Comparison of Covid-19 with measles in order to illustrate that Covid restrictions have gone way too far

by Think for Yourself

If there was a true pandemic, with a highly contagious and deadly disease, such as the Bubonic plague, Covid restrictions would make sense. But it isn’t the case. The mainstream media has only made us think it’s a highly deadly and contagious disease by creating mass hysteria over what is in fact an unremarkable disease.

To prove my point: the average mortality rate for SARS-Cov2 is less than 1% for all age groups (and far below 1% for young healthy people). Where it increases above 1% is in older people with co-morbidities (1.6%).

This is based on the following: “mortality in SARS-COV2 infected people varied considerably, between 7 and 155 deaths per million per year in the under-20 age groups compared to 441 to 15,929 in the older age groups. Mortality in pediatric populations is strongly associated with comorbidities . . .” Source.

The CDC also published a mortality rate chart per age group:

The transmission rate for SARS-CoV2 is calculated in one study at 3.32, which is still relatively low on the scale of communicable diseases (measles has an R0 of 12 to 18, for comparison).

Measles has a comparable mortality rate of Covid-19: about 1% (out of 500,000 cases, 500 died). The “estimated R0” [transmission rate] ranges “from 1.5 to 6.68. Within households, it’s much higher than in public, which is to be expected. The chance of catching it in public from a stranger is extremely unlikely.

The point is that it’s not a deadly pandemic, but it is a disease that can kill you if you already have another deadly disease or condition, such as heart disease or obesity. But even then, the jab is not your only option: there is also Ivermectin or natural immunity-boosting remedies, which worked for several hundred million people in India, Japan, and elsewhere.

If I had Covid-19, I’d take Ivermectin (if I could get it), vitamin D, I’d convalesce and quarantine, and in a couple of weeks I’d be better and have 13x the immunity of anyone who took the jab. The odds of me dying from it would be less than 1 percent, so it’s not enough for me to worry about and allow a sketchy substance into my body that has these nasty side effects.

I believe that Covid-19/SARS-CoV2 was concocted in a lab for the express purpose of killing just enough people to cause a panic when released in conjunction with a media propaganda campaign to promote fear.

This was done in order to sell mRNA ‘vaccines’ to billions of people, for the profit for Big Pharma corporations, and also for the political gain of an elite class of authoritarians who have used this opportunity to gain enormous power at our expense. Specifically, the CCP and the globalists and those who work for their vision. It’s a huge loss for everyone else.

Did we ever shut down society, ruin the economy, violate constitutional rights, make people lose their jobs, force them to take a faulty vaccine, and destroy society because of the measles? Or any communicable disease for that matter. This has never been done before. It’s unprecedented, and what we’ve learned from it is that none of the Covid restrictions work that well or are worth the cost.

The lockdowns, vax mandates, and passports, in particular, are all wrong, ethically and are not justifiable scientifically. But as tools for social control, they’ve worked well. And that was their real purpose, not public health.

Many people like myself are not “vaccine-hesitant”; they are “vaccine defiant” because they recognize something stinks and to take the jab is to concede to a diabolical plan that has nothing to do with advancing public health.

See my list of ten reasons why this is not really about public health.

To not take it is an act of defiance against despotism. It is a statement. I would rather go to prison than take their toxic injection. And it may come to that eventually.

It was understood, prior to 2020, that certain non-lethal diseases will go away once you have them and become immune to them. Or that those who have them can be treated by going to the GP and getting a prescription. They didn’t require us to destroy the lives of everyone else in the process.

Prior to 2020, medicine was corrupted by the worse aspects of capitalism (personified by pharma profiteer Martin Shkreli ) to a certain extent, but not to the extent that it is now. Now we have medical tyranny.

As for measles, yes, you can also take a measles vaccine, but what’s interesting about that is that it requires only one shot, not endless boosters. In other words, it’s a real vaccine and works, unlike the mRNA jab, which is a failure, requiring multiple shots, not preventing injection or transmission, and having multiple ‘adverse events’ (negative side-effects) associated with it.

In addition, there are unknown long-term risks of the jab that some scientists say include death. For that reason, I am not against real vaccines. But I am against the mRNA ‘vaccine’ and all Covid restrictions. And I feel strongly enough about this to publish this blog.

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