Long Covid doesn’t exist

[NB – “Long Covid” is defined as “persistence of symptoms weeks or months after initial SARS-CoV-2 infection.” What the study referred to in this article below tells us is that long Covid doesn’t exist. It’s imagined. But because it’s lucrative for the pharmaceutical corporations to pretend that it does exist, it will used to justify endless medications that will likely make us more sick and less free than ever. Common symptoms, such as coughs and joint pain, will be wrongly attributed to long Covid, which doesn’t exist. As the White Rose slogan goes, “Imagine a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to know if you have it.”]

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A huge French study shows BELIEVING you had Covid is associated with many later symptoms. But ACTUALLY having had Covid isn’t associated with any (except loss of sense of smell).

The Journal of the American Medical Association has another stunning paper out, this one on post-Covid symptoms in almost 27,000 French adults.

Researchers asked people to report whether they had had Covid and whether they had any of 18 lasting symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, or cough. They found that self-reported Covid was very strongly associated with nearly every symptom.

But the scientists then went a step further.

They also had Sars-Cov-2 antibody test results for the people they had surveyed, so they didn’t have to depend on self-reported Covid. Theyknewwho really had had Covid and who had not.

They then compared self-reported symptoms in people with antibodies – that is, people who had actually been infected and recovered…

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