A defense of The Epoch Times against unjust smears by the CCP, which is seeking to deflect attention from its own crimes against humanity

The Epoch Times is a newspaper that seeks to expose the evil of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and to document its influence worldwide. But its critics, rather than address its contents on their own merits, seek to smear the paper itself, unjustly. The criticism, it should be understood, comes from the Chinese Community Party.

The Epoch Times has a long-running section in the paper and also on video (below) against the CCP:

The critics say that the Epoch Times should be dismissed because it was started by members of the Falun Gong, a so-called “cult” from China. Sadly, this criticism has spread to the West and persuaded some Left-leaning people to dismiss one of the few sources of honest journalism left in the West.

While CNN and CBC do little more than echo CCP propaganda, the Epoch Times has courageously stood up against his growing tyranny. Its reporting is excellent. It’s real journalism of the kind one rarely sees anymore.

As for the Falun Gong, it’s a peaceful meditation group focused on spirituality that has roots in the traditional Chinese religion of Taoism. They’re syncretic, meaning you can be both a member of them and any other religion if you want.

Falun Gong Practitioners in New York Protest Torture ...

In Toronto, I used to pass by old Chinese ladies on St. George Street at they were holding banners outside the Chinese Embassy there to protest the arrests and organ-harvesting of Falun Gong members in China.

All religions are illegal in China, including Christianity and Islam, and Tibetan Buddhism and practitioners are routinely rounded up, beaten, tortured, imprisoned, murdered, and their organs also removed. Any threat to CCP power is dealt with this way.

The Falun Gong have every right to exist. Any number of groups could have been motivated to take the anti-Communist position they’ve taken: anyone who loves freedom and democracy, individual rights, human rights, freedom of religion, etc. I applaud them for starting the Epoch Times. It’s the best print newspaper in the world, in my opinion.

Arrested Chinese Christians Memorize Bible In Prison | God TV
Chinese Christians, persecuted for their faith

The number of groups the CCP has persecuted is extensive. They’re right now perpetrating genocide against eleven million people (the Uyghurs) and have in the past mass murdered tens of millions more.

The CCP is spreading its influence and power worldwide through the Belt & Road Initiative, even into Western nations like Italy. And it has corrupted the Democrat Party and in Canada, the Liberal Party, and is destroying all Western nations.


“Beijing’s influence operations in Canada are at least as deeply entrenched as they have been in Australia, but there isn’t much in Canadian law to stand in Beijing’s way. The all-powerful United Front Work Department, which Chinese president Xi Jinping calls China’s “magic weapon,” is increasingly hyperactive in Canada. [Source]

“Through economic influence and manipulation of information space, the CCP is undermining democratic prospects in Cambodia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Ecuador, Zambia, Mongolia, Hungary, The Gambia, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Maldives, notes the report, “Chinese Malign Influence and the Corrosion of Democracy.”

“From massive infrastructure projects that fuel corruption to efforts to stem criticism of China in the local media, the CCP’s malign influence in all of these countries is growing, and its tactics are becoming more sophisticated,” said David Shullman, IRI Senior Advisor and the editor of the report. “As China’s global influence continues to grow, so too does the threat to democracies worldwide.”

The CCP has tremendous influence in all sectors of our own society: universities, businesses, media, government, etc. It is an evil tyrannical political force and should be opposed by all right-thinking peoples as the greatest threat of the 21st century.

A great deal of what we call “the news” is influenced by the CCP now. As a result, the political views of billions around the world are shaped by the CCP:

“. . . a number of news reports and investigations, often by local journalists, have highlighted new evidence of how Chinese government-linked actors impact global information flows via propaganda, censorship, surveillance, and control over infrastructure . . . In Southeast Asia, Thailand’s cash-strapped media companies are increasingly relying on Chinese state media like the official newswire, Xinhua News Agency, to provide coverage on the global response to the coronavirus. But China’s influence on Thai news precedes the pandemic, with at least a dozen outlets having inked partnerships with Xinhua . . .

“Coverage on Italy’s public television of Chinese government assistance to the coronavirus-ravaged country has been three times greater than comparable coverage of U.S. government help. The coverage appears to have contributed to improved public opinion of China vis-à-vis the United States, according to recent polls.

“Meanwhile, The Times of India reports that many videos on the Chinese-based app TikTok that discuss recent military tensions along the India-China border have been subject to “shadow bans,” effectively hiding them from other users on the platform . . . India has TikTok’s largest user base, with over 150 million monthly active users. The events have given rise to further speculation that TikTok censors material critical of China.

“A new report from the Washington D.C.-based Heritage Foundation claims that Chinese companies involved in renovating government structures and building telecommunication networks across Africa may be involved in surveilling both African and U.S. officials and business leaders. The study . . . urges U.S. and African government officials to take precautions with any meetings or content they would not want accessed by Beijing.” [Source]

The attack on the Epoch Times as having been founded by a “cult” is a typical scapegoating tactic used by tyrants and is widely used by the CCP to label Christians and other groups as domestic terrorists — much in the same way that Nero blamed Christians for burning down Rome and used that as a pretext for cruelly persecuting them (i.e., burning them alive, feeding them to the lions).

The CCP is equally cruel in the tortures it has devised. Their objective is to deter people from becoming faithful, which is seen as a threat to their power. They demand that the CCP itself be worshipped. The CCP positions itself as a god. The CCP is borne of Satanic forces.

We should be wary of “news” from mainstream media here that is little more than CCP propaganda in disguise. Tragically, Trudeau is a sycophant for the CCP and has betrayed Canada by deferring to them. All of which is why The Epoch Times is important to read, inasmuch as it tells the truth about the CCP.

Smear campaigns against political dissidents and honest journalists is an old Communist tactic. For example, during the Cultural Revolution in China, the Red Guard publicly shamed and scapegoated (and sometimes tortured and murdered) alleged “counter-revolutionaries” (usually just older people) as political theatre. The same thing is happening now to anyone who dares to question or challenge the mRNA ‘vaccine’ being forcibly pushed on the entire world.

China: Surviving the Camps | by Zha Jianying | NYR Daily ...

Another example is provided by the so-called “fact-checkers” such as Politifact which are being paid to lie by vested interests. Its funders include George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Clintons. Politifact lies by distorting science and smearing physicians and scientists who have the courage to speak up against the mRNA ‘vaccine.’ Then social media giants like Facebook censor any dissenting opinions. It’s a political machine to promote falsehood for profit and power.

Simone Gold is an example of a physician who dared to speak out against the evil and wrongdoing of medical tyranny. For her troubles, she was smeared by the corrupt medical industry. She published a book on this, to set the record straight:

Any attack on the Epoch Times must be understood as based on lies coming from truly evil tyrants, perpetrators of genocide, the CCP. I highly recommend the Epoch Times as a voice of truth at a time when speaking the truth is badly needed.

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