Those who think the Great Reset will help environmental causes are mistaken: China’s impending world domination will in fact result in global environmental catastrophe

The architects of the manufactured Covid-19 crisis hope to gain authoritarian control of the world. For some, like Bill Gates, this is ostensibly their solution for the climate crisis, delivered through the Trojan Horse of a faux public health crisis. But he and others who care about the environment have made a deal with the devil by bringing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into their plans. The final result will not be a more just, sustainable world; it will be a world of endless coal fields, human slavery, extinct species, and dead oceans.

Manufactured Landscapes by Edward Burtynsky
Coal field, China

I believe Gates is sincere in his desire to solve environmental problems through a combination of technological solutions and social policies. The problem is that he also believes that mass deception and social engineering are justified. Just ends require just means, Gandhi often said, and he was not wrong. The architects of the Great Reset, however well-intended they may be, are creating the conditions for both genocide and global environmental catastrophe, whether they know it or not.

From roughly 2009 onward, Gates was part of a small team of very rich and powerful people (the Good Club), which he started with a few other billionaires. They set in motion a chain of events hidden from the world: to deliberately devise and orchestrate the Covid-19 crisis to facilitate population control and to implement their particular social-political vision (the 2030 Agenda). Gates often speaks about zero emissions by 2050 in his speeches — but at what cost? Through mass murder? Totalitarianism? How is that a better world?

At some point, the CCP was brought into it, of necessity to make it work. They had the political, strategic, and monetary power needed. We know of their early involvement because the Peoples Liberation Army of China produced a white paper in 2015 talking about the use of the coronavirus for biological warfare and because the Wuhan lab was under their control. The result was a complex psychological operation (psyop) that has transformed the world. Yes, this is a conspiracy theory, but a plausible one, with evidence to back it up.

SARS-CoV2 was created in a lab for this very purpose by the CCP and with NIH funding, courtesy of Fauci. I call it a ‘faux’ crisis because the disease is not deadly enough to warrant the restrictions that have been imposed on us in the name of ending it. These restrictions have proven totally ineffective in terms of mitigating it (e.g., lockdowns failed and the ‘vaccine’ is a complete failure). But these same restrictions have been very effective at robbing us of our basic rights and freedoms — and that of course was their real function.

Why was this done? There were different motives for the different actors. Pharmaceutical corporations profited financially. The CCP has gained enormous power from this is now well on its way to becoming the dominant super-power, as was always their ambition. Corrupt politicians, tired of the limitations of real democracy, were eager to jump on board, in order to gain absolute power over the regional fiefdoms they were promised. It was no problem finding corrupt medical officials who were promised big paychecks and power. The promise of money (a lot of it) was promise enough for many to jump on board. That’s what motivated Wall Street corporations and mainstream media owners. Others may have been threatened or believed that if they did not go along, they’d lose careers.

But for some, like Gates, it was also political idealism. They wanted a better world (according to their vision of it) and were willing to support any effort, however deceptive, to achieve it. Perhaps they reasoned that this would be less destructive than a climate catastrophe and thus were willing to sign on. Such utilitarian thinking has led to many atrocities in human history.

The climate justice movement was unable to persuade the world to reduce GHG emissions voluntarily (i.e., the failure of numerous international “climate talks” over the decades, as activists Greta Thunberg have noted), so the globalists like Gates took matters into their own hands. His team of planners — which must have included some very clever strategists working within the People’s Liberation Army — came up with a clever and extremely complex plan to reduce emissions and world populations and gain control over us in order to implement their vision of how we ought to live, speak, and even think.

We now know that these same strategists regularly issue directives to world leaders and regional health commissars. We know this because they follow the same directives worldwide at roughly the same time (e.g., lockdowns, isolation camps, vaccine mandates, etc). The coordination of events is remarkable. It must be planned.

The foundation of the plan is asymmetrical warfare, which Communists have waged for decades against the West, by inflaming racial divisions, among other tactics. The new innovation was the use of our instinctual fear of disease to create a moral panic as a pretext for setting aside constitutional rights under emergency orders.

Chinese propaganda poster for the West, 1960s, trying to inflame racial unrest.

Thus far they’re getting away with it, despite protests and grumbling. The acid test is their ability to convince us to relinquish our bodily autonomy and medical freedom. After that, it’s just a slippery slope to real tyranny.

The media was instrumental in the plan: they had to inundate the public with panic-stricken headlines 24/7 to make them belie a real pandemic had hit. And it worked.

For the authoritarians among them the primary goal: power. It didn’t matter to them whether it was class, race, gender, climate, or fear of disease that gave them power. A faux pandemic is a key that unlocked absolute power for the authoritarians. For others, motivated by idealism, the promise of a better world compelled them to support the faux pandemic.

Already we have higher gas prices and lower emissions than in previous years. There is talk of impending “climate lockdowns” – which some pundits are supportive of, even if it has a high human cost. Critics have called this “eco-fascism.” Its proponents called it “eco-socialism” (though why socialism is more socially accepted than fascism I’m not sure, since the end result of both is the same).

The Western Journal reports that “When the coronavirus pandemic shut down economies around the world in March, millions of Americans worried about their livelihoods and the effects on their families and communities. Not radical leftists, however. They were “cheering on the draconian lockdowns and dreaming ineffectually of a better world to come,” according to an article in the radical magazine Jacobin.

“In a June 15 article titled “To Halt Climate Change, We Need an Ecological Leninism,” Jacobin interviewed a “world-leading scholar on human ecology” who argued that the drastic shutdown of world economies as a pandemic intervention should be applied to the “climate crisis.”

Eco-socialist author Andreas Malm said “The current juncture therefore provides us with an opportunity to oppose the return to business as usual, to push for the transformation of the global economy and the launch of something like a Green New Deal.” Asked to elaborate on “economic Leninism,” he said, “Given that capitalism will need to be challenged for any meaningful transition to occur, the socialist legacy offers a set of resources to draw upon . . . It is incredibly difficult to see how anything other than state power could accomplish the transition required, given that it will be necessary to exert coercive authority against those who want to maintain the status quo.”

In the article “Slippery slope climate alarmists using Covid policies to justify totalitarian takeover”, Elise Ehrhard comments: “There is a whole generation in the West that never witnessed the peoples of Eastern Europe cheer their freedom as the Berlin Wall came down or Chinese students die in Tiananmen Square fighting for that same liberty. Many of these younger Americans also were never taught the truth about Communism in their schools. I suggest these young people pick up a copy of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s works to educate themselves.”

The World Economic Forum coined the term Great Reset to denote the plan to use the moral panic created (deliberately) by the media around the faux pandemic to socially engineer all of human society according to their particular authoritarian socialist vision. This would ideally (in their minds) include solving climate change and environmental problems. That’s certainly what motivates Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Pope Francis, and many others who adopt this worldview.

Canadian leader Trudeau is openly a disciple of the Great Reset and the “2030 Agenda”, seeing Covid-19 as an opportunity to re-invent Canada according to his globalist Leftist progressive idea of a just, sustainable, diverse post-nationalist state. Climate change, racism, inequality, etc. will be solved, he believes. It’s not the first time that religious and political idealism has led large groups of people to destruction.

In fact, the Government of Canada actually has the 2030 Agenda on its website:

But for all their brilliant maneuvering there’s a catch the globalists have not thought of (or else they are preferring not to think about for now): they needed the CCP to accomplish their goals, and the Chinese Communists are definitely no environmentalists.

Globalist socialists made a Faustian deal with the devil, and as in that deal, there is a heavy price to pay later. Many will pay with their very lives since the CCP views them as expendable “white monkeys” — useful for now.

Faust and the devil

The CCP are real heavy hitters who think nothing of committing genocide and torturing people in gulags and organ-harvesting. Bringing them on board is a lot like getting a loan from the Mafia. They may help you accomplish your short-term goals, but at what cost? They will take over and ruin everything eventually. In this case, they will impose totalitarianism and sweep the globalists and environmentalists aside in the process. They have zero respect for human life or animal life.

No matter how clever the globalists think they are, nothing can stop the CCP once it has been promised the world. The worst aspect of this is that whatever benefit the more idealistic globalists thought would come from this deal will be negated by the CCP. Sacrificing human rights for the environment will save neither in the end.

Uyghur genocide

As the author of Ecclesiastes stated more than two millennia ago: there is nothing new under the sun. None of this is new. It is as old as sin.

Stalin and Lenin looked down on Fabian socialists and social democrats as “useful idiots of the revolution.” Eco-socialists are animated by their Utopian vision and seem blinded by the Realpolitik of their despotic partners-in-crime. See my article on the comparison of G. B. Shaw’s naive support for Stalin with the naive support that the Great Reset idealists give to the CCP.

China is currently responsible more than any other nation for environmental destruction and mass extinction of endangered species. So if they’re allowed to achieve world domination, what’s to stop them from destroying what’s left of the environment? The CCP has openly stated that it has the ambition of world domination by 2049, the 100 anniversary of the Communist revolution.

Several species of shark are going extinct due to the demand for shark-fin soup, a delicacy in China. These sharks had their finds cut off, then left to die on the bottom of the ocean.
China ivory craze kills 100,000 elephants
Elephants endangered by the Chinese ivory trade
5 Things You Need to Know About Bear Bile Farming - One ...
Bears held captive in China, cruelly exploited for “bile.” China allows terrible animal rights violations.

The CCP acts as though it owns Canada. They are clearly giving Trudeau marching orders. China is in the process of buying up Canadian assets, threatening Canada’s sovereignty, warns CSIS (Canada’s security watchdog). China is by far the greatest threat to Canada in the latter country’s short history.

The CCP took over a number of countries through the BRI initiative, in order to exploit them environmentally, and they’ll do the same to Canada. Canada has a great wealth of wood, oil, water, minerals, and land. Already there are Chinese soldiers stationed in Canada and they have the full cooperation of Trudeau in turning Canada into a satellite of China. Their next goal is to drill in the Arctic for oil; in fact, they already are doing so:

“Thus far, China’s activities in the arctic have been primarily economic. China has poured money into nearly every Arctic country. For example, it has invested billions into extracting energy from beneath the permafrost on the Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia, is drilling for gas in Russian waters alongside the Russian company Gazprom, and is prospecting for minerals in Greenland. The International Institute for Strategic Studies wrote this year that China’s interest in the Arctic region can be boiled down to three major components: access to Arctic natural resources, use of the northern trade route, and the enhancement of its image as a major global power.” Source.

If environmentally-minded globalists think that their vision of a just, sustainable world will soon come to fruition after we’re all under their thumb, as a result of Covid restrictions stripping away our power and giving it to them, they’ll be sadly mistaken. The CCP will simply use its considerable power to swoop in and devastate the entire planet, starting with Canada – just as they are doing already in China and Africa and any region they control.

For example, the Leftist progressive idealists at Care2 who send out petitions promoting animal rights and environmental concern but also at the same time support mandatory vaccinations — believing, I suppose, that in doing so, it will somehow help bring about the socialist revolution they’ve been indoctrinated to hope for. Here is what one such petition said:

“Here are the facts: vaccines work and unvaccinated people are taking up virtually all of the country’s ICU beds. Employers have a moral obligation to ensure all of their workers are vaccinated and keep each other safe. Add your name to demand all private companies implement vaccine mandates!”

I doubt that whoever wrote that petition cares about vaccines or ICU beds. It’s just another Leiftst cause to rally behind, one that ensures greater control of the state over all our lives — which is the real point of it. But if they think it will somehow translate into the Great Reset as they envision it (a just, sustainable world), they’re in for a nasty surprise. If the CCP achieves world domination, this is what it will look like:

China To 'Declare War' On Pollution, Premier Says | HuffPost

Yes, China has a lot of green technologies, but this is just greenwashing. To believe that this will somehow balance the eco-destruction they’re perpetrating is just wishful thinking. As many energy experts warn, it’s not realistic to believe that fossil fuel energy can be entirely replaced with renewables anytime soon. And the CCP are notoriously deceptive, so I doubt they’ll willingly give up an advantage if they have one at their disposal.

Coal and oil continue to be profitable, so Chinese industries will continue to use them as much as they can. China recently announced it will scale back on coal plant factories. I don’t believe that for a second. Why would they? They view this as a competition with the U.S. over remaining fossil fuel reserves (especially in the Artic). Bill Gates thinks some technological innovation will solve everything. Perhaps he’s right but it has not done so yet.

The CCP and Chinese corporate executives view Canada as European settlers once viewed the New World and as Chinese mining companies now view Africa: as an uninhabited wilderness that needed to be tamed and exploited. There are a few natives in the way (us) and they can be dealt with. China is now dealing with its own equivalent of natives (the Uyghurs) by imposing genocide on them.

Those who are can be “re-educated” may live as slaves under the CCP and those who don’t cooperate are exterminated. We can expect the same treatment eventually. All this is being done in stages, to deceive us and at the same time condition us to accept it passively: the boiling frog syndrome.

The thirty-three million people living in Canada are passive, naive, and easily controlled by the leader they inexplicably continue to re-elect. Trudeau is selling Canada to China, piecemeal, through multi-billion deals, even as ordinary Canadians correctly view China as a security threat.

Canada is increasingly becoming like China, with state control over religion and every aspect of life and increased censorship. We are on a trajectory to a worse kind of life. The end result will not be a better world if their genocides and environmental destruction are any indications. Expect to see re-education camps popping up in Canada and hold-outs (like me) put into them in coming years. Already, Trudeau has built isolation camps.

All the signs are pointing to impending genocides worldwide, as the CCP’s power grows, thanks to the help of traitors like Trudeau — whom the CCP views as their trained “white monkey.” If China is willing to commit genocide against its own people, why wouldn’t they do so against those they consider racially inferior?

What made me think of all this was a video below by an articulate critic of Chinese Communism, Winston Sterzel, who says there is a massive fleet of illegal fishing boats (so large they can be seen from satellites) devastating the world’s oceans using illegal methods (e.g., turning off their transponders, fishing around the Galapagos Islands and other protected areas, etc). This is entirely plausible.

I suppose the title of his video “What China is doing to kill us all” is a reference to the idea that if the world’s oceans are dead, it harms humanity insofar as billions of people rely on the oceans to eat.

What this fleet is doing is certainly wrong from an environmental ethics perspective. It’s wrong to destroy endangered species and protected ecosystems. That’s why there are international laws in place to protect them. It’s also wrong to destroy the livelihood of smaller fishermen and coastal villages.

All over the world that’s happening: commercial trawlers are ‘raping’ the ocean within international waters, harming local fishing, and contributing to poverty and malnutrition in those regions. Even in Canada, Chinese trawlers in international waters deprived the east coast of traditional fishing stock. Now they’re pillaging the Galapagos island nature preserve.

Thousands of Chinese trawlers head out to sea after three ...
Fleet of Chinese trawlers

Commercial fishing by these ‘super trawlers’ is tremendously wasteful, resulting in an enormous amount of “by-catch.” It’s also cruel, e.g., shark-finning and illegal “long nets”, in which turtles and seals drown. There’s a good documentary on this below. In addition, human beings are destroying the ocean through acidification (killing the coral reefs and plankton), due to industrial activity, and pollution.

China is the number one producer of greenhouse gas emissions, causing this acidification. China is also the number one perpetrator of animal cruelty in the world today and the number one cause of species extinction worldwide (e.g., elephants killed for ivory and sharks for their fins). Sometime in the last decade, they eclipsed the U.S. as the worst polluter. The result is that ocean experts predict the death of the oceans by 2050.

The USA often gets blamed for environmental destruction, but China has now eclipsed the USA as the nation-state most to blame. Chinese corporations are not held back by the worry of being accused of human rights violations or environmental destruction because no one really expects those standards of them to begin with. Western mining companies for example put on a great show of “corporate social responsibility” but do Chinese mining companies operating in Africa even bother with this pretense?

Meanwhile, China — which has been engaged in a successful asymmetric war against the West for several decades, behind the scenes — is now gearing up for a hot war. The CCP is increasingly belligerent in its rhetoric:

“The message coming out of China is getting louder by the day. It doesn’t like other countries, especially Australia, ganging up and meddling in its affairs. As we know Beijing is currently doing its best to punish us economically, but in the last few days President Xi Jinping has also ratcheted up the rhetoric by warning of the perils of a new cold war. A loose translation is if we don’t stop poking the panda, we’ll face serious consequences. Now it’s worth taking the threat seriously because Xi controls the largest military force in the world, and as one of his supporters cautions tonight, the cost of conflict with China could be Armageddon.”

Have the idealist Leftist progressives who go along with medical tyranny (wanting us to all take our Big Pharma mRNA injection) in the hope of the Great Reset really ever stopped to consider what they’re supporting? They must have a naive view of world politics — much as Fabian socialists viewed Stalin favorably in the 1930s even as he was murdering millions.

The CCP views these Fabian socialists (who now call themselves progressives) as idiots, as baizuos (白左) who are easy to manipulate with anti-western race and gender ideology: baizuo is “a sarcastic reference to those whose political opinions are perceived as being guided by emotions or a hypocritical expectation to benefit from selflessness and empathy of others.” Sadly this is true.

It’s my hope that some of these young idealistic people will break out of this dream, while still retaining their idealism, and realize what’s at stake: our environmental and justice issues are not going to be solved by submitting to medical tyranny or allowing a CCP-style social credit system to be used to control people here. As the means, so the ends (Gandhi). There is a price to pay for what’s going on now.

All that will happen is that with the USA out of the way, the CCP will achieve world domination, subjugate everyone globally, and engage in industrialization on a scale never before seen, utterly destroying what’s left of the environment and the endangered species. Those who supported the Great Reset will live to regret the greatest error of their political lives.

It all reminds me of an old cartoon, of a professor telling a colleague, “they say those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. And those who do know history are doomed to helplessly watch as it’s repeated.”


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