Fauci’s Casual Disdain for the Bill of Rights: A Recipe for Totalitarianism

This is a good short speech on Fauci’s disdain for both individual rights (especially freedom of medical choice and medical privacy, but also freedom of assembly, speech and religion) and also his apparent disregard for medical science and medical ethics. Fauci has violated the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. Lockdowns, mask mandates, vax passports, and mandates, disregard for natural immunity and safe alternatives (eg Ivermectin) to the ‘vaccine’, pushing this experimental mRNA poison millions, his numerous lies and flip-flops, the fact that he was instrumental in funding SARS-CoV2. All of it points to the fact that Fauci is guilty of a crime against humanity. Trump’s greatest error as a leader was to listen to Fauci. And all that I’ve said about Fauci (except for the NIH funding) is also true of Dr. Tam in Canada and all the regional health officers who are perpetrating this gross misconduct and medical fraud in every state and province. I applaud Rand Paul for standing up for the truth. He reminds me of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a David against a Goliath of medical tyranny. Arrest Dr. Fauci!


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