Satire of actual mRNA ‘vaccine’ propaganda aimed at children

The Babylon Bee produced this after Sesame Street started indoctrinating children to accept the vaccine through Big Bird (tweet below). In the satire, Elmo manipulates the child to take the jab, even though children are virtually immune to Covid-19 and the jab is more harmful to them.

The Big Bird tweet that Senator Ted Cruz rightly objected to, and Biden’s endorsement of it (anything to increase Big Pharma profits!) Sadly, this tweet is not a satire, but an attempt by Big Pharma and the government to poison children with a drug they don’t need for a disease they’re virtually immune to.


Babylon Bee also did the following related satires of Sesame Street’s turn to the dark side:

Now That He’s Sold The Pfizer Vaccine, Here Are 10 More Upcoming Product Endorsements From Big Bird

The beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird is finally doing what he was born to do: sell pharmaceutical products to small children! After his resounding success in selling a Pfizer vaccine, here are 10 more exciting Big Bird product endorsements PBS is planning: 

1) The brand new cereal Pfizer-O’s: Every bowl is the equivalent of one additional COVID booster. The FDA says it’s a balanced part of your complete breakfast! Cool! 

2) Pfizer’s watermelon flavored puberty blocker chewables: change your gender without sacrificing taste. 

3) Lead finger-paint set: This is a great way to boost your child’s immunity to lead poisoning. Made in China. 

4) Communist Manifesto: Illustrated Children’s Edition: It’s never too early to introduce your kids to the greatest political ideology on earth. A great alternative to Tuttle Twins books. 

5) Fisher Price’s My First Pregnancy Test: They even come in pink and blue, depending on whether your pregnant child is a man or a woman! 

6) Waterboarding kit: A great way for kids to learn how we treat enemies of the state. 

7) COVID Heroes Trading Cards: Fauci, Whitmer, Newsom… collect ’em all! 

8) Injectable sugar: a great way to boost your energy on the go! 

9) Afghanistan withdrawal Lego set: Reenact Biden’s heroic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and decide who gets left behind! 

10) A government-issued satellite phone for reporting your parents to the state: Don’t let them get away with mask violations on your watch! 

NOT SATIRE: Don’t let Joe Biden or Big Bird raise America’s kids! And certainly don’t let them provide medical treatment or teach them socialism. Instead, let’s teach America’s youth with the Tuttle Twins!

The Tuttle Twins children’s book series is teaching the rising generation about the ideas of freedom, free markets, individual responsibility, and American history.

My goal is to distribute an additional 10,000 copies of the Tuttle Twins before the end of the year. It costs roughly $10 to distribute one copy of the Tuttle Twins to a family.

Click here to help us distribute more copies of the Tuttle Twins books to schools across the country, with your tax-deductible gift of $10, $50, $100, $500, or even more.


Sesame Street Sends Important Message That All Good Puppets Get Vaccinated

NEW YORK, NY—In a critically acclaimed episode on Sesame Street, Big Bird taught his young audience the important life lesson that all good puppets should happily receive the vaccination and whatever else Big Pharma wants to put in your body. 

“All puppets like me comply with CDC and Pfizer guidelines,” said Big Bird, as Elmo—who was dressed in a doctor outfit—injected something into his arm. “Like all the residents of Sesame Street, I am a hollow soulless shell made of fabric and fake feathers whose every word and action is controlled by another person! It’s important for people like me to get the vaccine! Yay!” 

CNN’s medical expert Sanjay Gupta later confirmed that all of Sesame Street was given the Pfizer vaccine, with only Grover being sent to the hospital with myocarditis. 

“This is a great result for our puppet friends,” said Gupta. “Only one person contracted serious side-effects and everyone is now inoculated against a virus that posed zero threat to them, you know… because they’re just puppets. Good job everybody!”

The video was soon interrupted by an angry mob of MAGA anti-vax muppets chanting phonetically correct anti-vax slogans and counting to four, as four was the number of the day. They were quickly rounded up by muppet policemen and sent to muppet jail. 

Update: Grover is dead. 


Oscar The Grouch Refuses The Vaccine, Stocks Up On Ivermectin

SESAME STREET, NY—With the COVID-19 vaccine now approved for 5 to 11-year-olds, many of the residents of Sesame Street are flocking to get the vaccination, even though it has not been specifically approved for large birds, monsters, or vampires. 

“Yay! Inject Elmo!” Elmo was heard shouting as he got in line for the shot.

There is a lone holdout, though: trashcan resident Oscar the Grouch. “Go ahead and get the experimental vaccine,” said Oscar to everyone in line. “I hope you don’t die, though. Actually, I hope you do die — because I’m a grouch!”

Oscar the Grouch, who often listens to Joe Rogan without earbuds—inflicting the podcast on whoever is near his trashcan—has instead stocked up on Ivermectin—the preferable way for a grouch to treat COVID-19. “Yeah, you sheeple line the pockets of Pfizer while the vaccine does who-knows-what to you,” said Oscar. “Me, I’ll be here with my alternative treatments, being perfectly healthy and perfectly grouchy.”

“Oh no. Elmo now scared of the shot!” said Elmo.

“Don’t listen to him,” cautioned Big Bird. “I heard he voted for Trump.”

“Twice!” exclaimed Oscar. “And I’ll do it again in ‘24!”

Oscar also got into a spat with CNN, which claimed Oscar had been using a common parasite treatment approved for humans, when in fact Oscar had very specifically only been consuming horse dewormer. Because he’s a grouch.


  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Thanks a lot Bird brain, now my kids are gonna have to watch Barney. 😦


    1. Kenneth T. says:

      Okay – so there’s no confusion…
      The comment 👆above👆 was meant for the original sesame street vaccine recording (not shown here) and not this spoof.


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