Medical tyranny humour

“Stay sane and carry on” (satire).

Eric Clapton song against medical tyranny “This Has Gotta Stop

The uvaxxed in 10 years (satire).

Comedian George Carlin on people who trade away their freedoms for the illusion of safety from germs and the need for a strong natural immune system.
[Warning: vulgarity]

“There was a 2017 movie entitled UNLOCKED where Michael Douglas plays a government Deep State operative who deliberately attempts to unleash a deadly virus to gain the power to impose a Medical Tyranny with forced isolation of all contacts, and quarantine camps with the troops to secure them and real-time access to private medical records. Sound familiar?” Source. [You can view the whole movie here, but it’s not that good]

Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: The Doctor Who Shagged Me ...

12-11 Politically Incorrect Daily - Politically Incorrect ...

Well, the title of this page prety much tells you what is ...

Rats! Another Meme! - Open Source Truth

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