Groundswell, Melbourne

The freedom movement is much bigger than the MSM is willing to admit, and it’s certainly not just “right-wing” (if it ever was). It transcends traditional politics. The real dichotomy is not Right-Left as much as Freedom vs. Tyranny. I support the people of Australia who have suffered medical tyranny for far too long. They have suffered the longest lockdown in the world! What’s really going on is an attempt by a corporate oligarchy and the CCP to take impose global authoritarianism on billions of people and rob them of their basic rights and freedoms. The politicians doing this are truly corrupt and criminal. This is evil and must be opposed. Good to see such opposition to tyranny. “Save the children” is in reference to the jab being forced on children unnecessarily, given that they are virtually immune to Covid-19. Many suspect the jab is fatal in the long term, as numerous scientists have testified, and due to the fact that it has a high “adverse event” (negative side-effect) rate and is being forced on billions of people for reasons that make no rational sense, given the high recovery rate to the disease itself. This is not being done for our health, obviously. This is solely about power and profit. But the plans of the tyrants and oligarchs can be unravelled if there is sufficient opposition.


6th November. Melbourne, Australia. Part 2

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