What Have They Got To Hide? These Provincial Premiers!

[NB – The following is written by a former Premier (of Newfoundland). He urges current Premiers in Canada (the equivalent of Sentators or Congressmen in the U.S.) to test whether their Covid measures are constitutional. None have done so and evade the request, which does not reflect well on their ability to serve the people well. Citizens need to demand this of their elected represenatives. A petition should be written up, for example. I would sign it.]


I have proposed to the Premiers of Canadathat they refer their harsh covid measures to their highest court to see whether what they are doing is constitutional.

You can go to http://www.lawyersstandup.ca and watch a video concerning it.

All the Provincial Premiers have this authority.

I used the procedure when I was Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1980’s.

So, what could the reasons be for refusing to use this procedure?

Some have suggested technical reasons dealing with process. Ha! If there is one thing Canadians know well it is process. Results? Not so much.

Another is just that many of the Provinces have leadership that is well, you know , just not up to snuff. Now this is a probability , more than a possibility. Witness the gyrations of Premier Ford, Moe, and Kenny over the last while and you wonder how in all common sense they got…

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