Lady Fights Mask Fine And Wins In My City, Parksville, BC. 

[NB – The other point to make is that regular masks don’t prevent transmission of disease. Aside from which asymptomatic transmission is very rare, even according to the WHO.

Mask mandates are imposed on us not for the sake of public health but for social control, as symbols of submission. Evidence of this is the fact that celebrities and politicians regularly don’t wear them and don’t seem to take them seriously, but want the rest of us to wear them, as a symbol of inferior class, or face fines (and in Australia, arrest).]


Right here in nice Canada , it is happening .;

Our rights and freedoms are being suppressed and eliminated .

All in the name name of science that does not exist. Numerous studies from all over the world exist showing that masks, that almost everyone is wearing , are not helpful and in some cases are harmful. I have published some of these studies on this blog.

Ela Tenase went toa local Pharmacy called Pharmasave to pick up her medical prescription . She was not wearing a mask . No entry. She explained that for medical reasons she could not wear one , explaining that’s why she was taking medicines . Meanwhile in a nearby mall in Nanaimo hundreds were sitting in a food court unmasked.

But the authorities would not act reasonably and she was fined by the police. Ela , a courageous Romanian immigrant , did not take…

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