Australian man leaves the police state of Australia to go to a relatively free country, Mexico

Mexico has a lot of crime, corruption, and poverty, but at least people have some degree of freedom of assembly, speech and religion there relative to Australia.

Australia is increasingly is turning to state authoritarianism, similar to fascism or Communism, under the guise of a faux public health emergency.

The trajectory for much of the world seems to be something similar to the kind of government they have in China, which is wholly evil.

Title of the video above: “Max Igan on leaving police-state Australia and why regaining our freedom is down to a simple choice.”

Who is Max Igan? He is a blogger on a number of issues, including the rise of medical tyranny – but also the rise of police states, the new world order, etc.

I suppose some would call him a conspiracy theorist. I might have done so as well until 2020 when much of what was predicted started to come true.

Now many conspiracy theorists just seem like people who saw things clearly in advance and were ridiculed for doing so. Recall that the ancient Jewish prophets did the same and were often ridiculed as well.

Igan’s web page Australia in Decline has numerous articles worth reading. Here are some of the articles he posted there:

Australia is described by the interviewer as an “open-air prison camp.” Industrialized nations of the global North seem prone to medical tyranny. Why? It’s an interesting question. Is there a psychological reason? Is the civility, peace, and order of these societies their Achilles heel?

I live in Canada, where people are passive, and everyone lives by rules all the time. There are laws for everything, even the smallest things. People who don’t conform are looked at askance. People believe everything they read in the paper and see on tv. We live in a Panopticon, where other citizens are the guards, in essence. If you don’t wear a mask, some do-gooder will scold you. It’s a perfect place for authoritarians to take over, just as Germany, another rule-based society, was. All the Commonwealth nations are like this, it seems.

We are far too civil for our own good. In my theory, authoritarians have a harder time taking over in a place where everything is lax because people will pay less attention to them. And when you’re poor and just surviving, as in Mexico, paying attention to Covid rules seems ridiculous – and it is. A disease with a high survival rate is not an emergency. Earning a living and avoiding gang violence is more pressing than getting wrapped up in Covid hysteria.

Igan says he was investigated by police for being a “right-wing extremist.” What does that even mean? Apparently, it means anyone who prefers a free society of equals over a tyrannical society in which a small cabal of elitist apparatchiks control everything and tell you what you can do, say, or think.

There is no more freedom of speech in Australia, it seems. Increasingly, that’s also true of Canada.

Igan says there is no real law left in the world. If there were, politicians and police would not be able to brutalize people as they have, he says. He got out in order to be able to continue speaking out about what’s going on. He says “if we don’t push back, it’s the end of the human race . . .

“These are not vaccines they’re putting into people . . . [that’s factually true: a true vaccine provides immunity, which the mRNA jab does not].

“The time for being nice is over. Stop petitioning, stop pretending we can find any legal remedy. Realize that the world is run by criminals and we have to get these people out of power.”

“Non-compliance is the only way. Stop supporting your own slavery. Take your masks off. Throw your smartphones away and say no.” he says. [I think he mentions smartphones because they are used to track and monitor us]

And sadly, he is not wrong.

Here are past articles on Australia:

It begins: “Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts to Quarantine Camps” The question is: who’s next? You? Me?

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Groundswell, Melbourne

New South Wales threatens jail time for those without a vaccine passport trying to enter businesses

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  1. hyden says:

    Do you know how he is getting out of Australia?,
    As i thought you had to be doubled vacc to get out of Australia.
    Or do you need to just pass a negative PCR test?, like here in New Zealand in order to Travel domestically by plane one needs proof of vaccine cert or has to give a negative pass on the stupid PCR test.
    I wouldn’t mind getting out of New Zealand and mingle with people who know about how the world is. Especially if New Zealand get worse like Aussie, which i may suspect could become. As these are the testing grounds.


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