Yesterday’s Conspiracy Is Today’s Medical Journal Headline: NEJM Explains How COVID Vaccines May Produce Spike Proteins That Lead To Myocarditis

[It should be added that the pharmaceutical industy’s response to this will simply be to make (or claim to make) mRNA shots that provide more immunity and cause fewer fatal side-effects. In other words, they won’t admit they were wrong and to forcing billions of people to take a toxic drug was wrong. They’ll simply refine the drug, instead, and the corrupt media and politicians will suport them. The only way this will end is with enough people saying ‘no’ to this unequivocally and with finality, and ending this collective madness. I believe it will end eventually. Just as a virus comes in waves, so too does mass psychosis. It cannot be sustained indefinitely. How long will it last and how much damage it will cause remains to be seen.]

The World We Live In

For several weeks “fringe” doctors have argued that the spike proteins produced by the COVID-19 vaccines may result in numerous deaths this winter season.

Now, weeks later, theNew England Journal of Medicineis suggesting a similar situation. The spike proteins produced by the COVID-19 vaccines may lead to myocarditis and neurological concerns.yesterday’s conspiracy is today’s medical journal headline nejm explains how covid vaccines may produce spike proteins that lead to myocarditis

NEJM image– Figure 1. Anti-idiotype Antibodies and SARS-CoV-2.

Alex Berensonreported:

Downstream effects of the antibodies that people produce against the corona-virus spike protein may lead to myocarditis and even neurological concerns, two veteran medical researchers have written in the top medical journal in the United States.

Our immune systems produce these antibodies in response to both vaccination and natural infection with Covid. However – though the researchers do not say so explicitly, possibly because doing so would be politically untenable – spike protein antibody levels are MUCH higher following vaccination than infection. Thus the downstream…

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