Italians are not taking medical fascism lying down. Europeans seem to know this is wrong, from history. Most Canadians, by comparison, are obedient and even complicit. Why?

The Italian response to medical fascism is vociferous. They don’t want it. Canadians, by comparison, are passive. Why? It may have something to do with the fact that Canada has never suffered under real tyranny before. We are in for an awakening.

Video of Italian protest:

With the exception of a few small freedom rallies, here and there, this is the typical Canadian response (i.e., obedience):

Driving alone with a mask (not required by law):

This Canadian didn’t comply, however: Montreal man arrested in Tim Horton’s for not wearing a mask in 2020. The woman who posted it wrote (in French): “Look what we’ve come to over a (expletive) mask.” She’s not wrong.

This sort of thing happens all the time in Australia (video of woman choked by police for not wearing a mask in public):

Perhaps if Canadians suffer more they will get it. But my fear is that many will just continue to go along with, as the Russians did under Stalin.

And if it goes that far (arrests, murders, purges) then it will be too late. This is the time to stop it before it goes too far.

We are living under medical tyranny now. But it can get a lot worse, as 20th-century history has shown.

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