court’s authority to try him, and asserted he was still legally the President of Romania. At the end of the trial, the Ceaușescus were found guilty and sentenced to death. – Wikipedia]

This is the ‘nudge’. Moving the goalposts is the plan. It’s ‘Behavioral Insights”, what rational people call propaganda.

Next thing they’ll mandate all our cats and dogs get vaccinated before they leave the house.

Until we wake up to what’s going on we can never come together as one.

Twinkle toes is just following his memo (leaked) which I must say he’s doing a bang up job.

Even the image of Trudeau makes me nauseous. Really.

Keep up the great work!

That what happens when you vote Trudeau Castro 🤦🏻‍♂️

Thank you for your perspective

Turdeau and Tam and the bands of criminal clowns will swing one day for what they have done.

I’m starting to believe that leaving Canada might be the answer.

We need to move our entire government administration from the PM right down. Move them right out of Canada.

Bummer, couldn’t have seen that one coming!?!? 🧐

I think the flip flops are designed for confusion. Will not stop. [NB – this is true; it’s part of the plan to destabilize the population in order to introduce authoritarianism, as per Yuri Bezmenov]

New Zealand here- it’s just astounding how similarly all our governments and mainstream media are behaving. [NB – the reason: the direction is coming from the CCP]


There is as little evidence of hesitancy than there is of the dreaded ‘virus’ model. We are back in the Dark Ages again just like the 1920s. Eugenicist extremism. I love the old clip of Trudope. Bookshelves full of books that he’s probably never read. Dammit STOP COMPLIANCE!!!!!

There will be a new shot very soon but it will be lead based and only the leaders will need to get it. [This seems to be an oblique reference to revolution]

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:10-11)

I would enjoy a reply from someone trying to convince me that JT and his minions are not Marxist commies.

Candice, it [Covid-19] came from Winnipeg [a reference to the Winnipeg lab]

Social Credit Score, then no more cash, only credits next, just like China. Any bets?

Virginia, Jersey, Pittsburgh, and others have just shown that even a truck driver can unseat a regular politician. It’s time for regular Canadians to run for local and national races and remove these Domestic terrorists. Love, truth, facts and common sense people can turn this horse sht around..

How the hell did the dumbest person ever get elected?

Has Mr. Tam been charged with treason as of yet?

The shot doesn’t stop infection. Why get it?

LET’S GO BLACKFACE! [a double reference to Let’s Go Brandon and Trudeau’s blackface]

Everyone should just stop playing along

Let’s go Brandon

Let’s depose this govt

Okay, time to give us the evidence for every science-based decision. Don’t filter it through spokespersons.

Who’s pulling the strings? [the CCP]

The final aim of Trudeau is a country with a social credit system based on the Chinese system. I was asked by a survey company that was doing a survey for the Bank of Canada to track my use of cash and credit for 3 days. I declined to do this survey since no matter how much I said I used cash to make purchases. The Bank of Canada will do what Trudeau wants and that is a digital currency system, where they can control your ability to participate in society if your a good citizen.

Genetic modification makes you property of the patent of the modifier. Think about it

Let’s go Justin.

The jabbed are doomed this winter.

Follow the money. Do the Liberals get a percentage from Pzifer? [probably]

Welcome to the new Normal. It’s up to you folks! Are you their property? Do you have a contract with them? Have you caused anyone harm? You are a free human being, free to go about your day. These officials are public servants acting in a role. Public servants are their to serve the people and govern property that you and other own. They don’t govern you. You are your own property.

Therefore, it’s overreach to tell you what you can do and not do. To hand out an offense on you, bah, who have you offended? Offending isn’t law. Law is common law, after that, it’s all theatre of roles. These are actors. Fear is what grips you and fear will determine how much power you will give them so that they can cash in on the riches. This isn’t about saving lives. How many more have been lost or ruined due to tyranny? This is the new normal and it doesn’t look very free. It’s time to paint your face blue and bust out and scream “FREEDOM”

Just as long as we are all aware we are never going back to normal. Not normal as we knew it anyway.

These clips of JT were probably pre done, knowing what their plan was all along.

Watch the 5th estate program on Cansino. What a mess.[]

Amazing people ok with flip flops & especially totally opposite “facts” I a few days

Screw the fearful

If you catch it and you are under 90 your chance of live through it is 99.8 %

Hesitant? Nope, more like adamant! As in NEVER!

The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some say are unnatural…… possible to learn this power.

Abolish government.

Why am I not surprised!! 😤

Candice, All of this “rhetoric” may be construed as interesting, but most of the current narrative – especially Canadian-focused narrative tends to have me forget about the real issue, “Our rights”. Canada, unlike the US, has no national identity. As a result, we have no means of “tying us together”. This is what we should be focusing on. All other issues are really-and-truly “side issues”. For example, we need to put an end to the “notwithstanding” clause of the Charter. this clause is detrimental to Canadians. Yet, how many know of this clause? May, just maybe, you can do a show on such matters – matters that should unit us as Canadians, rather than potentially dividing us.

A recent study said vaccine immunity wanes in 2 to 3 months

Covid is an endemic it always was. [ie less strong than “pandemic”]

The more you follow the rules…….more rules will follow!

It’s the same in the states they say nope not going to do it, and bam hit ya with it, These dirty politicians have to go.

Was it ever really about our health? If it was, precautions would have began early and immediately at the border but there was next to nothing until a year into things. Even the village idiot knows so stop the flow in a plugged sink first stop it at the source and turn off the water.

If quantum jumping is real, let’s all jump to the timeline where Trudeau is arrested for racketeering.

And despite the dozens of lies and flip-flops from politicians, what do you almost never here? . . . An apology.

Look at how many athletes are dying from heart issues….all vaccinated….Hmmm. Glad I didn’t get it and never will. Follow the money.


Tam just got another payment. Hence the change of mind on the booster.

So no one now is fully vaccinated until the booster in six months???

Jab, booster, jab, booster , jab, booster…enjoy 🐑 🐏 🐑

SNAFU!, as long as liberals rule!

I will not comply

The Great Reset is in full mode

Exactly … a different person. It is NOT who he has proved himself to be.


Boy right now didn’t last long. 3 days you say.

WHAT SCIENCE? Everyone talks the word “science” but nobody ever produces the actual scientific evidence! Just by saying “science” doesn’t make it’s factual

Let’s Go Justine [a play on Let’s Go Brandon, meaning FU Biden/Trudeau]

You don’t actually think Turdo is in charge of anything….

When to say, no more and get on

After being ‘double vaccinated” how long are you protected? According to the City of Toronto website, the City is delta variant dominant. And the efficacy of the vaccine wanes after the shot. So a booster after six months is not unreasonable? So to be fully protected and to have the mandate/passport make sense, three doses should now be required. And maybe another dose in six months; a four-dose requirement for the passport? A heroin addiction would be shorter in the interval, just for comparison.

Let’s go Brandon (Canada) 😜😜😜

Puppet Masters have spoken!

How many times do you need to be told! IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH! Connect the dots!

“Let’s go Poopadeau”

Sounds like someone is telling lies!

The only way to end it is to NOT comply

Its a biological weapon

There is an old saying from our first nations people: “white man speaks with forked tongue.” All you have to is watch Trudy and see it for yourself

Candice, if it wasn’t for people like you and the rest of the True North alum . . . your uncanny abilities to report on issues with brevity and hope is appreciated. You are the people that will be galvanized as true patriots if Canada manages to rid itself of the rotten core that this once great nation has never seen.

They know exactly what they are doing. The shots are causing more issues than they are solving. We are told to believe blatant dogma from people who aren’t even experts on these things. What sucks is that Canadians just believe everything they say. I said this years ago this will end with the ruling class and normal Canadians as subordinate slaves.

Authoritarian governments use confusion as a tactic. people will not agree in a discussion if the source says things on both sides.

Hey look, only two Commies dislike this video

Anyone else being censored? Wondering if this will post? It was taking time to send, so wondering,,,,,,,, thanks.

I don’t want to play this game anymore it is foolish

“NEEVeerrrr… going back to normaaaallll….!!! yeah-ee-yaaahhh1!!!!!” RETURN TO NORMAL

The uprising is coming. Enlist and do your part. Montreal, Toronto, Kingston, Winnipeg, Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Nanaimo.

CBC Sucks! Prison Planet

I don’t like Trudy or trust him period.

We see the same script played elsewhere. Trudope is whatever you want him to be, he knew his script and how it would change. He knew he needed to lull people, this is what they do people, they play us allll the time.

Niagara Falls Canada checking in.

Arrest Dr. Tam



  1. NO RECORD FOUND: FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (133 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ungekrzte says:

      Thanks! I had an article on this topic a month or so ago:

      It gets into the deeper question of whether there is even such a thing as disease. Clearly, this idea challenges conventional allopathic medicine. I personally don’t go that far, but it’s interesting to hear from others who do.

      The ban on so-called “medical misinformation” is anti-scientific because true science is open-ended and willing to listen to multiple perspectives. The distinction is sometimes made between “settled” science that is still experimental and theoretical. mRNA shots fall into the latter category but they’re being treated as though the science is settled and unquestionable, due to a political agenda.

      I do not draw conclusions or make absolute assertions in the article, but I do present the ideas as they have come from others. The inquiry started when a friend of mine sent me links that said SAR-CoV2 has never been isolated. We are told this disease exists and does certain things. But like Descartes ‘cogito ergo sum’ how do we really know for certain that any of this is true?

      We are told people die in the hospital but we know the numbers are inflated (even the CDC admitted that). What are they really dying of? Some say the ventilators killed them. I think it’s important to be a skeptic in this (or any) day and age, when it comes to authority figures who have power over our lives. That is the Enlightenment idea: think for yourself. Power can be abused. Pharma corporations and politicians who work for them don’t care for our health.

      How do we know what is real and what is not if we cannot trust the media and healthcare industries? And clearly, we cannot. They have lied too much.

      And I have personally found that medicine is not precise; a lot of it is guesswork. It’s important to do your own research as much as possible. One doctor will say one thing, and another another. Sometimes the drug regimen is counter-productive. Better to get off meds if possible and go towards good diet and exercise. A whole-food plant-based diet, for example, is said to be healthier. With some research, I am often able to make a diagnosis (for myself and my dog) as well as most GPs for simple ailments – but I also know that most remedies are imperfect. They often have side effects because the body is so complex. Thus it’s prudent to balance naturopathic and allopathic medical paradigms.

      Perhaps it’s the case that medicine is still at a very primitive stage. It’s better than it was 100 years ago, but in 100 years (if our species lives that long) what we do now will be considered stupid, like leeches.

      If our society had any sense, mRNA shots would be made illegal; instead, they’re being made mandatory. This cannot have a good result.


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