‘Our Country Is Under Attack’: RFK, Jr. Speaks on CIA and Totalitarianism

[NB- It sounds as though the CIA manual on how to destroy a country internally is borrowed from the KGB model that has been put into practice since the 1960s, using (mostly) racial tensions in the U.S. to amplify internal divisions as a form of assymetric warfare.

Yuri Bezmenov spelled it out in detail in the 1980s. Covid-19 restrictions and mandates are simply a further manifestation of that same playbook, to weaken, disrupt and destabilize the USA (and also the entire world) in preparation for a global authoritarian system of governance.

Apparently, the CIA manual provides the blueprint “to create chaos that will then create enough people in that country who will allow a foreign entity to come in and clamp down on centralized control.” That foreign entity is the CCP.

The question is why the CIA would do that their originoal role is to prevent foreign control? Perhaps these “deep state” actors realized that cooperating with the CCP would ensure endless employment as agents of a police state? A case of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” (?) There is still hope for the U.S., but Canada is almost completely subjugated from within.

There is a great deal of corruption in all our institutions right now (media, education, courts, police, medicine, government, even some of the churches). We are veering towards totalitarianism. Those doing this are adept at creating fake crises as a pretext for seizing control (e.g., “white supremacy”, “pandemic” etc).

And there is an army of naive Lefists progressives willing to buy into it, which is frightening. They all think the same thing, reflexively, with a ‘hivemind’ (like the Borg) and try to destroy the lives of anyone who questions things and thinks for themselves.

I never thought it would get to the point where agreeing with Robert Kennedy Jr., a man known for sharing conspiracy theories, made more sense than believing what’s written in newspapers or on the tv.

The media is that corrupt and far gone. You are better to never believe anything in newspapers and on tv, ever, on any topic (unless it is an indepedent media site, such as True North or Rebel News or Epoch Times – which are all good.]


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense chairman, last month spoke at the 2021 Ron Paul Institute “Pandemic and the Road to Totalitarianism” conference where he called for Americans to stand up and protect the U.S. Constitution.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. last monthdelivered a speechat the 2021 Ron Paul Institute “Pandemic and the Road to Totalitarianism” conference.

In his speech — described by the Ron Paul Institute as “a compelling indictment of the mad push to total control” — Kennedy said the techniques used by government officials during theCOVIDpandemic to “edge people into subservience” come straight out of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) manuals he researched for his book, “American Values.”

He said the manuals provided a playbook for how to destroy local businesses, the economy, institutional and social structures and social relationships. He said the purpose was:

“ … to create chaos that…

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"Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity ... the inability to use one's own understanding without another's guidance. This immaturity is self-imposed if its cause lies not in lack of understanding but in indecision and lack of courage to use one's own mind without another's guidance. Dare to know! (Sapere aude.) "Have the courage to use your own understanding," is therefore the motto of the [European] Enlightenment. "Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why such a large part of mankind gladly remain minors all their lives, long after nature has freed them from external guidance. They are the reasons why it is so easy for others to set themselves up as guardians. It is so comfortable to be a minor. If I have a book that thinks for me, a pastor who acts as my conscience, a physician who prescribes my diet [or vaccine], and so on--then I have no need to exert myself. I have no need to think, if only I can pay; others will take care of that disagreeable business for me. Those guardians who have kindly taken supervision upon themselves see to it that the overwhelming majority of mankind ... should consider the step to maturity, not only as hard, but as extremely dangerous. First, these guardians make their domestic cattle stupid and carefully prevent the docile creatures from taking a single step without the leading-strings to which they have fastened them. Then they show them the danger that would threaten them if they should try to walk by themselves. Now this danger is really not very great; after stumbling a few times they would, at last, learn to walk. However, examples of such failures intimidate and generally discourage all further attempts. "Thus it is very difficult for the individual to work himself out of the immaturity which has become almost second nature to him. He has even grown to like it, and is at first really incapable of using his own understanding because he has never been permitted to try it. Dogmas and formulas [e.g., Leftist ideology, identity politics] these mechanical tools designed for reasonable use--or rather abuse--of his natural gifts, are the fetters of an everlasting immaturity. The man who casts them off would make an uncertain leap over the narrowest ditch, because he is not used to such free movement. That is why there are only a few men who walk firmly, and who have emerged from immaturity by cultivating their own minds." - Kant, "An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment"

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